Belmont Historian Destroys Black History

Many white people did not like the Germans because they were for freeing the slaves.

John Presco

BELMONT PARK ! 1 ;. c*» •• TDK penue, who wish to HH apend a few boon plaanntly, are invited to ■”••visit BELMONT PARK, located In a BEAUTIFUL GROVE at tha entrance of Canon Diablo, about 25 miles from San Francisco, ona hour’s ride on the Ran Francisco and San JosS Railroad, and Tha Proprietor. MR. 0. JANKE, it a <lerman, also proprietor of Turn-Verein Hall, San Franeiaeo, baying had many yean experience in beautifying places of amassment, feels eonSdent that this PARE la more attractive than any other place in California, and will be completed on the Ist day of Uti hotel U built around a very Uri’e OAK TREE, near a fine itraam of water surrounded by large oakl and shrubbery, with winding ataira np and platforms in many of the trees. The ground is properly laid ont in order, with tables, sea’s, tie., aad nortaina abont SO seres: the dance hall is largeand well arranged; the bar well fnpplitd with eheiee liquors; anitea of rooms, and meal* at all hour* M uHie for dancing will be at this pla«* at all times when the Han Kranciseo and San Jocf Railroad Company run excurtinn train!. –,

Daily Alta California, Volume 16, Number 5253, 20 July 1864



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Music, Taljk; and Dancing Mark Completion of Temporary Home


With music end speeches the ttmpo; rary San Franclseo Turn Verein If all, 853 Turk street, was formally dedicated Sunday night, and In the presence of a large aasembly of members the keys of the new building were presented by the president ofthe building committee to the’ first president- of the association. After the exercises had been, brought to a. close the -remainder of the evening was spent in j dancing. Cigars and refreshments were served and everything possible . wa.s done to make, the occasion one of enjoyment for all present. – No sooner had the earthquake and fire destroyed the – old hall than the members of the San Francisco Turn Verein j began to plan the erection of another building.; On. the Friday following, the earthquake a meeting was held.for that purpose and committees were appointed. to look after the work. The new building would have been completed some time ago but for the scarcity of lumber. • , “, ■”, ‘

The present building will serve all the purposes of the organisation until the new,’ expensive structure, work on which will be commenced almost immediately, is completed. .Then the’present hall will be used simply as a gymnasium. „ ..:;. :: /.; ;

The building committee having in charge the construction of the new hall consists of John Slmmen, ‘• president; William Plagemano and Hans V*ronl. The board of trustees consists of Fran* Acker, president; Paul Leonhardt. Hans VeronJ, psear Hooka and Charles Wolters.:’. V:” .’: ‘ ‘; ‘ : ‘ . .’ . . . ■ ‘7- :

The San Francisco Turn. Veraln. was organized in 1.853 and is the oldest association of its kind on .\the. Pacific Coast. Th» , main building, which Is soon : tQ b$ erected, will be 70×70 feet and will be three stories in height It will cost about?2o,ooo.

San Francisco Call, Volume 100, Number 75, 14 August 1906

History of the San Francisco Bay Region: History and Biography, Volume 2

By Bailey Millard

Rosamond Press

These posts were taken down from the Belmont Historic Society by one or more alleged volunteers. Cynthia Karpa McCarthy takes all the blame in order to get me to rage at her via personal e-mail, and, or, she wants to be THEIR champion so she can write a new book employing my family who founded Belmont, and were German Turnverein. They read these posts- and winced! I was their worst nightmare – alas come home to roost. I believe Cynthia came across my blog, Royal Rosamond Press, in her studies. THEY conspired on how to take care of me – and remove my posts. No one extended his/her welcoming hand to a senior – who owns the same DNA Carl Janke & Sons own! My Rosamond Ancestors were Patriots in South Carolina, and ARE the Good ol Boys! They would not dream of treating anyone like a Carpetbagger – today!…

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