Kennedy Brothers at Defremery Park

My friend Ed Howard posted on seeing a film about the Black Panthers. I have been posting on the Belmont Historical Society.  We chatted about applying for a grant from the Buck Foundation yesterday after I told him I talked to three people in charge of honoring the last wishes of Berle Buck – who is still keen on maintaining her good reputation – in the tradition of Estate Planning. Robert Buck set up the foundation with his law expertise. I am repairing the devastating attack on the legacy of my late sister, Christine Rosamond Benton, who is a great asset to the City of Belmont. They want this creative history to boost their plans for downtown, and any arts projects. I told them about the Benton artists.

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John Presco

Rosamond Press

On June 1, 1968, I was driving my 1949 Ford down Adeline when I saw a crowd in Defremery Park. I saw a white man on truck talking to a crowd of black people. Up front were about twenty Black Panthers shouting and pumping their fists. I had pulled over, and now got out of my car and walked to the edge of the crowd. I could not believe I was hearing the voice of Robert Kennedy. In doing research on this speech I discovered John F. Kennedy spoke here on November 2, 1960. I am sure Bobby was making a statement, that he intends to walk in his brothers footsteps which is tragic for Bobby was murdered on June 5th. I had seen John drive through Oakland on his way up Telegraph. There was a light around his head. His younger brother had that same light. This park is…

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