Demask Violent Criminals!

The National Ugliness comes from the Right and Left.

Rosamond Press

Mobs feel emboldened to hurt people. This is the case with Alley Valkyrie, Belle Burch, and Kim Haffner.

One reason Belle may not have wanted to be photographed, is she was in violent anarchist demonstration in Portland and the police were trying to identify her.

John Presco

He has every right as a citizen and as a journalist to exercise his First Amendment right to report and to comment freedom of the press and not be assaulted,” said Dhillon.

Ngo posted pictures of his injuries and says in addition to the bruises you can see, he also has a brain hemorrhage.

“I have that physical pain and I’m dealing now with the emotional trauma of it as I’m recalling this event,” said Ngo.

“As a journalist I’ve written critically about Antifa’s criminal activities in the city and for that I’ve been threatened and intimidated and doxed multiple times all…

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