The Ugly Victim Culture in America is destroying our Democracy.

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The Haffners wanted to spread this message all over Springfield after I asked who dogeared my famous sister’s biography.

“Do not trust this man.”

This man has been DOGEARED, which will be the title of my play/movie/ series.

Kim Hafner chose to associate her daughter, Megan, with this dark bullshit. What kind of mother would do this? Kim also puts my daughter in with these scum, and compares me to them. About six of my neighbors gleefully went along with it. They wanted it to be true. They owned no doubts. I can say I never used “sleep deprivation” to abuse a female. I have never stooped so low.

The woman who founded the fake abuser site, gives a list of things she found abusive. I suspect she had one partner to base all her fucked up ideas on. Every time he did something wrong in her eyes, she waited…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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