I Will Be The Republican President

I just announced on a Republican facebook that I am running for the office of President of the United States. I became a Republican twelve years ago. I predicted what would befall this party founded by my kindred. Read my blog-newspaper to see that I speak the truth.

On January 6, 2021 I watched crazy men walk into the Hall of Statues located in the Capitol Rotunda. The movie ZARDOZ came the mind, the scene when Zed is being chased in a hall of statues. I have used this movie to make poltical points. I got on my computer to see if my kin’s statue is still there. I recall reading it was going to be replaced. I read several articles that go like this. I knew I was destined to be a candidate because I am the only human on earth – that gets this movie – that is now my favorite movie, because…..”Life immitates Art!”

Today, the Democrats will meet in order to resrtore Law, Order, and Reality but to know avail. Our recent history is too filthy – and obscene! It is not redeemable but through the eyes of Zed when he looks into the crystal at the core of the vortex. As your Art President I promise you we will celebrate ZARDOZ DAY, where I will put on the Blood Helmut, and be cememoniously crushed in the Captiotol Dome Doors. Then, I will read to the Nation and World, my interpretation of what ZARDOZ is all about.

I just found ZARDOZ the musical. Our Democratic Nation – can do better? Why try! This will be the official White House Musical performed in the Statue Rotunda on ZARDOZ Day! I will be crushed for the good of the American People.

Long live Police Helmut 4518! I will feel your pain!

John Presco

Presidential Candidate

Fahrenheit 451 – Wikipedia

I Am Write-in Presidential Candidate | Rosamond Press

(13) ZARDOZ: The Musical (aka) SUPERSTARDOZ – YouTube

BREAKING! Crushed to death in his name – ZARDOZ!

Woman trampled to death at U.S. Capitol held flag that read, “Don’t tread on me” – REVOLT

(13) ZARDOZ Trailer English (HD) Classic Sci-Fi Movie – YouTube

Missouri lawmakers agreed to replace a statue of Thomas Hart Benton in the Library of Congress with a bust of Harry S. Truman, the only president to date from the Show-Me State. 

Gov. Mike Parson agrees with the idea, but there’s one problem, he said Friday: The lawmakers’ statue-replacement resolution refers to the wrong Thomas Hart Benton. 

“While I fully support the placement of a statue of Harry S. Truman in the National Statuary Hall in the United States Capitol, I cannot approve of this resolution as written,” Parson said in a veto letter, because “unfortunately, the Thomas Hart Benton referred to in the resolution delivered to my office is not the correct individual” currently on display. 

The statue in the U.S. Capitol is of former Sen. Thomas Hart Benton, one of Missouri’s first representatives in the U.S. Senate, whose statue has been on display since 1899. Parson notes that this Benton “was instrumental in the westward expansion of the United States and was an outspoken opponent of the institution of slavery.”https://902f2303734a782817c727fa5e78b677.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html

But, Parson said, the Thomas Hart Benton described in the resolution “is the famed painter and muralist, who happens to be Senator Thomas Hart Benton’s great-great-nephew.”

“This incorrect reference, while seemingly minor, fails to honor the legacy of Senator Thomas Hart Benton and his importance to the history of our state,” Parson said. 

The most recent draft of the legislation online appears to reference the correct Benton — though the document is curiously titled “Scholiosis (sic) awareness day” — but the governor’s office says they received a different version.

It was not immediately clear how the mix-up occurred.

The sponsor of the resolution, Sen. Dan Hegeman, was at a campaign event and could not immediately be reached for comment Friday evening.

Praise Be To Zardoz!

Posted on August 12, 2019by Royal Rosamond Press

Zardoz came to the Wayne Morse Free Speech Square. I saluted a fellow Wizard of Oz.

Come back………when you know something!

Play half the Shofar video, then hit the drum circle video. Halfway into that, play Shofar, and at end of drumming. The New Jubilee Week will end on Friday, and sundown.

King John ‘Antichrist After Merlin’



Miriam Starfish Christling

Play all videos at the same time. Know thy tribe, and be…..as one!

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Zardoz Goes To College – An Artist’s Tale

An idea for Comical Movie.


John Presco

Copyright 2019

While being hunted down by Consuela and her Band of Women Immortals on horseback, Zed crashes through the shield of the vortex and finds himself on the campus of Oregon State. No one is surprised at the sight of him. Zed is wearing black and orange. It is surmised he is a member of their tribe.

Zed looks for his gun, but, no weapons are allowed outside the vortex. He feels naked without his revolver. A student comes up to Zed.

“Hey! Wow! You look like a big strapping dude that knows something about horses. Have you ever drove a chariot? We’ve lost too many good drivers on Nero’s Turn. We got a big race coming up with the Oregon Ducks!”

I talked about Ready Made Movies before. It was sitting right there, waiting to be discovered. With the discovery that Historian, Dr. Stacey L. Smith, is prejudiced against males, I can make a great case there was a hidden agenda concerning the desire to rename Benton Hall.

Benton! The MAN who put the MAN in MANifest Destiny!

Because there exist evidence my family history was denigrated for reasons that are now clear to the Benton Historian, I hereby Copyright all material relating to this bogus name change, that smells like a hostile take-over! Where have we seen this before?

Many movie critics voted Zardoz the worst movie ever made. I think it is one of the best! I will write a critique.





ZARDOZ Cronyism Is Alive and Dead

Posted on November 16, 2020by Royal Rosamond Press

I identity Ken Babbs as the Psychedelic King of the Merry Pranksters of the Emerald Green THC-VORTEX. Two weeks ago I talked with two of my friends about Babbs who I suspected was – sitting on it. I asked Ginger to join his facebook – and spy on him.

Spooky Noodles and I talked for a couple of hours on the subject of – where it’s at. Babb’s is trying to get – Published By Cult Followers – a title in itself. On November 13, Babbs put forth a petition in order to pressure publishers to publish his book – or two! For years I suspected I and my newspapers was being shunned by the Babb’s Cult, I seen as some kind of parasite who claims his friend Nancy put him next to Kesey on several occasions in hope Ken could help me develop as a new writer.

Nancy took me to see Jeryl Zorthian on his ranch in 1965. We dropped LSD and listened to Gloria. Babbs was never surrounded by naked dancers – just old smelly hippies! The Babbtists have been declaring themselves the Center of the Cosmic Universe – for too long! Enough!

Nancy Hamren, myself, and the Zorthian sisters lived in a SF commune called ‘Idle Hands’. Nancy has the wood shield made for us. My sister Christian was there.

Here are The Babbtist Babes doing thier group-grope thing on a editor for Double Day after they invited him to the Babbtist Vortex.

“No! No I won’t publish that lousy book! No!”

Jirayr Zorthian was a Colonel in the Armenian Army because he escaped the genocide. The Armenians just surrendered. My kin, Thomas Hart Benton, was a powerful influence on Zorthian.

You will find many videos I made on facebook.


John ‘The Seer’


Turn down sound in Zorthian Ranch video and play Boris in memory of the the struggle of the Arminian People.



Babbs compares Kesey’s decision not to write to Bob Dylan’s switch from acoustic folk music to electric guitar-based rock in 1965:

“People said to (Kesey) ‘What are you doing? You’re not writing. We need books. We want books. Give us books.’ Well, (get lost). What do I look like, your book connection? Why don’t you meet me in the alley and I’ll give you a new book? SH SH SH SH

“… Kesey said ‘writing is only one blade in my samurai Swiss army knife.’ And he also said, ‘When people ask me what my greatest work is, it’s the bus. And they say, ‘Why the bus?’ It’s because the bus is a living piece of art where you’re out with the people and it’s happening right now, whereas writing, which is good, is removed.’ So he’s a now guy. We’re all now people. Speaking of now, they fixed my tooth the other day. Right along there. OK. Life is good. HAR HAR.”



I’m tired of waiting for a book publishers to publish Cronies, my big book about
the adventures with Ken Kesey, Neal Cassady, the Merry Prankster and the Grateful
Dead, so I’m initiating an online petition to encourage a publisher by showing
publishers through this petition how many people want to read this book and will buy it.
To sign the petition, click on:


About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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