ZARDOZ Cronyism Is Alive and Dead

I identity Ken Babbs as the Psychedelic King of the Merry Pranksters of the Emerald Green THC-VORTEX. Two weeks ago I talked with two of my friends about Babbs who I suspected was – sitting on it. I asked Ginger to join his facebook – and spy on him.

Spooky Noodles and I talked for a couple of hours on the subject of – where it’s at. Babb’s is trying to get – Published By Cult Followers – a title in itself. On November 13, Babbs put forth a petition in order to pressure publishers to publish his book – or two! For years I suspected I and my newspapers was being shunned by the Babb’s Cult, I seen as some kind of parasite who claims his friend Nancy put him next to Kesey on several occasions in hope Ken could help me develop as a new writer.

Nancy took me to see Jeryl Zorthian on his ranch in 1965. We dropped LSD and listened to Gloria. Babbs was never surrounded by naked dancers – just old smelly hippies! The Babbtists have been declaring themselves the Center of the Cosmic Universe – for too long! Enough!

Nancy Hamren, myself, and the Zorthian sisters lived in a SF commune called ‘Idle Hands’. Nancy has the wood shield made for us. My sister Christian was there.

Here are The Babbtist Babes doing thier group-grope thing on a editor for Double Day after they invited him to the Babbtist Vortex.

“No! No I won’t publish that lousy book! No!”

Jirayr Zorthian was a Colonel in the Armenian Army because he escaped the genocide. The Armenians just surrendered. My kin, Thomas Hart Benton, was a powerful influence on Zorthian.

You will find many videos I made on facebook.

John ‘The Seer’

Turn down sound in Zorthian Ranch video and play Boris in memory of the the struggle of the Arminian People.

Babbs compares Kesey’s decision not to write to Bob Dylan’s switch from acoustic folk music to electric guitar-based rock in 1965:

“People said to (Kesey) ‘What are you doing? You’re not writing. We need books. We want books. Give us books.’ Well, (get lost). What do I look like, your book connection? Why don’t you meet me in the alley and I’ll give you a new book? SH SH SH SH

“… Kesey said ‘writing is only one blade in my samurai Swiss army knife.’ And he also said, ‘When people ask me what my greatest work is, it’s the bus. And they say, ‘Why the bus?’ It’s because the bus is a living piece of art where you’re out with the people and it’s happening right now, whereas writing, which is good, is removed.’ So he’s a now guy. We’re all now people. Speaking of now, they fixed my tooth the other day. Right along there. OK. Life is good. HAR HAR.”



I’m tired of waiting for a book publishers to publish Cronies, my big book about
the adventures with Ken Kesey, Neal Cassady, the Merry Prankster and the Grateful
Dead, so I’m initiating an online petition to encourage a publisher by showing
publishers through this petition how many people want to read this book and will buy it.
To sign the petition, click on:


About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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