Karel Says He Is a Kurd

I told Karel about ‘The Last Audience of the Habsburgs’ that Casey Farrell ‘The Claim Jumper’ said is going to make him rich when he collects a finders fee. Karel says he is a Kurd. Consider the Kurdish leader, Rubar Sandi, who was on the board of the Buck Foundation. I have traced the Nazarite Church to the Kurds. This is why my Rose Line is being sabotaged. I appear to be heir to all the castles once owned by the Schwarzenburgs.  This is like….The Maltese Falcon.

John Presco

Copyright 2020

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Empress Zita Is Kin To Rougemont Templars | Rosamond Press

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Rosamond Press

I just found this. If true, I am part Kurd, which would explain my love for th4se people, who may have known Jesus and John.


PRAGUE,— During one of my visits to the Czech Republic for participation in an international conference, I met Karel Schwarzenberg, 75, who is the foreign minister of the Czech Republic, deputy prime minister, the leader of the Tradice Odpovědnost Prosperita 09 Party (TOP 09/Tradition Responsibility Prosperity 09), the 12th prince of his family and the head of Schwarzenberg family.

The same feast was attended by my wife Safya Suhail and a number of Arab and European personalities. While talking to me, Schwarzenberg turned and said: “Do you know that I’m also Kurdish?”

His words sounded strange for me, though he looked Kurdish. I asked how come he is Kurdish? He said: “I’m a Kurd and 200 years ago my ancestors left Caucasus for…

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