Karel Says He Is a Kurd

I just found this. If true, I am part Kurd, which would explain my love for th4se people, who may have known Jesus and John.


PRAGUE,— During one of my visits to the Czech Republic for participation in an international conference, I met Karel Schwarzenberg, 75, who is the foreign minister of the Czech Republic, deputy prime minister, the leader of the Tradice Odpovědnost Prosperita 09 Party (TOP 09/Tradition Responsibility Prosperity 09), the 12th prince of his family and the head of Schwarzenberg family.

The same feast was attended by my wife Safya Suhail and a number of Arab and European personalities. While talking to me, Schwarzenberg turned and said: “Do you know that I’m also Kurdish?”

His words sounded strange for me, though he looked Kurdish. I asked how come he is Kurdish? He said: “I’m a Kurd and 200 years ago my ancestors left Caucasus for this region and we are Kurds by descent.”

I expressed my happiness to find one of my nationals in such a high rank. My wife Safya was there for the same feast, but she did not hear the conversation between us because she was talking with a Saudi prince.

When leaving in the presence of Dr. Saadaddin Ibrahim (an Egyptian intellect and scholar), I told Safya about the news. She jokingly said “you [Kurds] have even changed [the nationality of] Um Kalthum [the late Arab singer] to a Kurd”. Dr. Saadaddin answered that he had also heard about that.

After expressing my happiness for knowing another member of my nation, I said to Schwarzenberg “we will be glad if you visit Kurdistan”. Schwarzenberg said whenever he receives an invitation, he will happily visit Kurdistan and will try to make the visit this year.

What is important about this new member of our nation is that Schwarzenberg has connections to many great politicians and European businessman. There are many martials, generals, cardinals, politicians, artists and intellectuals in his family, who played a major role, especially during the Austrian-Hungarian historical stage.

Also Schwarzenberg have affinity and relations with several big, aristocratic families in Europe, such as with the Lubkobig Sove of the Czech Republic. The Lubkobig’s history dates back to 1172 as part of the family of Seinfhein intermarriage with the Erkingers barons of the Franconia region.

Schwarzenberg were the richest family during the Austrian-Hungarian empire. They also owned the largest area of Bohemia, which is a wide region in former Czechoslovakia. They have palaces and skyscrapers in Czech, Vienna and the Bavaria region of Germany. There is a huge building in Vienna called Schwarzenberg.

Schwarzenberg also have affinity with Prince Rein the Third of Monaco. When Czechoslovakia was occupied by Hitler’s Nazis, some members of the Schwarzenberg family were arrested and some fled to the US. Their entire land and fortune was confiscated by Nazis. This family witnessed many difficulties because they refused to meet with Hitler and the Nazi officials. They also supported the counter-Nazi forces financially and hoisted black flags as a sign of grief over the occupation of their country by Hitler’s army.

After the end of the Second World War and the changes in the European arena, communists overwhelmed Czechoslovakia and the country was led towards a Stalinist dictatorship. They did not restore the Schwarzenberg’ fortune and lands. In 1948 after the domination of communists,http://www.ekurd.net the family fled to Austria and settled in Vienna. There Schwarzenberg, for a while, became an active leader in the conservative Austrian People’s Party and later it was proposed he should become Austrian foreign minister. At the same time he worked as a activist for the Green Party.

Away from his homeland, Schwarzenberg supported greatly all the individuals who joined the opposition of the communist regime in Czechoslovakia. In 1984-1991 he chaired the International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights. In 1989 after the fall of the communists he returned to Czech. That year Vaclav Havel assumed the presidency of the country. In 1990, since Schwarzenberg was a close friend to Havel, he was assigned as aide and advisor to the president. Later, he became a member in the Forum 2000 until he declared his new party TOP 09.

For a while Schwarzenberg led the committee of foreign relations security and defense. Then he became an MP in the NATO treaty. For a short while he also led the European Union.

Schwarzenberg is a law graduate. From 2007-2009 he was Czech foreign minister. He was reinstated in his post in 2010 and has been in office since that time. His party now has 16 percent of seats in the Czech parliament.

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