Virginia and John – Union of Love

I talked to my ex-fiance last night. She was thrilled that I called. Our flame was reignited. It will never die! Viva Virginia and her family! Here is their castle in France. The Tower of John is in need of repair. After she corrected my pronunciation, I told her about Belle, how I wanted them to meet because Ms. Burch speaks perfect French. Virginia’s accent is of the source. The Bourmonts are kin to the Anjous who are trying to restore the French Monarchy. I predicted the downfall of the Republican party and a coup by the right-wing traitors of our Democracy. I proposed a claim to the Lousiana Territory, and the establishment of a Western Kingdom, just in case. With the presidents attempt to extort votes in Georgia, we are not out of the woods.

De Bourmont – Anjou Legitimists | Rosamond Press

Reclaiming the Lousiana Territory | Rosamond Press

With the corruption of the Prostestant church by the evangelical heresy, I am looking at the Catholic religion, especially the Order of Saint Francis.

John Presco

Rene d’Anjou | Rosamond Press

  1. Louis de Bourbon, Duc d’Anjou | Facebook
  2. Tale of Two de Bourmonts | Rosamond Press

I wanted Virginia and I to have a child, but, her mother tied her tubes due to her head injury. Her ancestors were at the court of Rene d’Anjou. There is no good youtube program on him. What a disgrace. No wonder Europe falls to a moron and Putin.

Virginia’s family hid their valuables in the basement of this castle we see above during the French Revolution. Many of her blood ties went to the Guillotine. I have a narrated video of Virginia wandering about picking up cigarette in the park.

“Lady’s and gentleman. Here we see a woman who is heir to the French throne walking about picking up cigarette butts the pigs have tossed about. Who would do it if not the French Royals?”

I don’t give a rat’s ass how many bad guys James Bond shoots, in my book, he is missing the point. Virginia is one of the bravest people I know. She was on a college excursion when the van got in a terrible wreck. They pulled her out from under a dead student, a young man. She was in a coma for 28 days.  Most of her ability to remember, is gone. She would leave her infant in a bathtub. Rena has a million poems in her head. These two women, are Victory Bond.

Virginia was twenty when the major part of her life, ended. The brilliance that got left behind came into my reclusive ways. I successfully pushed everyone away, but, Virginia. She wanted to know who she was. She wanted me to help her find herself. I became devoted to her. I thought I was there at her beck and call. But, I could not be, not all of me, for the place where we make and keep our sense of endearment, was missing, left behind, on the highway to Coos Bay.

We are all damaged. I fell in love with Lara Roozemond, for she speaks of being damaged. She pens poems about being broken, cut off, somehow, some way. She is my inspiration for Victoria Bond. World Honesty…………hangs by a thread.

John Presco 007


Financé Reading180 %$17,963Collected on 10,000 eurosDonation vs. Donation113Contributions from 9 countriesFinishedSave from the collapse a tower of the former fortress of the castle of Bourmont, family residence since the 14th century and high place of the chouannerie, located on the steps of Brittany.Share this projectServane de BourmontThe Historic Home Castle Freigned – Vallons-de-l’Erdre Challenges CAMPAIGN COMMENTS16 CONTRIBUTORS113 NEWS2


The Historic Home supports the Château de Bourmont (member of the Association of Historic Homes) and joins their restoration project.



We are launching a campaign of works to stabilize the remains of an imposing 15th century tower,at the southwest corner of the courtyard of Bourmont Castle,located in the Loire-Atlantique. This tower has stood guard for more than five centuries and recalls the defensive role of the place when Bourmont was a stronghold of the Kingdom of France against the Duchy of Brittany.

The high place of the cabbage industry, this house keeps within it the memory of the terrible battles of the revolutionary period between the Whites and the Blues in a fratricidal war during which Bourmont was burned many times. This tower was notably an essential element of the defence of the fortress in 1795 when Bourmont Castle became the headquarters of the Catholic and Royal Army of Maine, Anjou and Upper Britain under the command of General de Scépeaux. It is here that The Marshal of Bourmont (1773-1846), a tireless actor from a troubled period in the history of France, whose memory his descendants now transmit, rests.

Entry castle

Logis and North Tower 

Amaury and Servane de Bourmont with their children


As young buyers, we want to make visitors of the place aware of the efforts undertaken to save these remains that make up its architectural unity. This project aims to preserve a remnant of the 15th century of high quality, inserting itself into a preserved picturesque complex. The previous restoration dated 1850 unfortunately contributed to the weakening of the building, which collapsed half a century ago.

A family home and a witness to the history of France, Bourmont aims to welcome visitors passing through but also to regularly bring together all those attached to it by organising dynamic and unifying events at the communal level and more broadly at the departmental and regional level.

For these reasons, we want to save the old St. John’s Tower from a total and inevitable disappearance by permanently stabilizing it in its current state.


The first phase of the work should help to secure the site by stabilizing the stilt that threatens ruin with the help of a gondola. Then, the gravois will be sorted:on the one hand, the shale rubbing; on the other hand, the carved tuffeau stones that will be preserved.

The second step will be to stabilize the remaining but very fragile sections of walls, by large injections of lime, in order to ensure the coherence of the masonry and to strengthen the structure (stretching the bays, re-establishing the lintels in tuffeau of these, consolidating their bases and closing the cracks).

The third step will be to put the walls’ macrases out of water with appropriate lead protections.

Finally, only if our budget allows us, a final stage will highlight a Rockstone from the Renaissance period (1564) carved with the weapons of François de Maillé de La Tour-Landry and Diane de Rohan, updated in 1996 in the rubble of the tower. If the entourage has suffered, the central stone of a single block on which the weapons are carved is fortunately intact. The final step will be the development of a terrace accessible from the courtyard to enter it.

                                                Previous state circa 1900                                                    

After a call for tenders from various approved companies and a detailed study of the estimates, the total amount of the project amounts to 190,000 euros, which will be financed in part by grants and partly from our own funds. Nevertheless, we hope to raise 15% of this sum in donations and sponsorships.

Forecast budget: $190k

Donations and sponsorships: 15%

Self-financing: 35-45%


Taking over The Castle of Bourmont with our four children, we are the 25th generation to take up the torch to make love this family cradle and pass on its memory. We are working together to support this house, which has been passed down to the same family since 1697.


You can support this project:

  • – by donating online by credit card on this page after registration on the Dartagnans website
  • – by making a bank transfer after registering on the Dartagnans website
  • – by sending a cheque, on the back of which you will include your email address,written in the following order Historic Residence – St John’s Tower of Bourmont Castle,sent to the following address:


Campaign St John’s Tower for

all, all for it!
 15 rue de Milan

75009 PARIS


Your donation is defically defically defyed if it fulfils the terms and conditions of Articles 200 and 238 bis of the general tax code, in particular because it is a private property in selfless management. At the end of the collection, you will receive a tax receipt allowing you to reduce your tax:

– Individually, you can deduct 66% of your donation within 20% of your taxable income.

– As a company, all payments to the project allow a 60% reduction in corporate tax on the amount of these payments, taken within the limit of 0.5% of the company’s C.A. H.T.

Parents of owners up to the 4th degree (including first cousin) will not be eligible for the tax reduction.

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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