Van der Zwann Indicted

Americans have to re-integrate themselves with the European Culture the neo-Confederates dictatorship cut us off from.

Rosamond Press

Dutch Citizen, Alex Van der Zwann ‘Of the Swan’, was recently married to Eva Khan, an artist. She took lessons from a Russian artist who did a painting of a Dutch royal with windmill – and eye between two horns. He rendered a Rena type, also.

Rachel Maddow asks who had Alex on their BINGO card. Well, I did, if you consider Belle and her mother Van der Turin, and, the Swan Brethren. This is a billionaire and a woman artist, tale. She did not marry for money. How about love, or, a bloodline? Rachel has spent most of her show on Alex, whose wife is pregnant. He does not want to be in jail when his child is born, so, he pleaded guilty – and cut a deal?

Wiley studied in Russia and may have slimed the cote of arm of a Swan Brethren. Who is in his circle…

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