The Sword and The Rose

I am offering Belle Burch – A Peace Rose! I am going to apply for funding for our lecture and tour, where we talk on stage about our Infamous Cultural Warfare.

Rosamond Press

Spookie Noodles informed me that Marion Davies had a secret child, and I look and find Rose, or Rosemary Davies. I look some more and find many roses around Marion including the Tudor Rose. I believe there is a mistake in saying the exteriors were shot at Windsor Castle, when we see the interior. This was in response to this post.

John Presco

Rosemary Davies (June 8, 1895 – September 20, 1963) was an Americanactress.

Born Rose Douras in Brooklyn, New York, she was the sister of the actresses Marion Davies and Reine Davies but did not reach the same fame as her two sisters. However, her name was mentioned in different circles briefly when she was said to be the mother of Patricia Lake by her first husband, George Van Cleeve. After the death of Patricia Lake, Lake’s family announced that Lake…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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