Van der Zwann Indicted

Dutch Citizen, Alex Van der Zwann ‘Of the Swan’, was recently married to Eva Khan, an artist. She took lessons from a Russian artist who did a painting of a Dutch royal with windmill – and eye between two horns. He rendered a Rena type, also.

Rachel Maddow asks who had Alex on their BINGO card. Well, I did, if you consider Belle and her mother Van der Turin, and, the Swan Brethren. This is a billionaire and a woman artist, tale. She did not marry for money. How about love, or, a bloodline? Rachel has spent most of her show on Alex, whose wife is pregnant. He does not want to be in jail when his child is born, so, he pleaded guilty – and cut a deal?

Wiley studied in Russia and may have slimed the cote of arm of a Swan Brethren. Who is in his circle of artists. Who were his early backers?


“Life in art is about me. I’m twenty-two, I do art, as long as I can remember. In Moscow, I went to art school at the Anglo-American school on Beregovoe, took painting lessons from Alexander Egorov (his canvases are in the Russian Museum and the collection of the Valaam Monastery). When it was time to enter the university, I already exhibited at the online auction Oily Oil, about my work wrote the magazine AD. My mother and I stopped at three British art schools: Central Saint Martins, Goldsmiths, University of London and Kingston University.”

Manafort and Gates were also working on behalf of Tymoshenko’s rivals, including ousted president Viktor Yanukovych. The New York Times reported in September that Manafort arranged for Skadden to do the work — and that prosecutors were asking questions about it.

The lawyer’s father-in-law is German Khan, a billionaire who filed a libel suit in October against Fusion GPS, the investigation firm behind a partly unsubstantiated intelligence dossier that alleged Donald Trump’s campaign colluded with the Russians.

Van der Zwaan married Eva Khan, an art critic and debutante, last year in a lavish wedding at the Luton Hoo estate in the English countryside, where “Four Weddings and a Funeral” and “Vanity Fair” were filmed, according to the BigBagBlog.

According to the charging documents, Alex van der Zwaan was questioned in November and claimed that his last communication with gates was an “innocuous” text message in mid-August 2016. He also said his last communication with someone described only as Person A was in 2014 and that he did not know why a 2016 email exchange with Person A was not turned over to Mueller, the document alleges.

But, according to the prosecutors, van der Zwaan spoke with both Gates and Person A in September 2016 regarding the Tymoshenko report, surreptitiously recorded the calls and deleted the email in question.

The charge against van der Zwaan was announced just days after Mueller indicted 13 Russian nationals accused of interfering in the 2016 presidential election. Trump attorney Ty Cobb declined to comment saying the case, like the Manafort and Gates indictments, is not related in any way to the White House.

Congress has demonstrated its inability to solve the key unanswered questions of the Trump dossier — who paid for it and what were its sources? The dossier was compiled by ex-British spy Christopher Steele of Orbis Business Intelligence of London and was commissioned by Fusion GPS, a Washington, D.C.-based opposition research firm headed by former journalist Glen Simpson.

The artist has depicted his own dreams. One of the paintings, entitled Grossbayer, depicts the a struggle between two worlds: one big and merciful and the other small and malicious… – Sobesednik. Nikolai Fokht.

In 1995 at the «Golden Paintbrush» competition, held in the Central House of Artists, Alexander was awarded a prize for the triptych Flowers, dedicated to the Great Patriotic War.

The following year his hyper realistic floral works were displayed in the Department of the Corps Diplomatique at the request of the ambassador of Ecuador Juan Salazara Sancisi. The exhibition was dedicated to the 124th anniversary of the Battle of Pichins.

But now we know at least part of the answer about the funding:

The Washington Post reports, citing credible sources, that the infamous Trump dossier was funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC). CNN responded to being scooped by declaring that this is “old news” — that CNN had already reported that the dossier had been funded by “Democrat sources.”

A New York Times reporter complained she had dropped the story after being “lied to” by persons involved in the dossier’s funding. CNN reacted with outrage when President Trump’s tweet suggested a conspiracy between the Russians and the Democrats.

This is a huge story. The dossier was not funded by some rogue Democrat donor but by the Clinton campaign and the DNC itself. So far, neither the Clinton campaign nor the DNC have denied the accuracy of the story.

Among Fusion GPS’s clients were Russian entities that hired it to do opposition research to discredit the Magnitsky sanctions passed by Congress in 2012. Steele and Simpson shopped the dossier to various news outlets before BuzzFeed eventually published it.

Alex van der Zwaan is accused of making false or misleading statements regarding email communications with Richard Gates.

  • His former employer, the renowned law firm Skadden, Arps, says they are cooperating with authorities.
  • Van der Zwaan is married to the daughter of German Khan, a Russian oligarch who is suing research firm Fusion GPS over a dossier alleging salacious and unverified ties between President Donald Trump and Russia.


Three Russian investors are suing private investigation firm Fusion GPS and its founder Glenn Simpson for libel over the handling of an intelligence dossier containing salacious allegations against President Donald Trump.

Mikhail Fridman, Petr Aven and German Khan filed suit Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Washington, claiming that their reputations were unfairly tattered by the so-called dossier — a largely unsubstantiated document that has taken on a larger-than-life role in several investigations into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

“Even though the Dossier contained unverified allegations, Defendants recklessly placed it beyond their control and allowed it to fall into the hands of media devoted to breaking news on the hottest subject of the day: the Trump candidacy,” the suit alleges.

The plaintiffs are among the backers of Alfa Bank, a financial institution that the dossier accuses of involvement in Russian efforts to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

In May, the same three Russian oligarchs filed a separate libel suit in a New York state court against BuzzFeed over its publication of the dossier.

Oil painting: Eva Khan about art-universities in London

The eldest daughter of the eleventh Russian forbes Herman Khan, co-owner of LetterOne. Debutante of the first Ball "Tutler". At school I composed songs for a rock band, I dreamed of being a "free artist and musician away from money and civilization." As a result, he studies in the Courtauld Institute of Art. Moving to study in London, the twenty-two-year-old Eva is especially grateful for her acquaintance with the successful lawyer Alex van der Zwaan (he is thirty-three) - the wedding took place in June


Life in art is about me. I’m twenty-two, I do art, as long as I can remember. In Moscow, I went to art school at the Anglo-American school on Beregovoe, took painting lessons from Alexander Egorov (his canvases are in the Russian Museum and the collection of the Valaam Monastery). When it was time to enter the university, I already exhibited at the online auction Oily Oil, about my work wrote the magazine AD. My mother and I stopped at three British art schools: Central Saint Martins, Goldsmiths, University of London and Kingston University.

I dreamed, of course, of St. Martins. They often come here to study simply because they are fashionable and popular. In Moscow, this is such a secular trend. We have a lot of agencies that convince: “You only need to go there, this is the best university”. Many of those who are bewitched by these mantras are quickly disappointed. Students have to pay a lot of money for what is in fact not the best. Of course, someone is sent there by parents, someone wins grants. But some are in London for five jobs – both a secretary and a model business – just to pay for their studies.

To enroll in an English university, you need to complete a preparatory course called foundation. I was taken to St. Martins with my hands and feet. The fact is that the exam on the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, which is necessary for admission to a European or American university, is usually taken at the end of school, in the summer. And I passed it while studying, and passed it well. So I entered the foundation, and then spent two weeks with a clear conscience in the “Tutler” and two months at Sotheby’s. In August, my studies began.

St. Martins is a huge building of the former factory in the central London district of Kings Cross. Previously, nearby the show was part of the London Fashion Week. So before the university there were installations all the time, side-by-side parties were going on. On the way to the lecture, you could meet Alex Chang, Lottie Moss or some star blogger. Students, of course, dressed for study as a fashion show. The girls could come in a transparent top without a bra or in a polyethylene skirt, the boys in the form of a ninja or Goshi Rubchinsky’s outfit. Dyed your hair pink. Central Saint Martins has to experiment: in Moscow you live with your parents and live, nothing hovers you, but suddenly you start listening to post-punk, wearing Supreme sneakers and Thrasher shirts. Though my appearance did not affect my appearance. I went to lectures in work clothes: jeans, shoes, shirt. And I would never dye my hair, because I like my color. And I do not like herdness. “Now everyone should wear piercings and stop shaving underarms” – it’s not for me.

Central Saint Martins

St. Martins stands on the canal, on the beach sit students: eating, chatting. They communicate with groups: Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, Americans, Russians. I then just came to London, it was very difficult for me to find friends, I missed Moscow. And the company at me has developed unusual by local measures: we all were of different nationalities, from different countries, different ages. One guy was over thirty, and he just decided to get another education, an English girl then went to Oxford to study literature, another was from Brazil.

The preparatory course here is extremely versatile, you can choose from everything from shoe design to industrial design and even sculpture. I chose theater and jewelry design, as well as fine art (painting). Three times a week we came to a lecture in a large audience, where the professors told us what interested them at the moment. For example, today he is interested in Freud’s psychoanalysis – and he shows us the works of the Chapman brothers or Sarah Lucas with phallic symbols. So the teachers tried to explain to us that the development of art was not a linear process, they wanted to destroy the stereotypical thinking laid down in the school “first there was Egypt, then Rome, then Byzantium, then the Middle Ages, then the Renaissance.” A conscious lack of system in the British university is absolutely normal phenomenon – as well as self-education. Nobody gives you knowledge on the spoon. You must go to the library yourself, find the material yourself and make a brief extract. Teachers see a couple of hours a week.

On topics that were devoted to classes, we had to submit work every week. Each week, their views are arranged, plus for the year we made three more large projects. The most large-scale – graduation: in the review on its results, I showed four works. They did not like the teachers and students, because they were too traditional, and in St. Martins, everyone is pretty radical. For example, a girl starts on a monthly basis, she sits on the canvas and brings this picture to view – the professors from such a fluttered soul. Immediately remembered Joseph Beuys, who painted with his own blood, the performances of Marina Abramovich, Yoko Ono – here they pray. And I did not experiment. Canvas, oil or pastel – which radical would like this?

Still, when choosing a painting, I thought that we would draw from nature, learn to convey shades, paint portraits and so on. But everything turned out differently. By the way, the content of the forthcoming course can not be known in advance. None of the five best British art schools (Central Saint Martins, Wimbledon College of Arts, Camberwell College of Arts, Chelsea College of Arts and London College of Communication) have any description of programs at all. Details – as in advertising new coworking for Moscow hipsters: “Come, we have such wonderful workshops, excellent cafeterias, bohemian spaces, so that you can sit in their pink skirt-tutu.” In general, Saint Martins did not live up to my expectations. Perhaps, as far as fashion is concerned, they give a good education here, but in the field of contemporary art and painting,

City & amp; Guilds of London Art School

On the first course in the end, I entered City & Guilds of London Art School. This is a chamber classical school of arts in the form in which they existed in the times of Malevich and Chagall. Such a commune of artists: twenty students, teachers – themselves practicing painters and sculptors. It’s difficult to get here, the school is completely closed. Learn about her on the recommendations, I’m still in school from a friend: she wanted to go to the City and Gildes, despite the fashion at St. Martins.

This university is located in a private house in a residential area of ​​London on the south side of the Thames. There is a stained glass workshop, workshops for carving in stone and wood – that is, purely applied specialties (in English arts & crafts). The faculty of painting, of course, is also there, but echoes of conditional carvings on marble are audible there too.

In St. Martins, in order to make a weekly job, some students spent a thousand pounds, and some – not a penny. In City and Gildes, Karl Marx bequeathed everything: to each according to his needs. At our disposal were materials, canvases, workshops. Classes were also a model of Soviet system. For starters, we were taught how to stretch canvas, saw out boards, primed flax. The first project was a painting written from nature. For the second, you had to select a painting in the National Gallery and make a carbon copy. I stopped at the “Baptism of Christ” by Piero della Francesca in 1445. A copy of me, unlike some of my fellow students even for St. Martins, was given quite easily – thanks to the Moscow art school, where they taught to write on canvas with their hands, and not by what they are sitting in St. Martins.

Eva Khan's work "Variations on the theme of Piero della Francesca's painting" The Baptism of Christ ", 2015

Then we needed to make a picture-interpretation on the basis of a carbon copy. In general, any – even a black box. The main thing is to “read the narrative”. This work has become one of my best (for me, for sure). I laid the golden section of Leonardo da Vinci so that the diagonals passed through all the saints on the canvas, and then left only these diagonals. The only character I prescribed was the Holy Ghost, the dove. But I also outlined it only as a silhouette and also diagonals, and diagonals in 3D.

In City & Guilds, I did not make friends with anyone in particular, because I already started selling Kolya Kosheleva’s works (a graduate of Stroganovka and the New York Academy of Arts was a sign of secular Moscow at last year’s exhibition in the Triumph Gallery .). I constantly flew to Art Basel, to Hong Kong, further everywhere. I took all the university work at home. She said that everything was distracting me in the studio, and I drew something at home in a hurry. Now I look back and understand: I, perhaps, would graduate from this university if I could overcome my ambition. “I’m flying to Art Basel, and here you are drawing sketches” – now I’m sorry that I thought so. My only friend in the City and Gildes was a classmate Oliver Epp – he has a very good career: he is sold in Moscow at an auction of modern contemporary art Sample.

Compared with the students of St. Martins, the students of City and Gilds are more bohemian. Everyone reads Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, Camus. They are friends only among themselves. If someone has a crisis, everyone suffers. Especially if someone does not get a grant.

At an interview at the Institute of Courto I was asked to describe one picture of my choice. I described, I was accepted.

I left City and Gildes after finishing the school year. Just then I realized that I did not want to be an artist – much more I was interested in the art market, the history of art. Six months I worked at Sotheby’s, but at the end of the summer I decided to continue my studies. In England, the UCAS system operates, with which all applicants apply to universities – you can do this literally a week before the start of the school year. If there are still places, you are assigned an interview. August 15, I applied to the Courtauld Institute of Art, and on August 20 I had an interview. I was asked to describe one job of my choice. I chose, of course, the same “Baptism of Christ” by Piero della Francesca. Described, came out – in fifteen minutes I got a call and said: “You are accepted.”

Courtauld Institute of Art

The Courto Institute is the best university I have ever studied. They do not teach painting at all, there is no applied skill in the program either. In the first year we read the chronological history of the arts. Plus we had to choose two modules. I chose “Rubens’ Art” and “Renaissance Art in English Collections” – in this module we were told only about those works that are stored in London’s museums and palaces. That is, students are purposefully taught so that it is easier for them to find themselves in the professional world. Now I can go to any London museum, go to any work and tell why it hangs right here, how she got here, who was a patron and who is the customer. At the Courtauld Institute, I was given a curatorial knowledge base.

The module in the second year was called Frameworks for Interpretation. We studied different approaches to the study of art, looked at it through the prism of feminism, the magnifying glass of Marxism and the sight of the theory of power.

Earlier in the Institute of Courto took only graduates of schools like Eton, Wellington, Harrow. Now the most ordinary people study here. This is almost the main difference from St. Martins, where there were a lot of guys from noble families, and from City and Gilds: almost all of them went to grants there. In Courto, there are, of course, people with shaved temples (we are still in the homeland of punk), but on the strength of five people. Boys dress very quietly – polo shirt, beige chinos trousers. The girls are also ordinary, although a couple of my classmates were lucky and they looked like Bella Hadid.

Russian in my course is not at all. Even Russian speakers do not exist – neither from Kazakhstan, nor from Ukraine, no one. Of family souls – only a Serbian girl, but she was born in London. The fact is that it is very difficult to get to the Courtauld Institute. If you have bad English, you can not study here: you will have to write insanely and read even more. In St. Martins, almost do not need to read, just look at the pictures in Dazed & Confused. Therefore, there are so many people who speak English with a dictionary.


If van der Zwaan pleads guilty, he will be the fourth person to cut a deal with Mueller. The others are:

  • Mike Flynn: Trump’s short-tenured national security advisor pleaded guilty in December to a charge of making false statements to the FBI about his communications with Russia after the election but before the inauguration — allegedly made at the urging of Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and Flynn’s former deputy, K.T. McFarland.

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