Capturing The Beautiful Nazi Chics

With the rise of the New Brown Shirts that back the Trump Lie that the Socialist Democrats rigged the last election, we must focus on beautiful white women who subscribe to this, and want to see justice done – outside the law. The image of Nazi Chics was popular in the mid-50s in Pulp Fiction. The Trumpmeister is going to exploit these images – until it is time for him to run as President again.

Capturing Beauty – The Lifting of The Evil Spell | Rosamond Press

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Max Otto von Stierlitz (Russian: Шти́рлиц, IPA: [ˈʂtʲirlʲɪts]) is the lead character in a popular Russian book series written in the 1960s by novelist Yulian Semyonov and of the television adaptationSeventeen Moments of Spring, starring Vyacheslav Tikhonov, as well as in feature films, produced in the Soviet era, and in a number of sequels and prequels. Other actors portrayed Stierlitz in several other films. Stierlitz has become a stereotypical spy in Soviet and post-Soviet culture, similar to James Bond in Western culture.

I coined the phrase ‘Pulp Politics’ several months ago. Last night, I considered whether my kindred, Dereck Jackson and his beautiful women, were Double Agents. I wrote he was my candidate for the real Bond, then edited this idea.

In my book ‘The Gideon Computer’ there are two German twins Otto and Hans. Otto is a Nazi who sabotaged…

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