Rosemary Rosamond Rides and Shoots

I’m going to write a story about a Woman Ghost Writer who poses as a man-author named Moxie Halloway. No one has seen Moxie who is called Maxie, because he leaves nothing in his guns. He lets the reader have it – right between the eyes. Then it is discovered Maxie is interred in the Camarillo Hospital, and is a woman who claims she was the mistress of William Randolph Hearst, and, she is………..”Rosebud”.

Escaping from the looney bin, Maxie becomes a Wild Woman living in the hills. Her children come forth after seeing their mother on T.V. They are math wizards who invented a new math and language. Maxie Rosebud had turned her children over to Khrishnamurti, and were raised in his ashram in Ojai. Their adopted father was a math genius and taught them ancient Sanskrit. They are interred in their mother’s one room – with a view of the peak.

“Oh Roy! Please don’t send me back to L.A.”

John Presco

Copyright 2020

Rosamond Press

My mother, Rosemary, was born in Ventura, in 1926. She was the third daughter of four born to Mary Magdalene, and Royal Rosamond. Rosemary’s father was an author of three novels, and contributed to Out West and other early California magazines.

Rosemary married Victor Presco, and had four children, one who became a famous artist, known all over the world, as Rosamond.

Rosemary went to Ventura High School and dated March, a member of the Lewis family that grew lima beans in the Camarillo valley. March was in love with Rosemary till the day he died, and made sure she got this video when alas he left the beautiful life he lived.

That is Camarillo State hospital and an airport. The State of California purchased 1,776 acres from the Lewis family to build an asylum for the insane.

Rosemary was in the Waves, and left this world in 1997. Her…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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