Capturing Beauty – The Lifting of The Evil Spell

The Rosamond Women. This is bigger than Gone With The Wind. Many people see Liz Taylor as the better Scarlet O’Hara. My cousin’s house in Beverly Hills was up for sale. Pro-Trump demonstrators wanted to to turn California – RED. After the election millions of Trump Lovers can’t accept – HE LOST!


(2) Gone With The Wind (1939) Battle of Atlanta Injuries – YouTube

Battle For Buck’s Beverly Hills | Rosamond Press

  1. Elizabeth Taylor’s Beverly Hills Estate | Open House TV – YouTube

How Did Beverly Hills Become A Hub For Conservative Rallies?: LAist

(2) Protest Shuts Down Beverly Hills Intersection, 24 Arrests Made – YouTube


Rosamond Press

This morning, the Evil Spell has been lifted. alas I can begin the portrait of my late sister, Christine Rosamond Benton, and complete her literary portrait I began in our autobiography ‘Capturing Beauty’. I realized this morning that all but one woman I asked to help me with this creative and artistic story – INTEREPTED IT – and applied to themselves. They did evil in order to wear THE ROSAMOND MASK! No body has done more evil to own this mask, than my daughter and her mother. Kim Haffner – competes with them! Amazing! This evil Hog Woman – knows what I got! She read Christine’s biography – SHE LIED! This Ton of Lard pranced around here showing off The Rosamond Mask to our ugly witchy neighbors. Haffner was now the BIG ROSY VICTIM!

Rena has a psychotic jealousy of ALL WOMEN! Because of the extreme abuse she suffered, she…

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