I Think His Name Is Greg

‘”I wonder if you can help me. Back in 1983, I met a man in Oakland
named, I believe, Greg.”

Getting the name of John and Jesus right is part of the cosmology that created the Christian Religion. Not telling me I am a father is part of electing of The Messiah. Patrice Hanson walked into the Rosamond gallery re-opening with my sixteen year old daughter. My aunt Lillian told me Stacey Pierrot sent her a photograph of my offspring. Sydney Morris was taken by Stacey, he always alert to find THE SANE ONE when it comes to creative legacies – and hand it over to his chosen one without consulting a professional psychologist,

My family was shocked to see my daughter and asked if she had contacted me. They were shocked to learn they had not, and were not really interested in doing so. The Pierrot Team suggested they should because we were negotiating about me contributing to Snyder’s LYING BIO. So, the back up history – to rewrite it. Patrice is pretending she does not completely know the father of her daughter is name “Greg” She does recall I told her my sister was named Rosamond. They told me Heather’s teacher googled Rosamond, and found Stacey and Sydney’s Casting Call. A movie deal was blessed by the law firm of Robert Brevoort Buck. What could go wrong with a movie deal? Ignore the tabloids at the checkout counter.

Call me Greg

E-mail from Patrice

“I¯ve been thinking about the apparent conflict in regard to the biography. Perhaps there is information I don¡¯t have but it seems to me that a biography written by the brother would be a very different book from a very different perspective than one written by an outsider and so there would be room for the creation of both of them.

I know when I am really interested in someone or something, I like to get my hands on as many resources as possible to get information from a variety of points of view. So I don¡¯t see that it needs to be an either/or situation.

But, as I said, perhaps there is something I don¡¯t know that you do. We can talk about it more. Tom Snyder seems like a really nice guy also. It seems he is supportive of you and he definitely played an important part in connecting you with Heather and that is important and not to be ignored.

I¯m excited too. Maybe not as excited as you and Heather, but pretty excited. I do look forward to seeing you again. I¯m happy this is all out in the open now. It kind of lifts a weight off me that I wasn¯t really aware of but can notice now how much better it feels that you
know about your daughter.

Love and blessings! Patrice

From: Stacey Pierrot
Reply-To: stacey@r¡­
To: jonpresco8@h¡­, vpresco
Subject: [Fwd: Patrice Hanson at Bancroft House in Sonoma]
Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2001 09:02:43 -0800

FRIENDS AND ADMIRERS OF ROSAMOND You¡¯ll be pleased to know that
Rosamond Publishing has commissioned the artist¡¯s biography: a
celebration of her life and legacy. We¡¯re working closely with the
author, Tom Snyder, to produce a handsome book dedicated to an
extraordinary life. Tom is a trained observer as well as
a storyteller intrigued by every turn in life¡¯s odyssey. If you have
any comments to share with Tom about your own response to
work, he¡¯d be happy to hear from you. His e-mail address is:

Forwarded Message
From: Bancrofthouse
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2001 11:25:39 EST
Subject: Patrice Hanson at Bancroft House in Sonoma
To: info@r¡­

I wonder if you can help me. Back in 1983, I met a man in Oakland
named, I believe, Greg. He told me that Rosamond was his sister and
that is the only thing I really know about him as a possible way of locating him. I need to find him for a very important reason. If you happen to know
if Rosamond had a brother by this name or any clues that I could follow to locate him, I would appreciate it very much. Thank you for any help you can

Patrice Hanson

No Tide Pools | Rosamond Press

The Saga of Lily-Rose | Rosamond Press

“This illness is very hard to treat because the paranoid person does not even trust the doctors. So, here I am, feeling heartbroken after many years of thinking I had this under control but I am grateful for these feelings. I see that they are healing for myself to do here and this sharing is my first step. Leave me a heart if you ever felt heartbroken over a family member with a mental illness.”

“I have a lot of love and compassion for my dad, even though he has made me, my mom, and anyone who is close to me out to be a monster. I still have so much love and compassion for him.”

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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  1. Reblogged this on Rosamond Press and commented:

    I believe Linda Comstock was behind getting my minor daughter in Tom Snyder’s evil book of lies that abuses children – after the fact.

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