Sydney Morris Sold Rosamond To Outsider

Sydney Morris sold my families Spiritual and Creative Legacy to Stacey Pierrot, who hired a ghost writer who said my family – WAS UN FIT TO BURY OUR DEAD. According to Tom Snyder we fought in the church in front of Christine’s open coffin, then, we looted her home. Wow! Are these Presco’s rotten to the core – or what?

I will lay these evil words at the feet of Alcohol Justice, and Robert Brevoort Buck. Why didn’t the Jews invite Mary into their home in order to give birth to Jesus? He was born in a barn with urine soaked hay and animal feces – or so THE LIARS say.

Rosamond Press

Christine Rosamond Benton’s claim to fame, is, that after her death many unscrupulous people pretended she was a real famous artist. She was not, as Ira Kaplan testifies to in Tom Snyder’s book ‘When You Close Your Eyes’. What this did was drop The Art Replacements’ in the infamous Labyrinth were they came face to face with the Minotaur. Let the Art Games – BEGIN!


Whenever Peter Lorie and Mr. Green appear in a movie together, you know a treasure hunt is underway.

John ‘The Dark Disease’ Presco

“Petitioner hired Stacey Pierrot, who had been assistant manager of the gallery during Decedent’s lifetime, to run the gallery and prepare and execute a marketing plan. The gallery was run by the estate until March 1996 when the gallery was sold to Ms. Pierrot through a contract approved by this Court. During the time that the estate operated…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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