No Tide Pools

There are no tide pools at Rocky Point. Vicki Presco refused to tell me who owned the house at Rocky Point, and I was The Outsider again. I wanted to know why the owner – who invited Christine to stay in his house – did not warn her this place was very dangerous…..

“Stay away from the water! And for God’s sake don’t bring any children down there.”

As it turns out a billionaire owned this famous house. Alan Fox started a Art Foundation around his mother who taught art in High School. Why didn’t Alan want to be Tom Snyder’s book – and movie? Did Robert Buck know Alan? If everything was kosher about how my sister died, why would he conceal himself?

Alcohol Justice refuses to acknowledge – I exist – or my sister, whose ALCHOLISM is the biggest topic in California, bigger than the Burtons tale of drunkenness’? Alan surely wants to to cozy up to Liz and all the stars in her family tree – including Paris Hilton! Come on Alan…..TALK TO ME!

I own a picture of Sydney Morrie showing his law partner this passage – and he spat his mouthful of coffee across the room. Thus line did not save the waning interest in Rosamond’s image, but sunk it like a stone to the bottom of the sea. In months Karen died of acute alcoholism leaving a son behind. Along with the lie Snyder told about my family and friends – looting Christine’s house after the funeral – surely some Rosamond fans wondered if Rosamond – WAS MURDERED! If a world famous woman artist was murdered on her first sober birthday, you would think Alcohol Justice would want a complete investigation in order to clear the name of the surviving artist who had seven years sobriety. Surely Alan Fox would have hired the best attorney in the area to sue all authors who had anything bad to say about his mother. I am dismissed because it has to be concluded – that I am going after the money of billionaires – and thus I make shit up! There are two more failed biographies of Christine – and a movie script – that Stacey Pierrot wants some billionaires to BUY and give her BIG BUCKS. Would Alan like to be sitting in a theatre watching a movie where he is depicted as a self-righteous selfish pig, who took delight hating family members at his mother’s funeral?

Christine lived twenty years in the Carmel area and ran two Rosamond galleries there. How many news broadcasts did she see about people being swept to their death by big waves? Surely she took that bad news to heart when she headed down the steep terrain to one of the most dangerous shorelines in the world – intent on have her eight year old daughter – experience the thrill of tidepooling! But, surely my sister knew Point Lobos was the best and safest place to take your child tide-pooling. There are always big strapping park rangers there to come rescue children – who ever look like they are in danger. Vicki Presco did not see that Drew Benton was in dangers, or her son, Shamus. The alleged look of fear in Rosamond’s casket, has to be the result of how close, Drew cam to dying too. There is no account of what that was experience was like for my niece. nor do we hear from Shamus Dundon – two people who were there!

Here’s what Tom Snyder – the hired ghost writer – has to say about MY FAMILY that Alan would not like said about HIS FAMILY:

“And that expression that expression was not not on her face in the casket. Instead, what I saw there was totally freaked me out. Because it was utter fear. Even with all the cosmetics, they hadn’t been able to erase that look.

So in that setting the contentuousness amongst family members, once again able to hate each other face to face as they had not in years, boiled to the surface. Everyone seemd furiously self-righteous about something. If it is possible for the recently departed to have a final glimpse, Christine would have had a sardonic chuckle at the characters on stage. Karen Snyder Colby, a friend from days on San Sebastian Avenue, and close to vicki for years, had done part of the euology. Now like everyone else, was missing the essence of Christine, the child-woman she had grown up with.

I could imagine what her comments would be.” Karen recalls. “And she would say it very quickly, in a breathy voice with little pauses. And then she’s laugh that laugh of hers, which would take everyone else with her on the ride.”

When I read the Carme Pinecone account, I strugled with this question…

“If Christine had her back to the sea and thus did not see the “rogue-wave” coming. did Vicki also have her back to the sea? What about Drew?” Below is a pic of a mother looking intently to the horizon, just incase there lurks a Sneaker Wave. If only shamus was down there. Surely he would keep his eyes peeled. Perhaps my family was having one of our famous furious fights, we taking this opportunity to – really hate each other! Here is Vicki the liar saying five strangers were swept into the sea. These poor people are out of The Crazy Rosy Art Loop! Or are they? They got sucked into the masterful gaslighting of Vicki who learned everything from her father who was grooming her to take over his Loan Shark Business. Was my sister chummy with Larry Chazen? My niece Shannon, says she was.

“It was a full moon weekend with lots of tidal action. A friend told
me that five other people were swept out to sea
( from California’s
north coast) over the same period. We went to look for shells and
tide pool creatures. Christine was sure the tide was going out. Did
she know what lay a head?”

When I got the vital stats from the San Francisco Chronicle, I knew lying was going on. Mu daughter, Heather Hanson, made the case that I can not get along with anyone, and thus I will never lay eyes on Ember Dew, my seven moth ole granddaughter. Iasked my daughter if she read Snyder’s biography.


“Why not? You disappeared from my life for two years – to be in this book that smears members of OUR family! Do I got a book on the market?”

I talked to one of the rescue people who helped retrieve Christine – who was still alive after being in the water for fifty minutes. She died in the ambulence. He told me there were white caps to the horion that morning. Here is a video of what the sea would have looked like – and then some! You get a glimpse of the house own by Alan Fox at the end of this video.

Rocky Point Climbing – YouTube

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

(17) Live | Facebook

Rocky Point Restaurant – Big Sur – YouTube

The Rowdy Girls Ride Again | Rosamond Press

“It was a full moon weekend with lots of tidal action. A friend told
me that five other people were swept out to sea ( from California’s
north coast) over the same period. We went to look for shells and
tide pool creatures. Christine was sure the tide was going out. Did
she know what lay a head?”

Pynchon’s Rosamond Women | Rosamond Press

Back to Zabriskie Point | Rosamond Press

No Tide Pools At Rocky Point

Posted on June 17, 2017by Royal Rosamond Press

The Story of Rosamond


Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

Why did Christine Rosamond think there were tide-pools at Rocky Point? Below we see a finger of water about fifteen feet wide that digs into a bowl shape in the steep hill. At the end of it is a ten foot high wall. The waves are forced into this opening, hit the wall, and shoot fifty feet into the air. The cascading water has carved this bowl over thousands of years. From the guest house where Vicki and Shamus were staying, you could see this incredible geyser. You saw it for sure if you headed down there – if it was high tide – and the wind was blowing. Wind produces waves. There is no beach, no sand. At low tide there are about three brackish pools about five feet across, and less than a foot deep. There are some broken muscle shells that you can take at low tide with moderate winds.

No way would Drew or Christine collect these smelly shell, and be put in that jacket. They are good for nothing – unless – you are fishing. They can be used as bait. These shells cling to the side of the sluice. If the bowl fills with water, and recedes, it is going to pour you very rapidly into the sea. Surely Christine saw this happen at least ten times as she carefully made her way down the slope. Drew is by her side. Surely her first concern – is the safety of this place! My late sister has frequent nightmares about being killed by a huge wave. This fear would be transferred to eight year old Drew. Why didn’t Christine Rosamond say;

“It does’nt look safe down there. I don’t want to take a chance – with Drew!”

Did Vicki and Shamus stop in Carmel and Monterey and pick up some bait? Did they have bait down in that cove with Vic’s fishing poles? Who would say;

“Let’s drive to town and get some bait?”

Vicki told me she screamed at her son not to go down there, after she ran up to the house to call 911. This removes Shamus – yet one more time – from the accident scene.

Vicki is “leading the way”. Shamus was probably leading the way, but, the bright sunlight gave him a headache, and he left the scene to go look for lizards? Was he thinking about using lizards for bait – if he could catch one?

The unnamed owner of the house knew there were no tide-pool down there, and would have told Christine this – if she asked! I suspect these magnificent plumes of water were an attraction, something to write home about, even take photos of. I beseech people who owns such photos to post them on FB………

Heather joined seven years ago. If she had done what her father asked her to do, OUR book would have been published in 2001. Our miracle would be the story all Rosamond fans wanted to read – and be made into a movie! If Heather makes amends with me, WE will have a happy ending!

Alan Fox’s 20 Million Dollar Gift

Posted on April 17, 2016by Royal Rosamond Press


Alan Fox gifted 20 million dollars to a university in order to immortalize un-gifted members of his family.  He is trying to establish an Artistic Dynasty. What a joke. He is not a player in the Art Casino unveiled in the Panama Papers as far as I can tell.

It occurred to me I should have sued Alan for ‘Wrongful Death’ after the statute of limitations ran out. This would have revealed much. My main interest is still to own how my sister was “killed” by a rogue wave. It might be possible for my niece, Drew Benton, to sue Alan Fox. She is a member of a REAL Artistic Dynasty and suffers from mental illness due to her brush with death. She watched her mother die. Our family could have used 10 million dollars to save and promote the Rosamond Legacy and all out creative members – for generations to come! This includes my daughter and grandson.

Why didn’t executor Sydney Morris sue Alan, or, Lawrence Chazen, who tried to become the executor? How about Vicki Presco when she was the executor?  I found out Chazen and Morris have offices blocks from each other in Carmel. They could walk to see each other. Was their collusion? With Chazen setting up Noble Oil in an offshore manner, and because he was a partner of Rosamond, he can be associated with the Panama Papers.

My daughter probably has a lawsuit or two. She should see an attorney.

Jon Presco


For example, minor children cannot use up their statute of limitations while they are still minors. Thus, in a wrongful death action by a child for the death of his mother, the child can file the wrongful death action many years later as the statute of limitations would not start to count down until the child turned 18 years old. In general, the courts weigh the positive benefits of tolling – a plaintiff being able to file his or her claims – against the prejudice towards the defendant. – See more at:

Our founders, Alan and Daveen Fox, shared some incredible wisdom yesterday–stay tuned for the final product from Exponent Philanthropy: “We are in the business of helping youth maximize their potential. The children involved in the Frieda C Fox Foundation acquire self confidence as they’re working in a supporting environment where they can have the opportunity to use all of their talents.” ‪#‎philanthropy‬ ‪#‎ChildrenAreTheFuture‬

Gosh, This Family Is In Tune: The Story Behind a $20 Million Campus Music Gift 

Ade Adeniji

I just discovered the house my late sister was invited to at Rocky Point was designed by the famous architect, Brook-Kothlow, for Allan Fox, who sold this house in a hurry shortly after Christine Rosamond Benton was allegedly swept from the rocks below this house that plays a prominent role in the counterculture and the development of the World Wide Web.

Brook-Kothlow was inspired by the ideas of Khan and Brand Stewart, who put on the Tripps Festivals, and published The Whole Earth Catalogue which was the model for the Internet. Stewart was at the Open Theatre with the Loading Zone. Clint Eastwood owned another famous house by Brook-Kothlow. These houses are considered HISTORIC works of Art and Philosophy. Why would Alan Fox sell one of these very unique homes built JUST FOR HIM? He had to know Eastwood owned one. According to Donald Layne and his wife, who I talked to on the phone;

“Allan was in a awful hurry to sell that home, and did so at a great loss.”

Why was Mr. Fox in such a hurry to sell a home that he knew would go up in value. Fox is a big real estate investor. Sound’s like a bad business to me. Could it be I asked my surviving sister, Vicki Presco, who owned that house?

“Why do you want to know?” Vicki spat.
“I want to go there and talk to them.”
“I’ll get back to you.” my little lying sister said. Fifteen minutes later.
“They moved!”
“Can I have their names?”
“What difference does it make? They are gone!”

This is when my investigation began in ernest. Michael Harkins helped me for a while, and then taught me how to investigate. I sent my report to the Coroner with this quote from Harkins;

“Now that you know for sure you have been lied to, you must assume everything is a lie, until proven otherwise, and, you have to consider anything could have happened, including murder.”

When my family read “murder” they used that word as their defense, being, I was insane and mentally ill, I wanting to conclude that off the top. What I was looking for, was the motive for the owner of a famous house concealing his identity. Fearing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit, would be one motive. Allan Fox is a multi-millionaire, and thus susceptible to a suit. Did his attorneys suggest he sell that infamous home that Drew Benton allegedly did a drawing of? Drew is the daughter of two famous artists and is a member of the Historic Benton Family.

The second question I had, was why would Christine allow her daughter down at this extremely dangerous place when the wind was howling? Christine had nightmares about dying via a huge wave. Huge waves carved the bowl you see just below the Fox house. Not the stairs others have built to get down near the sea that is very deep. I saw plumes of water shooting thirty feet into the air when I was there during a mild day. At first, my nephew admitted to seeing huge plumes of water going high into the air – from the house! Surely Christine saw these plumes from the huge windows. I’m sure this is why Fox wanted a house built there, these plumes a means to impress his friends. Did Allan warn Christine about going down to the water’s edge?

Jon Presco

The house at Rocky Point where my late sister, Christine Rosamond, was invited to by a person unknown, was owned by Alan C. Fox who I just tried to talk to on the phone. I got his secretary who asked my name and what was my business. I told her my name and this was concerning the house he owned at Rocky Point. I was put on hold for twenty seconds. When the secretary came back on, she said;

“Alan does not own that house anymore.”
“Then he did own it?”
“Yes, but not in a long time.”

I now have an image of Alan, the owner of the place that gave my sister, Christine Rosamond Benton, the last shelter she would enjoy on earth.

Let me make this picture for you: If your teenage daughter called and said she was spending the night at a friends, and she went walking with that friend, and was struck and killed by a car, wouldn’t you want to know who this friend was, who the parents were, where they lived, and their telephone number?

I am not saying Alan Fox invited Christine to the house on Rocky Point. If Allan rented this house, then he knew who he rented it to, thus, we may know who invited Christine to be a guest in that house.

Alan’s mother was an artist, and Alan is the publisher of ‘Rattle’ a publication that promotes poetry and poets. Royal Rosamond Press was founded in order to protect Artists and Poets. Perhaps Alan would like to know who Christine and her grandfather were? On this site Alan bids one to take an inventory of talented people in your family.

The University of Arizona recently announced a $20 million gift to its School of Music by Alan C. Fox, president of ACF Property Management, a real-estate investment company in Studio City, California, and his wife Daveen. A fifth of that money will be used to create three endowed chairs at the school, and $2 million will establish the Fox Scholarship Fund. The school will also be renamed the Fox School of Music.

This kind of huge gift in the realm of the arts isn’t too common. Indeed, the gift by the Fox couple is the largest gift ever given to University of Arizona’s College of Fine Arts. The previous high mark for an individual gift? Two gifts of just $3 million each. That’s quite a difference and if you’re picturing a couple with strong alumni ties to University of Arizona, you’d be wrong. Neither Fox nor his wife is an alum. How about a business or residence close to campus? Nope, the entire Fox family lives in Southern California. So what’s the story here?

Well, let’s start with Fox’s father, Fred Fox, for whom the school of music will be renamed. The elder Fox is a legendary french horn player who’s been involved in all things brass for most of his life. Fred Fox was born in Brooklyn, New York and after attending Juilliard, he performed as a solo horn player with the National Symphony, the Minneapolis Symphony, the Los Angeles Philharmonic, and at Paramount Studios, among others.

Fred Fox has also taught music at California State University, Northridge, University of Southern California, and the Music Academy of the West in Santa Barbara. What’s more, his 1974 book, Essentials of Brass Playing, is considered an authoritative source.

Oh, and there’s at least one other place where Fox has taught—University of Arizona’s School of Music—where he’s worked with the Graduate Wind Quintet and gave lessons as recently as last fall. It’s also worth noting that Fred Fox is 100 years old.

Besides the interesting tidbit of the younger Fox honoring his 100-year-old dad while he’s still alive and kicking—and still apparently playing music, too—it also goes to show you just how strong the motivation is here. The Fox family has clearly been powerfully influenced by its musically gifted patriarch.

And if all this wasn’t enough, one of Fred Fox’s former music students is now an associate professor at the School of Music at UArizona. The two apparently kept in contact, and perhaps this professor made the initial pitch. (If only every college development office had a professor with ties to a family like the Foxes. Actually, come to think of it, many probably do if they pushed their faculty hard enough to mine their connections.)

There’s one other component to this story, as well. Fox and Daveen run a very interesting foundation out of Los Angeles called the Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation. It was founded in 1999 in the name of Fox’s mother, Frieda (noticing a pattern here?!) who was a musician, artist and teacher, and the first in her family to go to college.

The Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation gives to a number of different outfits in Los Angeles, mainly in education, but a cornerstone of the foundation is its youth philanthropy program, which help kids, teens, college students and young adults learn about and be involved in philanthropy at foundations and nonprofits. When the foundation was still in its infancy, one of Fox’s thirteen year old daughters was already involved.

Gosh, the Fox family sure is hitting all the right notes.

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