Pynchon’s Rosamond Women

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I captured these long-legged Rena types from this video. In reality, the only gathering of beautiful hippie chicks happened when I wed Mary Ann Tharaldsen, who was married to Pynchon. We got married in Topanga Canyon where this scene was shot. Bryan Maclean sang. He and the rock group ‘Love’ lived in a castle in LA.

Marilyn is wearing a red dress she made, and lived in Latigo Canyon. She and her friend Maggie Thrett partied at John Phillip’s house and conversed with his daughter, Michele. M was a Buddhist, and I a follower of Meher Baba. A monk is blessing the shoot.

My brother-in-law, Rick Partlow, is off camera. His childhood friend, Lana Clarkson, was murdered by Phil Spector (who lived in a castle) in a case of real vice, and real bad vibes!

“Cue the Buddhist – and his long-legged Babes!”

I think they should have made ‘Daughters of the Barbarian Queen’ rather than that slow-motion flick.

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Jon Presco

If you thought Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Inherent Vice” was a magnificent love letter to the sun-soaked City of Angels the way that I did, then you’re going to love the short behind-the-scenes documentary, “Chryskyloden Blues,” which was uploaded recently to Vimeo.

Shot on Super 8 film by filmmaker Laura Colella (“Breakfast With Curtis”), “Chryskyloden Blues” blends behind-the-scenes footage with a voiceover excerpt from the Thomas Pynchon novel upon which the Anderson film is based. According to an article published on The Chicago Reader website, which is how we came across the video (so hats off to them for making such an incredible discovery), Colella was apparently supposed to appear onscreen as an amateur filmmaker shooting on Super 8 during the scene where Joaquin Phoenix’s character, Doc, crashes a private party.

Check out “Chryskyloden Blues” at the top of this page. Seriously, cinephiles, it’s the summer movie you know you love and deserve.





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