The Story of Victoria Presco

I told my therapist yesterday why and how I became a good detective. I said; As a theologian I learned to use lies as stepping stones – TO THE TRUTH! I ascertained Paul was a BIG LIAR, and he led me to many hidden truths. I was also taught how to do detective work by my late friend, Michael Harkins.I told her the solution my family had to all their problems is to declare me insane – and lock me up!

“Has anyone tried to lock you up?”

“Yes, my evil neighbors who read Christine’s bio, and wanted me locked up for saying bad things about Christianity.”

Rosamond Press

The Story of Victoria Presco


John Presco

Copyright 2020

Most therapists, and librarians, will agree that withholding vital family information is going to cause problems. I was not told my sister Vicki was dead until seven days after the fact. I got Shannon Rosamond’s excuse why she did not call me – on record! I was not told I had a daughter. I found out Vic was dead – three years after the fact. I was not told my mother was dying – and didn’t get to say goodbye. When I found my child who was disappeared for two years – Shamus Dundon refused to give me a way to contact her! Heather Hanson did not call me and tell me I am a grandfather again – because I am so negative! I just can’t get along with people! Rendering me an outsider – has been the family sport…

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