“Your family got rid of you!”

In 1990 my mother said this to me;

“You didn’t get rid of your family, they got rid of you!”

Did this include Mark and Vic Presco? Did my father get rid of me – after my sister’s brought him back into the family. Mark and Vic had not spoken or seen each other since 1963. His son, Cian ( a martial arts expert) said he was go to kick his grandfather’s ass if he see’s him at Christine’s funeral. I called Vic to tell him his daughter had died, and what Cian said, and maybe it is best he not attend the funeral. He was angry.

“No one tells me I can’t attend my daughter’s funeral!”

Vic was there, but he hid in the crowd. He hired a professional photographer to take pics of us. I never saw them. This left Rosemary, Christine, Vicki, and Mark who got rid of me, the only family member who got sober by going to Rehab and AA – before Christine died in 1993 on her first sober birthday.

In 1991, after Mark called me up and told me Vic raped our niece and Christine was blackmailing him to put Shannon in therapy, I visited Vicki who was living at Vics. I brought up the rape, and Vicki said;

“Shannon should have known better then to drink with Dad. The same thing happened to Christine and I – when we drank with him in our twenties!”

I had written my siblings a twenty page letter in 1990 imploring them to get their throw-away children back. Who am I to tell them what to do. How come my sisters didn’t get rid of Vic – before the rape – and after? I never raped a woman, even a woman I was not related to. Mark published racist misogynist rants on his blog. How come he did’nt get in his car -and beat his father up!

With a year of sobriety I saw my family for the first time in two years. Vicki and Christine put me in touch with my first flame who had been trying to find me for two years. My sister’s were trying to get rid of me because THEIR FATHER was having seconds though about getting me our of his mother’s Will. Their trick worked. I went back to Oregon.

Vicki and Mark Presco, with the help of Shamus Dundon, helped by daughter, Heather Hanson, get rid of her father after rendering impotent in fighting the Family Insanity. The second step in AA says;

“Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.”

Armed with this idea, I made the mistake believing I had what they wanted. When I was living in Boston in 1971, Rosemary told me Vic was going blind. I got on a plane and visited him in the hospital. His second wife while drunk knocked his eye out with a large glass ashtray. It was all a lie. I went back to Boston. I still did not learn my lesson until six months before the monster died. I was not told he was dead. I was not told the other monster was dying. Rosemary died in a hospital of acute alcoholism. Heather bond with a crazy drunk born on my father’s birthday. Heather was born on my mothers birthday. Heather and her family handed my grandson over to drunks, total strangers who would not judges their drinking habits. I left home when I was seventeen and went for a visit…..once a year! I was away. But, that was not far enough.

In 1991, drunken Dee-Dee chased my father around the house shooting at him with his nine millimeter. A bullet ricocheted off the window frame into Vic’s back where it lie in his grave….lodged between two of his spine bones. I was not told my father was dying. I did not get to say….goodbye!

John Presco

Opening Scene Sexy Beast – YouTube

But the go-between, played with bristling abusiveness by Ben Kingsley, will not take no for an answer. Mellis and Scinto have done their best writing for Kingsley, who spits out verbally inventive insults like a Gatling gun. He insults Gal’s beloved wife, calling her “Dirty Deedee,” and lets it be known that he has slept with Jackie. Don is a terrorist with words. He is also a tyrant, who takes over Gal’s house, always insisting that Gal will do the job.


Our Dirty Dee-Dee

Posted on August 24, 2015 by Royal Rosamond Press


When I saw the movie Sexy Beast it was like a home movie. One never knew when the shit was going to hit the fan. Above is Vic pretending to throw his wife Dee-Dee under a train. They look like the stars of this great movie. For doing this to her, Dee-Dee chased my father around the house emptying his gun at him. Vic ran out the back door, and a bullet ricocheted off the frame of the window into his back and lodged near his spine. He showed me the x-ray of the bullet that they left inside, and the dent in the frame – a year after it happened. It was part of the tour of his Lafayette home.

Before Vic made a killing in the real estate loan shark business, he lived in downtown Oakland on Alice street. Here he is with his partner whose brother ran the Mexican Mafia in San Quinton. The other dude is a smuggler of just about everything, and may have brought Vic’s third wife across the border in a marijuana shipment.

Vic was always in his bathrobe. I am not sure if he knew bout Vinnie ‘The Chin’ the Mafia boss of the Village where many artists came to dwell, including myself in 1965.  This family was in the Art Business. Eat your heart out Mrs. Eastwood. We never put on airs, or had to fake a scene like the one where you spy on your daughter, because, nothing really happens at your house. Your husband has a conversation with a chair.

Note the big pot on the stove. It might be squid soup, a dish Captain Vic fed his young secretaries that worked at the Ponderosa, who would not let Vic ‘The Nazi’ (as they called him) get away with wearing his old bathrobe while they were there. This would have made a great reality T.V. series. ‘Bohemian Loan Sharks’. Vic and Ernie are playing chess.

“BOHUNKS! They created a artistic and literary dynasty, but you wouldn’t know it, thanks to ‘The Caretaker’ who brought in a bevy of outsiders, ghosts writers, to make it all work for her. Or, so she led many to believe. Somebody pulled off the biggest art heist in history. Was it ‘Little Vicki’?”

It was very threatening for members of my family to accept the truth Victor was mentally ill. Rosemary could not handle the truth she had four children by a sociopath. It was much easier for my family to title me “INSANE”.  The head of Serenity Lane said this;

“Have you considered the truth you might be the only sane member of your family?”

“How did they do it? They never got out of their bed, or their bathrobes! BOHUNKS! Look out Ken Kesey! They are coming for your crown!”

“They lay claim to the old Rancho Las Mariposa land grant in order to make a poet’s retreat for family members. But, what are they really up to? BOHUNKS!”


Jon Presco

Copyright 2015



Dubbed “The Oddfather” and “The Enigma in the Bathrobe” by the press, Gigante often wandered the streets of Greenwich Village in his bathrobe and slippers, mumbling incoherently to himself, in what Gigante later admitted was an elaborate act to avoid prosecution


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