Radical Democracy Party

I propose that Black Lives Matter reform the Radical Democracy Party that my kin John Fremont founded with the help of German Socialists and Radicals, even Marxists, who helped put Lincoln in the White House. German immigrants were a formidable voting block. The New Radical Democracy Party will not be about numbers and votes, but about owning Republican Traditions in regards to the end of slavery. This party will give BLM the legitimacy it deserves – and will not garnish votes from the Democrats. This party will abolish the label of BLM being a gang of socialist rioters, and at the same time it will TAKE BACK this party from the Red State Traitors who came to own it via the Southern Strategy of Ronald Reagan.

People involved in voting are being threatened by Racist Radical Republicans who oppress black voters, and are interested in promoting the white race – only! They know all about the switch, and know their values don’t resemble the values and platform of the original Republican Party. You have got to TAKE AWAY THEIR FALSE PERMISSION to do what they do. Leave them without a party and a uniform! Expose them as naked Neo-Confederates without a party – and a Country! I suggest a minor uniform or symbol be worn.

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Get Out Of My Republican Party | Rosamond Press

Radical Democracy Party | Rosamond Press

The Radical Democracy Party was an abolitionist and anti-Confederate political party in the United States. The party was formed to contest the 1864 presidential election and it was made up largely of disaffected Radical Republicans who felt that President Abraham Lincoln was too moderate on the issues of slavery and racial equality. John C. Frémont was nominated as the party’s presidential candidate, with John Cochrane as his running mate. However, their campaign failed to gain momentum and not wanting to act as a spoiler against Lincoln, they withdrew from the race in September.

Rosamond Press

I belong to a Black Panther group, and in response to a gentleman who said no white man would put down the KKK, I googled the Radical Republicans who specifically targeted the KKK, as did President Grant. Then I found the missing link I have been looking for for twelve years, or more. My kin, John Fremont, became a second Presidential Candidate when the Radical Democracy Party was formed – with the sole purpose of getting Lincoln to drop out of the race!


The Radical Republicans hated Lincoln who betrayed their ideals on all men being free. Many of these Radicals were Turners, members of the German Turnverein. immigrants who fled to America after they lost their Revolution in Europe. Three of my grandfathers appear to have been Turners. It also looks like the New York Turner Rifles – were sabotaged! They were given smooth bore rifles and allegedly…

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