Tyler Hunt Is My Grandson

Abuse against children was sanctioned by special executor Sydney Morris who helped silence the voice of a worked famous woman artist who died under undetermined causes. There is no DEATH SCRNE FOR ROSAMOND. Lining up to see her at the funeral, my brother said she was not really dead. Was she just sleeping? Grimm named Princess Briar Rose….”ROSAMOND”

Christine’s genetics was captured by real witches. Patrice and her evil sister have run their dark creation through my daughter – before she was born! They used her as they used Randy Delpiano to get their vicarious narcissistic material. Drunken Linda Comstock will never have a child, because she believed she shared a Motherhood with her evil sister.  She married a rich old drunk who could not sire children. She put her Evil Eye on my child – while in her mother’s womb? Did she cozy of to Randall? Was Randy and alcoholic? Linda knew Child Endangerment was going on. As a total stranger I took steps to rescue Linda’s two nephews – by taking them in my home! They were my primary concern. I wasn’t looking for a woman with children to come live with me! 

When Linda’s drunken lover refused to shake my hand, I deduced this angst had to come from Linda – and possibly Heather! In seconds I made up my mind I do not want this fucking drunk around my nephews. This ex-bar tender wanted to cook for these children – and set up a bar! I knew Heather would try to get me to have my next drink and not be such a party-pooper. She hated Sober Daddy! She wanted Party Daddy. She wore Linda’s cocktails dress. The Hanson’s knew Vicki and I had inherited $80,000 dollars. They were going to present their business plan to open a Bar&Grill where Heather will be The Torch Nightclub Singer! My six year old grandson would be raised in a bar. This is child endangerment! But, once I’m slugging them down and getting sloppy again – who gives a flying fuck!

I am going to name Linda Comstock in my lawsuit. Heather agreed to be my Special Needs Executor which meant she would look out for my health – too! Not once did she call to see how my radiation for prostate cancer was going. I asked her if she read Christine’s biography. She had not. I told her and her mother, my autobiography was going to be about the Recovery of two creative siblings. In the mind of the Hanson family drunks – this had to be an attempt to get THEM SOBER! All I wanted was to get what is called The Money Shot so there would be a happy ending for – all of us – if only in appearance. I did not want to be the head of two very dysfunctional families. I asked Heather and Patrice to attend CODA meetings  so they would own a clue. I feel for Bryan’s sister, Maria McKee, who got into CODA, and pushed Bryan out of her life. If Bryan had gotten into AA I believe he would be alive. If he was in AA, he would have called a fellowship in New York for backup just incase he feels too lonely. Instead, he goes into a bar that his family had been in. 

All I got from my daughter is a loneliness I never thought possible. She empowered my dark evil brother – who hates AA – and everyone who claims child endangerment is real. Mark told me he was considering becoming a pedophile. He told me this in regards to our father raping our niece in 1991. I told my therapist that was the year I lost all members of my family.

John Presco

Child Endangerment refers to an act or omission that renders a child to psychological, emotional or physical abuse. Child abuse based on the offense of child endangerment is normally a misdemeanor, but endangerment that results in mental illness or serious physical illness or injury is a felony. The child who is subjected to child endangerment is called an abused child or a neglected child.


Child Endangerment Law and Legal Definition | USLegal, Inc.

Can Alcoholics Ever Go Back to Casual Drinking? Rehab (castlecraig.co.uk) 

Patrice, Randall, and Heather Delpiano | Rosamond Press 

What is Narcissistic Supply? (psychcentral.com) 

In essence, a narcissist has not properly matured through each stage of early childhood development resulting in stunted emotional growth.

Narcissists are never satisfied.  Once they receive the narcissistic supply for the moment, they soon become empty again; it isn’t lasting. A narcissist’s emotional or “narcissistic supply” tank is always running low or on empty. It’s as if there are holes in the bottom of the narcissistic supply tank. No matter how much you try to love your narcissist well, it is never going to be enough.

What are some common forms of narcissistic supply?

  • Attention
  • Compliments/Praise
  • Accomplishments, such as winning
  • Feeling powerful (having power over you)
  • Feeling in control (being able to control you, and thus, his environment)
  • An addictive substance or activity
  • Sex
  • Emotional energy (can be positive or negative)

Rosamond Press

Yesterday while cleaning my house I came across this photo of my grandson I had not seen for ten years or more. This is his graduation from pre-school. I noticed Tyler Hunt’s hands. He looks studious and mature. Is he an old soul. I felt love for this boy that was disappeared from me because it was too painful to accept his loss. My narcissitistic daughter and her mother, gave Tyler to a Tea Party fanatic and his son, Bill Cornwell, who could not conceiver a child. When Bill and Heather became lovers, his father took note of my grandson. This guy was a ex-cop and military drill sergeant who though he had a great genealogy until he looked at mine – and Tyler’s

Four days ago I had a conference internet meeting with a nurse at the Oregon Euology Center. There is much improvement with my battle with prostate…

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