PTSD and Lamb of God

A miracle has happened. Seconds after I hit a button to get this video on the Youtube, Michael Dundon called. We talked about the great pain he was in due to blowing his hips out. He was compelled to hike four miles through a lava bed to this secluded beach. On the way up of his eight mile rigorous hike, his hips started to give out. He almost fell when they did. He barely made it back up.

We talked about our PTSD – and The Lamb of God. Why is Jesus holding a lamb? Why have we put ourselves in danger? I told him about cutting school with Christine’s best friend, and how Melinda’s father called my home and told Christine;

“Your brother is a dead man!”

I told him how Sky was killed, and the blood that streamed down Melinda’s face from the gash her father caused when he yanked her from her grasp of the doorjam. She hit her head on the desk of the motel. At his home, a light appeared from my stomach and rose to the top of my head. When Christine took pics of me in her studio, so I could be her first male portrait, she captured my angel’s energy. So did Bryan Purvis who gave her the role from his camera. They both freaked.

“That was my angel protecting me! ” I told my Brother in Recovery. We talked about a letter he got when he became a councilor at Serenity Lane where PTSD is mentioned. It came up last night at his AA meeting. Michael told me he feels a new bond with me.

When I died I saw my sisters draped in the jewels of heaven. I saw God, and He made an agreement with me. He told me my sister’s need me, and they will not handle my death. He restored my life.

Here is the video I made two nights ago thinking Mary Ann had forgiven me. She did not recognize me on her facebook and unfriended me – again. She lied to me about us getting married. She told me we did not need a blood test. Pastor Glen signed the papers, and Mary Ann’s attorney had me sign the divorce papers – which he filed! We might be the only California Divorce Couple in that Love State – who were not legally married. M had to have me. The first time we made love, she had an orgasm. She never had one. Her head was filled with colors!

“Are you doing that?” she asked during intercourse.


Other lovers experienced this. My angel was doing a healing on these women. Patrice saw colors on Christmas Eve. She gave my angelic healing to her criminal husband and all members of her family via my daughter in the womb – and thereafter. In this video you will see me hypnotize myself and go into a trance. I am halfway there.

People hurt me in everyway so my angle will come heal me – and them. This is why they harmed Jesus and tried to throw him off the cliff. Like John the Baptist he was filled with the Holy Spirit while in his mother’s womb. When he visited John in prison her gave him a second portion – OF THE LAMB. I believe this was THE HEALING SPIRIT.

John ‘The Nazarite’

The Musical Jesus | Rosamond Press

Message To Britt and Mary Ann | Rosamond Press

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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