Art Lessons For My Daughter

When Mark Presco told me he read the rough draft of Tom Snyder’s book ‘When You Close Your Eyes’ he said; “I couldn’t think of anything nice to say about her.” Patrice and Heather Hanson have nothing nice to say about Christine – or her creative brother – who she gave credit for her success.I will be posting on Vicki Presco’s claims t be the Artist Heir in Rosemary and Mark’s family. Christine, Shannon, and I have made accusation of sexual abuse. This is why Rosemary anointed these two children to CONTROL the Art and Recovery Podium. Vicki show me our sister’s 276 page autobiography that has disappeared Thanks to my therapist I SEE THE BIG PITCHER, While Mark, Vicki, and Garth, are beating up on Christine….Patrice, Heather, Linda Comstock, Flip, and Bill Comstcok – are beating up on me – because I am in a psoition to make them look bad -for the reason all the Hanson’s went along with the lie, that Randall Delpiano was my daughters father. They all knew he could not conceive a child. As compensation the Hanson’s allowed Randy to play at being Bob Weir. A spokesperson for the Dead says Delpiano is mentally ill – on top of being a infamous FRAUD! Bill Cornwell can not conceiver and thus The Hanson’s signed off and he taking my grandson from me. Bill has quit drinking. I want him to testify on a witness stand – along with Mark, who may be faking his death to avoid being prosecuted to tax evasion. I will get those records.

Rosamond Press

Art Lessons For My Daughter

A Proposal For A Series


John Presco

Copyright 2020

Gregory Prescott picked up his daughter he did not know he had at Billion Air Jet, a private airport that catered to members of the Billionaire Club who flew their own Lear Jets. His patron owned a Lear and flew it to Santa Rosa to fetch Dezmerelda Delpiano so she could meet her father for the first time. At sixteen Greg’s daughter had red hair like his mother, Mary Rosamunde, who was one of Errol Flynn’s young lovers.

“And, what do you want to be when you grow up?” Greg asked, breaking the ice in the back of the limo that took them to Prescotts humble Carmel cottage that used to belong to George Sterling ‘The King of the Bohemians’.

“I am grown up, Daddy. Do you mind if I call you Dad? I am…

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