Tyler Hunt Is My Grandson

Yesterday while cleaning my house I came across this photo of my grandson I had not seen for ten years or more. This is his graduation from pre-school. I noticed Tyler Hunt’s hands. He looks studious and mature. Is he an old soul. I felt love for this boy that was disappeared from me because it was too painful to accept his loss. My narcissitistic daughter and her mother, gave Tyler to a Tea Party fanatic and his son, Bill Cornwell, who could not conceiver a child. When Bill and Heather became lovers, his father took note of my grandson. This guy was a ex-cop and military drill sergeant who though he had a great genealogy until he looked at mine – and Tyler’s

Four days ago I had a conference internet meeting with a nurse at the Oregon Euology Center. There is much improvement with my battle with prostate cancer. At the end of our session, I could see she cared about me and my heath. Not once did Heather call me to see how my radiation treatment was going.

Two weeks ago my niece Shannon Rosamond made a devious remark about how I was not a real father, and, I did not know her mother, but for when we lived together as children. We have made plans to call each other on our birthdays, but, she did not call. Here are members of my family who did not contribute to the biogrpahy of a world famous artist.

Mark Presco, Shannon Rosamond, Drew Benton, Shamus Dundon, Heather Hanson, Patrice Hanson. Vicki Presco gave no firsthand account of how our sister, Christine Rosamond Benton, drowned. Neither did Drew, who was next to her mother, nor did Shamus, who did go down to the water’s edge, but, went off hunting for lizards. I am the only family member who wrote about the alleged accident – except Casandra Dundon, the wife of Shamus. I am struggling to finish my autobiography but it is clear I have not gotten any cooperation – only blocked!

Bill Cornwell and Trump

Posted on November 30, 2017by Royal Rosamond Press

Bill Cornwell and Donald Trump are cut from the same Treacherous Tea Party flag. With the backing of Nazi Mark, and Daryl Bulkley, my natal family is destroyed. My daughter, Heather Hanson, destroyed her family, and mine, by seeing Vicki Presco behind my back. The whole lot of these maniacs, are grunt-face liars!

Jon Presco

Will Fox News be the first to book Billy Bush, to ask, for the record whether Trump did in fact tell him while riding the show’s bus that he was so famous he could grab women “by the p*ssy” with impunity?

Oh, the headlines to be had with news report President Donald Trump has been telling people that Access Hollywood tape, revealed during the presidential campaign, is fake.

Though word of Trump’s stout-denial campaign broke Saturday in the New York Times, Monday morning’s coverage on TV news outlets was disappointingly confined to WTF-ing by various talent. CNN’s Chris Cuomo, for instance, wondered what Trump is thinking, having cut a damage-control video during the campaign in which he admitted to, apologized for, and then dismissed as “locker room talk,”  his remarks caught on a hot mic while on an Access Hollywood bus with that show’s host Bush.

“Anyone who knows me, knows these words don’t reflect who I am. I said it. I was wrong and I apologize,” then-candidate Trump damage-controlled in a video statement that aired internationally on October 7, 2016.

“I think it is way more troubling than it is getting credit for,” Cuomo said of NYT’s report on Trump’s so-far private denials of the tape’s authenticity.

“I don’t think this is an offhand comment. I think he believes this will work with people,” Cuomo marveled.

Linda Comstock Held My Child Hostage

Posted on June 21, 2018by Royal Rosamond Press

Here is what Tom Snyder had to say about the Family Sobriety. I was the first to get into a treatment program and become a member of AA. I have thirty years clean and sober. Heather Hanson signed an agreement to be my Special Needs Trustee, then brought three raging drunks into my life, and the life of my grandson. They helped destroy the creative legacy of my later sister, Christine Rosamond, who drowned on her first sober birthday. The law firm that handled Rosamond’s estate set up the Buck Trust and Alcohol Justice that took Gavin Newsom to court. So, these women who ostracize me will be magnified, their bad deeds thrown into the public eye!

In my book, I am going to line up these women behind Tyler’s great grandfather. I want to make sure they get full credit for bringing down two artists who tried to escape from this REAL ABUSER, but, the Gallery Witches and Gargoyles, dragged us down into the mire.

Patrice Hanson. Heather Hanson. Linda Comstock. Stacey Pierrot. Vicki Presco.



“Other than the contributions of Christine’s art, what are we to make of her life and death? Two matters come immideatly to mind as a result of many conversations that make up this account. One – and it would be hard to over-emphasize this – is the impact on Vic and Rosemary’s children. Despite the powerful genetic and social influences at work throughout their childhood and later in life, Christine’s surviving brothers and sisters are clean and sober – a remarkable feat under the circumstances. Moreover, the course of Christine’s life in her last year suggests she had turned the same corner, embracing sobriety and greater possibilities of her own life.

The other matter has to do with Christine’s full legacy, which included not just her art, but her daughter, Drew. Only midway through high school

Linda Comstock held my new found daughter, Heather Hanson, hostage. She has no children. She and her attorney husband wanted to get money from me – BLOOD MONEY! After reading Pierrot’s ad for those WHO KNEW my famous sister, to contribute to her biography, THEY wondered how much money my family had, and, if THEY could get some of it.

First they had to find out if WE wanted anything they owned. They owned a sixteen year old girl. Who would want her? What if I was married – with children? How could they find out? If they called and talked with Pierrot, she might warn me;

“You got a daughter. Sounds like her family are bloodsuckers. Best disavow them. Make them prove it is your daughter. You don’t have to.”

The Hansons didn’t know Pierrot hired a rival biographer, and I had a falling out with my family. They were DELIGHTED to hear the good news – after they got their foot in the door. So, Patrice and Heather walked in the gallery – and said who they were. If I was there, I would not be able to block them out of my life. They were SPYING on me. They were STALKING me. They wanted to count how many children I had. Would I be interested in having another?

Heather heard all this COLD CALCULATING. She considered me denying her. She heard that I might be very rich and very selfish. She heard her calculating mother and aunt, see me as the Hanson Family Enemy who didn’t want my daughter to have ANY MONEY!

At sixteen, I suspect Heather was told the truth, that Randy Delpiano was not her father, and I was her father, and, it looked like my whole family was rolling in the doe. Heather was in shock that her mother, and her aunt, lied to her all these years. The devious ones anticipated that. They had to make me out to be the BAD ONE. They needed a smokescreen.

“Your father got rid of you long ago, because he thought your mother and her family were low-life scum. He hid himself from you because he and his family have money – a lot of money. YOU DESERVE much of this money. He owes it to you. THEY owe it to you!”

Linda demanded I get a blood test to prove I am Heather’s father. She claimed she was molested by a relative as a child. This drunk is suggesting I might be a fraud, a rapist in disguise. I wasn’t buying it. Then, a blood test was needed just incase Randy Delpiano, the San Quinton convict showed up and wants custody. Would his probation officer believe this evil lie?

Heather told Vicki her aunt could not pick me up at the airport because she has a pee-problem, and can not drive long distances. Flip is never sober – and probably has twenty DUIs. Check out the BIG PITURE of beer Linda has emptied into her bladder before she got in my rental then, unloaded on the long drive home.

What a evil calculating pig. She is a co-kidnapper. If you gave her a blood test, she would be way over the limit! Heather took delight in playing make-believe alcoholic with MY grandson who comes on like a rowdy tough guy! I sent these pics to Child Services. Tyler was bullying and beating on his classmates. Daryl Bulkley is a co-conspirator. I found a sane branch of my family – full of wonder sober people!

Jon Presco

Capturing Beauty – The Blood Test

Posted on May 15, 2012by Royal Rosamond Press

No father has had to struggle like I have to be recognized as a father – and a grandfather! When Heather came into my life I was working on my book about the Grail Bloodline and whether Jesus had any children. Many books have been written on this possibility. I could not help but compare my struggle with that of Jesus – if it is true he fathered a daughter! A famous book was made into a movie that suggests the Popes in Rome went to great lengths to unborn Jesus’child, and take away his Fatherhood. Jesus was allegeldy a grandfather. Many authors claim powerful forces hid this truth.Here are the first e-mails I exchanged with Heather and her mother, Patrice Hanson, who asks for a blood test because Linda Comstock was molested as a child, and has no trust of men. Hmmm! She trusted Bill Cornwell.

Patrice also says it would be good idea just incase Randall came back into my daughter’s life. Of course, I am not supposed to have a problem trusting Heather’s kindred.Did Delpiano molest my daughter – because he knew the truth?

“Part of my sister, Linda’s, fears for Heather are connected with the
fact that she (Linda) was molested by relatives on my stepmother’s
side when she was a young teenager. So she has very little trust of men and is
very protective toward Heather.”

The Battle For Tyler Hunt

Posted on July 4, 2012by Royal Rosamond Press

Yesterday I sent my niece, Drew Benton, some of her genealogy and Patriot history. The Bentons knew Daniel Boone and his brother, and a cousin married David Crockett. I told her she is in the Preston family tree and is kin to John Witherspoon, a Signer of the Constitution. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

“Your kindred are Who’s Who in American History.”

One year ago I made plans with my sister, Vicki Presco, to come to Bullhead City for a family reunion. We had not seen each other in seven years. The last time I was there I interviewed aunt Lillian for my autobiography ‘Capturing Beauty’. I had captured the stories of the this beautiful Rosamond woman with a tape recorder and had over three hours of dialogue I wanted to share together with Vicki for Lilian had died three months prior. She was the last of the preceding generation. They were all gone, four married couples, four husbands who had captured the hearts of a fair Rosamond.


Christine Rosamond Benton died before Vic and Rosemary. Vicki told me Drew was living with her father who was in poor health. Drew took care of Garth in his time of need. Vicki and I were concerned for Drew, what would become of her if she lost her last parent in the world. This is when we decided it was best for us to put all our differences behind us, and tend to THE FUTURE of our family. We believed we needed to show Drew and Shannon Family Unity so our nieces could put aside their differences and come join us in Bullhead City. Being clean and sober for many years, Vicki and I wanted to be a good influence on our nieces. Christine’s funeral fell on her first sober birthday and we wanted to go forth with the Miracle of Recovery. We had talked for days about the evil history of alcohol abuse in our family and did not want that history to be victorious over us, forever keeping us apart. I wanted my daughter and grandson to be there for I believe they are God’s gift to me for my twenty five years of sobriety, Heather coming into my life in 2000.

Above is a photograph of Tyler Hunt at the Avi resort and casino. We shared a room procured for us by Linda Comstock, Heather’s aunt, who was left a large sum of money by her late husband. Linda has no children, and thus, grandchildren. Linda has a drinking problem as does her brother, Craig, who has no children. Heather’s mother, Patrice Hanson, has three children by three different men. Her father was a brutal alcoholic.

Linda has a boyfriend that lives in one of the two houses she owns that are about ten miles from Avi. Flip has a severe problem with alcohol as does Bill Cornwell, Heather’s new boyfriend. How do I know Lind Flip, and Bill drunks? They put on an enumerated exhibition in the room next to us. No sooner were we awake then we heard banging and shouting next door. When we went to Heather’s room. Bill had torn the room up, piled some furniture on the bed as if to show ME they had a wild time. Bill is forty years of age. Tyler was six, and looked confused. Instead of waking up in a campground surrounded by children, Tyler is treated to – this – simulated wild sex while drunk!

“What is this, Bill?” I asked in a sober fashion.

“We’re just trying to show Flip and Linda we had a good time.”

I had my doubts about this fakery that goes with pretend drinking by a minor. While making plans for our trip, Heather told me about Linda’s plan to stay a couple nights at the Avi where she had gotten three rooms for next to nothing. Did they know Linda was loaded? Linda and Flip knew I was a member of AA, and wanted to show Bill one hell of a good time after his bachelor party in Vegas, and after he spent time with Vicki and I – which never happened because Vicki wanted to bond with me and my offspring at the lake, on a public beach, and not in a casino, because Vicki is a counter at a casino, and was on vacation – too!

Vicki had never been with I and my family. Vicki hates the casino and has been clean and sober for twenty three years. She wanted to spend a couple of days bonding with members of her immediate family, her brother, her niece, and her grandnephew. Linda wanted me to stay in a room at the Avi with Tyler for two days so she could form a drinking bond with Bill, stay up late and party with my daughter. You’ve heard of the designated driver, well, I was the designated adult.

My daughter is very ignorant. She knows nothing, and does not believe history is important. She rejects my history as a show of loyalty to her mother and her siblings who are threatened by my family history. I believe Heather told Bill he was going to be on the sidelines, he had a fit. He has seen more of my grandson then I have since he was born. Linda bonded with my daughter since she was born. When Heather first behold her father at sixteen, I saw their was not natural bond. I believe her mother and aunt became threatened. When Bill called me and told me I was about to lose my daughter and grandson, I knew this was the continuation of the wedge the drunks put between me and my minor grandson. The can get away with this with an adult, but they do not get to do this to a child who will soon be taught American History in school so he can feel esteemed by being a citizen of a Great Nation. However, feeling proud of grandfather’s history – is a threat to these narcissistic drunks!

Yesterday I received a letter from my attorney informing me I will soon have a new Trustee. My daughter refused to serve as my Trustee, because Bill convinced her I am a “parasite”. Above are the Professional fiduciary Disclosures of my my new Trustee that will be charging a $50 dollars an hour, thirty nore dollars then I paid Heather. My new Trustee includes his Vita, where he was educated, ect. ect. This is a family firm.

Above is Heather and Marl Gall’s resignation at Trustee. Mark was my co-trustee and never believed he would be called on to serve, so tight was the bond I had with my proginy. Mark had to delcline due to poor health, he having the worst ase of dermatitis ever seen in Eugene. On top of that his mother was on death’s door for three months. but, the real cross for Mark to bear is the terrible disse his only child suffers from. Jon Gall graduated Kum de lad from the University of Oregon. Today, Jonny can not speak, nor move, and is in a restroom slowly dying, he tended to by two women hei father has hired. My good friend is there every other night, by his son’s side, he not able to sleep due to his skin feeling it is on fire. These two highly intelligent men are severely disabled. I have been like family for twelve years.

Mark is one of the top educators in the world. He is an author who wrote many books on how to educate educators who educate our children. He is is several Who’s Who, and is a millionaire who has not yet written his Will. His attorney is my attorney. By the questions he asked, I began to suspect Mark was going to be sure Tyler Hunt could afford a college education. He was in shock when I told him about Bill and the falling out with my daughter, who only showed an interest in being there for me when I died, because our attorney put her in my Will. Heather wants no part of my family history, and wants my grandson to grow up and be just like Bill because that’s what Bill wants. Bill and Heather are not married, the last I heard, or, even engaged.

Three days ago I received a long questionnaire from Oregon Eurology Institute that asks very personal questions, such as;

“How often have you awakened with an erection in the morning in the last 4 weeks?”
“During the last 4 weeks, how often did you have any sexual activity?”
“How many pads or adult diapers per day did you usually use to control leakage?”

Losing all sexual function is a great concern for married men – and their wives. There is a support group for married and single men, because for a man to lose his sexual functionality brings up many psychlgicginal issues. What is a man?

As a man who loves history, and is somewhat famous for his genealogies, and is authoring several books, I began to look at what my legacy was, and who I would leave what to. Bill and Heather made it very clear to me they wanted nothing from me, because I had nothing to give? Indeed, they claimed I was a taker. Does my grandson hear these opinion?

Heather believesI got sober in order to look down on people. My interest in genealogy has to be my desire tolook down on her family – and thus her! Heather thinks beng a Bad Girl who drinks and has sex with many partners, is where it’s at, and, I should try it before I put her friends and lovers down. My daughter is – ignorant – not very bright! Her mother encouraged our daugher to call many of her live-in boyfriends “Daddy!” Tyler was born out of wedlock and Heather bragged on Facebook when he called Bill “Daddy”.

I have twenty five years sobriety, and I will petition a California court in order to get legal visitation rights because these TWO DRUNKS are just waiting to deny me access to my grandson in order to break my heart, in order to get back at me for causing Bill Cornwell to feel left out in Bullhead City along with Linda and Flip, two more DRUNKS. How do I know these four people drunks? Anyone who would give lesson to a six year old boy on how to be a DRUNK – are sick, mentally ill abusers of alcohol.

Many courts in many countries recognize alcoholism as a disease that needs ongoing treatment. There is no cure. I have to treat my disease as prescribed. I and millions of other in revovery are bid to stay away from drinking enviroment and situations. Heather told me before we left for Bullhead, that Linda would take over the entire itinuary if we let her. So would Bill. Bill, Heather, Linda,and Flip would have had not problem if I ordered a drink at the bar where I joined them after leaving Tyler in a paid paid area for thirty minutes. There was soe live music on stage and Linda challenged me to dance with my daughter, hoping I would refuse, or, that I would embarass her if I accpepted.

I am a great dancer and twirled my daugher at least ten times across the dance floor with my raised hand. Heather told me Linda was crying after our dance. But, this was just a show. I heard the hisssss of a vipar.

On the way home, with Tyler in the car, Bill said this when Vegas came into view;

“Boy, me and Flip could do sone real damage here!”

When I was a drunk, I drank Cobra beer with Lester. We tore up Berkeley almost every night. When he came to visit me in Oakland, we ended up drinking Cobra with members of a dangerous crack gang on the corner of a street. I knew these banger when they were kids. They filled their parents shoes after they were killed. There are millions of adults and children who need what I got, need to hear my lessons.

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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    Abuse against children was sanctione by special executor Sydney Morris who helped silence the voice of a workd famous woman artist who died under undetermined causes. There is no DEATH SCRNE FOR ROSAMOND. Lining up to see her at the funeral, my brother said she was not really dead. Was she just sleeping? Grimm named Princess Briar Rose….”ROSAMOND” Christine’s genetics was captured by real witches.

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