Boho ‘Rose of the World’ Paris

I am about to form a new Rainbow Coalition.

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Last night, Marilyn asked me if I found time, would I do a painting of her and her brother, Stan, when they are about six. She is going to send me the photo. We talked about how to salvage Christine Rosamond’s Legacy. We came up with a couple of solutions. Later, I found photos of Paris Jackson wearing striped Boho fashion that reminded me of Rosamond’s Women. This morning I had a vision of a organization that would help a brother and sister who are homeless due to abuse in their family. When we were seventeen, Christine and I tried to rent an appartment in order to get away from Rosemary. This was her idea. Rena and her brother needed to be taken from their home and given shelter.

Paris Jackson appears to be adopting our Hippie Ways. She has been posting Hippies on her Instagram saying “This…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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