Artists vs. Evangelical Co-Terrorists

My niece, Shannon Rosamond, has offered to come to Oregon, and remove me from their evil labyrinth. Shannon is my Heir.

Rosamond Press

It is official, the President of the United States and his Evangelical backers are co-terrorists! They plot around the clock on how to make ALL Americans feel fear in order to garnish votes for Republican candidates. This blog has been saying this for years. I saw it coming. I am an Artist Prophet.

There is a link between Making Fear, and Making Art. Creating and Destroying describe much of Human and Biblical History. To watch the Trumps desperate flight to the Synagogue in Pittsburg in order to save his title ‘Messiah’ will make Art History. Trump has done more than any American to CREATE FEAR! Not able to feel creative, millions resort to feeling fear. Many evangelicals are armed survivalist who watch a lot of Zombie flicks. They see human targets in……….The Caravan of the Living Dead.

Every Jew over forty knows that Trump’s words empowered the Mass Murderer. who…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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