Springfield Capitol of British Israelism

They say the prophet Jerimiah came to Britain.

Rosamond Press

Springfield Oregon is the Capitol of British Israelism. It is a crime the Mayor and Neil Laudati did not save KORE. It appears Ian Fleming was connected to the Red Hand, or, wanted James Bond to be.

John Presco 007


By Pastor Bill McMurdo


THERE is no symbol more vilified and despised in this United Kingdom than the “Red Hand of Ulster” flag. Indeed, at time of writing, it has come to my attention that this flag is so detested by the Scottish Parliament that to wave or display this flag in public could constitute an offence under their new antisectarianism legislation. This is no accident, for the Red Hand of Ulster is the key to understanding the purpose of God to destroy Babylon in these momentous times. Therefore Babylon is doing all in its power…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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