Boho ‘Rose of the World’ Paris

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Last night, Marilyn asked me if I found time, would I do a painting of her and her brother, Stan, when they are about six. She is going to send me the photo. We talked about how to salvage Christine Rosamond’s Legacy. We came up with a couple of solutions. Later, I found photos of Paris Jackson wearing striped Boho fashion that reminded me of Rosamond’s Women. This morning I had a vision of a organization that would help a brother and sister who are homeless due to abuse in their family. When we were seventeen, Christine and I tried to rent an appartment in order to get away from Rosemary. This was her idea. Rena and her brother needed to be taken from their home and given shelter.

Paris Jackson appears to be adopting our Hippie Ways. She has been posting Hippies on her Instagram saying “This is all I need”. I have been trying to leave my Real Bohemian History to the next generation. This has been extremely problematic.

I have made the name Rosamond a Brand. This name means ‘Rose of the World’.  In 1975, Christine offered to teach me her style so I could be rich and famous, too. I turned her offer down because I found her work too commercial. However, is Rosamond is presented as Charitable Fashion that promoted the cause of young people who find themselves on the road as runaways and vagabonds, then all the Integrity one can dream of, is there for the taking.

My relative, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, encouraged Michael Jackson to take up art. Liz adopted the Bohemian-Hippie look, as did her children, one whom married Aileen Getty, who helped Liz found an Aides Help organization. With Paris adopting the Bohemian way of life, I see her as an Heir carrying on this movement into the future. She has my blessing. She is the Real Deal. Paris Jackson walks in our footsteps. Here she is on the Venice Boardwalk where I met my muse, Rena Easton. Christine was with me when she came out of a dark doorway at 2:30 A.M. and asked;

“Can I walk with you?”

I would love to see Paris adopt the music of Love. Bryan McClean played rhythm guitar. His father was Godfather to one of Liz’s children, Christopher Wilding, who married Aileen Getty, who is kin to Talitha Getty, the Queen of Boho. Bryan learned to swim in Liz’s pool. Christine and Bryan were lovers. He asked me for advice. In 1964, I told him he could be in love with everyone, and, people are the greatest love. This is a cornerstone for the Love Generation down South. Bryan’s sister, Maria McKee, followed in her brother’s footsteps and has an album.

Below is a photo of Bryan playing at my wedding. Mary Ann was Thomas Pynchon’s lover, and alleged wife. She was very good friends with Richard and Mimi Farina, Joan Baez’s sister, who I met. Paris and Mimi are alike. They both have dedicated their lives to charity. We carry on. We, pick up the rose.

John Presco

Copyright 2018

Bryan and George McLean

Christine 1975 1

bryan44 bryanm2hypno38 hypno43 hypno51 hypno71 hypno73

Alas I found Bryan Maclean’s father, George. He was a premiere architect for Hollywood Stars. He built the home my kindred, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, lived in, and was Godfather at the Christening of her son, Christopher Wilding. George MacClean was a good friend of Robert Stack, who dated Liz. Bryan said he learned to swim in Liz’s pool. Was this pool located at 1375 Beverly Hills Estate Drive?

George was the quintessential Hollywood-Los Angeles architect. He was Howard Roarke to the rich and famous. His house he built for the Trousdale Estates, is the Acme of Southern California success, that is enjoying a new Renaissance. Add to this the murals Garth Benton did for movie stars, and Christine Rosamond’s artwork, and the fact Bryan and Christine were lovers for two months when we were teenagers, then here is the lifestyle many can only dream of.

Camping With The Gypsy & Boho

There is a whole style of clothing called Gypsy-Bohemian. One could say the artist Rosamond copied this style – that Rena and I lived! No one in my family can handle the truth I had a powerful influence on my sister. I was a father-figure to her. I took her under my wing when she was abused by both parents. I was her protector, her beloved brother, who Rosemary threw out of our home when I came to Christine’s rescue. I was her knight in shining armor. I am the Swan Knight come to restore our Bohemian Rose line.Rena was a great camper. She only complained once. One morning she told me her tailbone was hurting because of our love making, the ground too hard. So we looked on the bulletin board in the Safeway store in Guernville, and found a single mattress for sale. It fit in our white canvas tent, and we were in heaven. With each passing day we could feel the city life get scraped off of us like barnacles. Our auras were set free. There was the rising of the kundalini . Our gold bowl knew repair. We looked down at the fog coming in from the sea. We beheld our silhouettes framed in the Milky Way.

Every few days we went to our sea cove on Highway One. We climbed over a special place made in the barbed wire, and parted our sheep as we walked to the sea. Rena had a Gypsy dress that exposed her perfectly flat abdomen. She wore a yellow knit shawl. She put on her laced up sandals. She was my Bohemian shepherdess, my Gypsies Queen, my fire, my Aries – whose gold eyes sparkled at me from the other side of our campfire. We were always doing a graceful dance. We moved like Cheetahs through the golden blades of California grass. We stalked beauty. We captured beauty. We let our besutiful beings go.

I will be talking with Marilyn about doing our own Boho-Gypsie Line, our Gypsy Rose Line that is steeped in tradtion. Above is a photo of the tent my grandmother, Mary Magdalene Rosamond, slept in on Anacapa Island with her husband, Royal, who wrote a story about camping on this island in Out West magazine. There is a Boho magazine. The Royal Bohemian Rose will be sewn on a special label. I am looking for people who can design a male Boho. I had a vision at the Country Fair.

Above is a photo of me that Christine took in her studio in 1973. I was going to be her first male subject. I look like a French Knight. I have tied the family cote of arms to the spindle that was an emblem forthe Knights Templar of Rougemont. My Rose of the World kindred own the tale of the Scarlet Thread.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2012

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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