New Wendling

I titled myself ‘The Moses of Oregon’ and suggested an Exodus of descendants of the Wendling Oregon, to Marin County where a New Colony of loggers will be built. To read about Arkyville just before the terrible fire that burned down Blue River, is PURE PROPHECY. I am going to put pressure on the Robert Brevoort Buck and the Buck Foundation he helped put together, to adopt the People of Blue River who have lost their homes, and places they rented to a fire that has sent smoke all the way to New York City. My nieces Shannon was ruled too mentally ill to manage the artistic and literary estate of her famous mother by executor, Sydney Morris, who is a partner in Buck’s law firm. I will be contacting Richard Rosenburg.

John Presco

The New Wendling Colony


Frank H. Buck’s Big Oil Spill

Rosamond Press

I suggest Glenwood be changed to New Wendling. Give us this, for starters, or, we will take the whole State of Oregon – and California, too! The Republican Party, co-founded by my kindred, John Fremont, fell into the wrong hands – and is dead!

We the People want to conduct our own Social Experiments. Don’t let Penny Knight have all the fun. Let her do another kitchen remodel.

Seer Jon

Big Buck Think Tank

Why all this BRAIN POWER? What good is it? This BUCK BUNCH didn’t keep Von Trump out of the White House, and, never considered doing so, because………….? Are they Republicans? What an exotic group of peacocks, who are all about preseriving the Republican Clique, the old Money Guard. They have been gathered together on Peacock Island where the strut about showing off their BIG BRAINS. What are they…

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