Letter to Ed Ray

Last night I read the draft of the letter I am authoring to Ed Ray, President of Oregon State, to my good neighbor. I told her I am all alone with it, and am at the crossroads. Shall I give up, or, go forth.

“As I read, imagine you are on a train watching a man deep in thought as he writes. That man, is Abe Lincoln. This is a historic document.”

This letter leaves off with my mention of Columbia College. I went and did some more research and discovered it was burned down – twice!

John Presco



When I discovered I was kin to Senator Thomas Hart Benton, I exclaimed. this does not look good. Then I realized Benton shaped and dictated the course of American History. What would the United States look like if he did not exist, and thus there was room for benevolent and merciful outcomes.

My late sister, Christine Rosamond Benton, married Garth Benton. They were both famous artists and friends of the Getty family who are my kin via Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, whose son, Christopher Wilding, married Aileen Getty. This puts me in the family tree of the artist, Augustus John, and the writer, Ian Fleming. This is just the tip of the iceberg. It is alleged my kin, Carrie Fisher, authored a screenplay about Christine, who drowned in 1994. There is another screenplay titled ‘Before The Wave’. There are two biographies about our star and her family. One of them is the worst biography ever written. Garth and Christine had a daughter, Drew Benton, who is also an artist. Garth is the cousin of the famous muralist, Thomas Hart Benton.

Your Gang of Six forgot to see if there was a living Benton Family Biographer – and genealogist! Genealogy is the number one hobby in the world. Did they hear from any members of the Benton family? Good history writing, looks at the outcome. You do not go into much detail how your anointed ones are going to benefit by crucifying Benton. Your study and report, is incomplete. Convicting anyone of crimes without the input of an advocate is a SIN! We are a Nation of Law, built by men who owned Law Degrees. Women did not own law degrees, or own the right to vote until 1920.

Thomas Hart Benton was John Astor’s attorney. His father was a partner of John Hart and Daniel Boone in the Transylvania Company. Astor was the riches man in the world. Money talks. Money conquered – all! Why don’t you hang all the Capitalist from your yardarm? Why don’t you hand out Free Land to Blacks, Native Americans – and Women!  Better late than never! Put your land where your mouth is.

Women didn’t get any free land. Why? You and your Tribunal make it out that men came to America to practice their innate racism, and psychotic feelings of being superior. The Sephardic Jews came to the Americas to make money in the Indigo trade. They owned slaves. Some can trace their lineage to King David. They would do almost anything to make sure their TRIBAL people survived – the Royal Papal Purge. Money was power. They made sure their black slaves in the Caribbean and South America, never got near a gun. Some, became pirates. I was given some “Jew’s Land” in South Carolina by a Sephardic Jew who came across my history on the web.

“You know more about my family, than I do. Yes. We were scoundrels!”

But for being terribly honest about his intentions, Thomas Hart Benton is the anti-thesis of my liberal Hippie ideals, and thus I was given a unique opportunity to do good works by dipping my brush in the Pallet of Hell, the bloody colors of racism, that I embraced when I was young due to how my parents raised me. The ideal belief that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, took on a very real earthly meaning. I was no longer on the sideline, but, in the parade. There exist a ticket to heaven, and a ticket to hell. We are given a choice, to go, and sin no more. Here is the root of Judaism. There was an Exodus, and, the Laws of Moses, which teaches how the Children of God can miss the mark. And, here come the solution

In your report that a gathering of scholars compiled, there is no mention of the influence of ‘The Church’ on our Founding Fathers and Trailblazers. It is alleged at the meeting of the second Congress, some suggested a Man of God be consulted. Signer John Witherspoon, was commisoned by mortal men to give his astute un-earthly opinion. John is the Founder of Princeton University and the Presbytuian Church in America. He owned slaves.  I was fell in love with, and lived with his direct descednat. I rescued her from witches in Boston where I, and a group of radical blacks, took the Mafia to court, and won. I survived an attempt to take my life. I was introduced to the Mayor. We shook hands.

“It took guts to stand up to those people.” White said to me. I was transformed.

According to my grandfather, the writer, Royal Rosamond, I am a descdnant of Commador Isaac Hull, who captainted the U.S.S. Constitution and U.S.S. in Americas war with the Caliphate who took our Merchant Sailor in the Mediteriania, as his slaves. Your collection of scholars could help me prove Isaac had children. There are clues we are not looking at a family myth.

Captian Rosamond and his brother James fought the British alongside the Swamp Fox in South Caroalina. These Patriot owned slaves. They fought the Cherokees. A distant relative was taken by Indians. I have seen Wills that gave slaves to the Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution. Marion County is named after Francis. He was a slave own and a Indian Killer. He killed Redcoats. He helped take King Georges vast land away from him. I am kin to the Wilsons who were Puritan reverends. They gave sermons about God giving them a new land. The Sephardic Jew, Francis Salvador, was also a Patriot who killed Cherokees. He is the Father of Reformed Judaism. He built the first synagogue in Charleston. He was elected to. He was killed and scalped by the Cherokees. Reverend John Wilson is alive an well in the novel ‘The Scarlet Letter’.

You and your Cabal of Scholars,believe you have authored the American Septugint Commisoned by Ptolomy Philedelphius. Your ‘Translation of the sevnety’ came up short. You abolish the inut of the Freemasons. My kindred, Brigadeie General Thomas Hart Benton was the Grandmaster of Iowa. During the Civil War he saved Alber Pike’s Masonic library. Freemasonry claims it is not a religion. But, Hobby Lobby was ruled – human!

Yes I am an ameturoe Biblical Scholar, Geenealogist, and attorney. When I granduate from Serenty Lane, I was bid to geet a higher power. When I went into therapy, I was bid to do a simple family tree. When the lawfirm of of Morris, Rose and Buck sold Christine Rosmond Benton creative legacy to an outsider. I wondered why. I looked at the Robert Breevort Buck who put together the Buck Foundation, a fortune that began when Henry Buck cheated white settlers out of their Free Land in Oregon, and founded Bootehkelly. Again, the white man was not movitvated by racisem and false feeling of being superior. His ambiton was to make much mone,for the sake of making making money. Making money was his hobby. grabbing land eant grabbin money.

For selling my Family History to hostile outsiders I grabbed all the Breevort Family History I could find. I hit the Motherload. No Brevoort was minding the store. I befriended Henry Breevort who was a good friend of Washington Irving, whose Rip Van Winkle and Headless Horseman was influenced by Henry’s tales from Holland, where my ancestor Goldhawk was the master of Louvain and the Falcon art College. He defended the Great Erasmus during the Spanish inquisition. The Rosemond’s were Swan Brethren, who commissioned  Hieronymus Bosch. Then there is my grandmother, Mary Magadlene whos cousins founded Briarcliff College in Iowa.

Last Monday, I stood before the mayor of Springield and the City Council and presented my two ideas. One was to name a street after Harry Lane, the grandson of Joseph Lane, who ran for Vice President. John Breckenridge was at the top of the ticket. Both men were pro-slavery. Instead of erasing the name Lane from all public records, and renaming Lane County, I figured by honoring Harry, who was very progressive and, for protecting Native American, he would be a monument to Change, and the idea we can learn lessons from what we did wrong in the past. He is living proof that the sins of the father are not passed down to the son – forever! Harry was born in Corvallis.

The other idea I presented was to fulfil the dreal of George Melvin Miller, the brother of Joaquin Miller, who graduated from Columbia Colege in Eugene


About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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  1. Reblogged this on Rosamond Press and commented:

    I began this letter twelve days ago. In doing more research I came upon my post on the California Barrel Company, and the Bohemian Club. I then Meg Whitman and Associate Capital. I am going to try to finish this historic letter in a few days.

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