Katherine Wilson

Kathy Wilson may have lost her home. My sponsor and I went to her home to talk about the crisis in my family that has impacted many of my kin who used to live in Blue River. Kathy put on the Garth Brooks show.

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The untold story of how the Merry Pranksters from Ken Kesey to Curtis Salgado and the Robert Cray Band helped create the Hollywood Blockbuster and Eugene movie icon, “Animal House.”

Katherine Wilson, Rocky Manos (Ex), Brett Wright, (Assoc.)

http://ww.eugenefilmfest.org/?film=animal-house-blues w

Katherine Wilson invited me to her home to talk about what I was going through with my sister’s death. My story brought her to tears. She told me this was going on because most people want to be connected with something “Immortal”. To have your name alongside a famous person meant you would live forever, too. This explains why Patrice Hanson would do anything to get herself and OUR minor child in Christine Rosamond Benton’s biography – and movie! Katherine was working on Ken Kesey’s story about the Pendleton Round Up.

I thought I had a family until I was kept…

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