Kim Haffner’s Hate Crimes

June 10, 2020

Three hours ago Kim Haffner abused Clark in front of me. Several other neighbors joined in on the Hate and Rumor Fest run by a the ugliest woman in Lane county.  Krista’s man came over without his shirt off, again, and told me to shut up or he’ll call the cops. I told him to make that call, because I am going to call. which I did. I reported a case of Animal Abuse. The woman on dispatch asked me if the cat was mine. I told her it was not – and thus I could not try to stop animal abuse? I told her that did not sound right. If I saw teenagers beating a cat with sticks in the street, they would be breaking the law, and thus, I have a right and obligation to stop the abuse.

Clark tried to run up the stairs, and Kim ran at him and tried to block him with her ugly fat leg. Again I shouted at her to leave this cat alone. Kim Haffner ran after him to hurt him, and he jumped on a wall and got away.

I am going to work hard to have this violence against an animal seen as a HATE CRIME! This monster launched a campaign of harassment with fellow neighbors and Christians who read this blog and hated the critical things I was saying about some evangelicals who wave Confederate Flags!

Haffner called me a parasite a couple of times and shouted how I was not getting along with my daughter and grandchildren. My daughter and her drunken lover called me a parasite because I get disability. I suspect she has offered this as evidence to several of my neighbors that I am insane and can not get along with people.

Almost two years ago I saw Kim kick Clark in front of me. The way these haters get to me is through my offspring and a innocent cat. I am an old man who wants company. According to Haffner I don’t’ deserve this because I denigrated her religion. Our neighbors are evangelicals. I’m sure they hate my last post about Starfish who is a Lesbian Christian..

A neighbor I was not sure was out of the loop came over and delivered her verdict. She pretended to be the peace-maker. She talked about how everyone loved and fed Clark. He even stayed the night at their homes. I asked how long she lived here. Five years. I told she did not see I and four of my senior neighbors meet in the rec room and play poker for any years. Three of them died.

“Did you ever see me raging in public for no reason?”

“Yes! A couple of times.”

“Give me a example!”

“You accused Bryan of off killing cats. I went to his house and saw cats on his bed.”?

“Did I accuse Bryan to his face, in public?”

“No. You told me and I told him!”

“I doubt that.”

I believe Kim told you that in her sick need to get more attention and sympathy for her dying of obesity. This woman had seen me taking walks with Brembe and Clark. Bryan and I wondered what happened to Clark who went missing for a year. This woman said Clark was living with a woman, a neighbor. I asked why he was not with her now – inside?

“Because he is an outdoor cat.”

Bryan and I discussed what became of Brembe and Clark. I surmised Clark was taken in my a neighbor. He was held against his will. He was finally reunited with all his friends. Kim Haffner told she was going to tell the manager I am keeping Clark – against the rules! She said;

“We’re going to disappear that cat!”

“What do you mean by “we”?”

I suspect this woman told Kim where Clark was. Many people knew I was very distressed about the loss of my friends. I knew many of my neighbors were jealous of the sight of us taking walks together around the block almost every evening. When Clark came back we only took a walk once. I knew this would provoked the Evangelicals Gang who tell me I am an a sub-human because I don’t love their Jesus like they do.

I asked why they don’t call Cahoots if they believe I am mad and dangerous. This would entail them owning a collective  belief that I am a human being – with real feelings. They hate the idea that I love animals, and they love me. They have conspired to end this love affair. These are hateful monsters. Only they can own loving feelings. Only they can exhibit mercy, and take care of the little lambs.

This new hater did not name the other person she saw and heard me abuse in public – to their face! She lied!

In a video you will find on my facebook, Shirtless is making a case Clark is my cat and thus according to the law and/or police he has talked to, Clark is legally my cat that I have allowed to run all over our neighborhood. Before the abuse and the threat for “we” to get rid of, Shirtless as done some snooping into my business so he can get me in trouble with management, and thus I am not legal. Then they can hurt the cat and disappear her. This constitutes CONSPIRACY. Shirtless is the dude that said I should be locked up in the first video. He challenges me to come down and fight him. He looks to be about forty years of age. I am seventy-three. Would he knock me down on the pavement and laugh as my head bleeds?

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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