I Can See Into The Future

This is a repost from April. Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon said the President of the United States sent a Goon Squad to our State in order to stir up trouble so Trump can use images of this chaos to keep the votes of Evangelical who make up much of his base. Who saw this coming? I did. My evangelical neighbors have been harassing me and stray cats that used to live here. They have invoked the name of Eugene Anarchists wo threatened me. When I told Kim Hafner I am a prophet in regards to Herbert Armstrong backing Radio London operated by my late friend, Ben Toney, she went into a tirade, saying I was a lunatic – and was no prophet! What business is of hers and her gang of She Uglies. They think they are The God Squad! Are the Trump Lovers?

I have invoked the name of my Fremont Benton kin in keeping oursiders like the Bundys out, and defending Oregon from right-wing Christians. How many members of the Federally Employed Goon Squad are radical evangelicals. When Trump is voted out of office, I believe the elected leaders of Oregon will demand a investigation by the House and Senate. Evangelicals that huddle with Trump in the White House should publicly distance themselves from the Holy Master Plan of the Lunatic they put in office.

John Presco


America is “staring down the barrel of martial law” as it approaches the presidential election, a US senator from Oregon has warned as Donald Trump cracks down on protests in Portland, the state’s biggest city.

In interviews with the Guardian, Democrat Ron Wyden said the federal government’s authoritarian tactics in Portland and other cities posed an “enormous” threat to democracy, while his fellow senator Jeff Merkley described it as “an all-out assault in military-style fashion”.

Rosamond Press

How many writers and newspapermen have claimed they are Seers who can see the future?




I Am Dreamer Jon

In the last five days I have only heard the voice of one human being. We talked on the phone for about eight minutes. I suspect that majority of people can not associate with my prophetic writing. Indeed, I rub everyone the wrong way. My atheist friends don’t like the Biblical crap, and my Christian acquaintances don’t like me stepping on their world view and End Time vision. Then there is the Racial Tribal, stuff. Who am I for – really? Am I pro, or anti-immigration? Do I want to help stop White California from being taken over by Illegal Brown People? What about my wondrous White Family Tree? How do I feel about Trump? Isn’t he trying to save…

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