I Can See Into The Future

How many writers and newspapermen have claimed they are Seers who can see the future?




I Am Dreamer Jon

In the last five days I have only heard the voice of one human being. We talked on the phone for about eight minutes. I suspect that majority of people can not associate with my prophetic writing. Indeed, I rub everyone the wrong way. My atheist friends don’t like the Biblical crap, and my Christian acquaintances don’t like me stepping on their world view and End Time vision. Then there is the Racial Tribal, stuff. Who am I for – really? Am I pro, or anti-immigration? Do I want to help stop White California from being taken over by Illegal Brown People? What about my wondrous White Family Tree? How do I feel about Trump? Isn’t he trying to save European Nationalism, as well at the Jewish People? Some Rabbis say he is ‘The Messiah’. How should I vote? Can my vote sway the future?

How many of my readers can identify with the paragraph above? How many secretly believe they own Prophetic Powers? How many keep their mouth shut lest the folks they are close to – think them mad? Who wants to – be in trouble? Who wants to avoid trouble? How can Evangelicals believe in avoiding trouble – when they want the Tribulation?

Ah! There’s the rub! As long as thou goest with The Mob, you can not go wrong! One can not Go Mad, if they are part of a mob. It’s just fine to drink the cool-aid at Jonestown, because, everyone around you is. Sure, hold your baby in your arms and poor poison down its throat. Isn’t Jim Jones a prophet? Jones came up in CNN’s show on Patty Hearst. Was she brainwashed by the SLA who got upset when she said they raped her. This show almost touched upon the crux of the matter, but, avoided it. The SLA talked about saving the world – constantly! Did they see themselves as – prophets? How about Patty? What was her Christian belief system like?

The truth is, the President of the United States believes he can sway the future – in real time – by tweeting. I suspect someone is compiling his tweets in a book.

The Prophecies of Messiah Trump

Donald can’t get the folks around him to see things the way her sees them. This is why he goes before his Holy Mob, who give him full permission -to go for it!

“Give us the cool-aid – NOW!”

There it is! Can you see it? Somewhere along the line, Patty Hearst matched a Apocalyptic Picture with the wild and crazy people around her, who were very smart, well educated. The folks at Jonestown came to the Revelations and End Time – all the time! Their inner core made – an agreement!  This is why Patty shot that machine gun off.

When I sent Lara Roozemond the chapter on the Anti-Christ, she threw me off her facebook. I have my Bond, being a Seer, who hooks up with a Russian Seer, who is a born again Christian. I would walk about in the deep trance as I – COMPOSED! Below is a description of how things were REVEALED to Rensburg.

“Just like in the Revelation of John, Nicolaas van Rensburg’s visions appeared in symbols, which were objects he came into daily contact with, like pigs, goats, sheep, oxen,
horses, and asses. These animals also appear in different colours. ”

My eels are electrical messages from God-el and thus are Computer Generated. God has enterered  The Computer World. Russian Trolls – succeeded. They got ‘The Messiah’ elected.

I am no longer interested in the biography I started. I am The John that appeared in my un-ending Science Fiction book……………The Gideon Computer. Virginia and her family were upset when I granted her the Lousiana Territory. But, they saw I knew more about their history then they did, and, I put their dog in the hunt, I suspect I got a nod from their kindred in France. With the Rensburg connection I hope folks will notice the symbolic gestures I make like grasping the Vine. Hambley is a name that comes from the Phoenicians  that worshipped God-El…………too!

So, I am really a History Teacher?

Tomorrow the Eugene City Council will go back to work. I placed before the WANTED poster Alley Vlakyrie and John Monroe made from the photo I had Virginia Hambley take. Then I pinned a crown on my beret, and presented my fiancé a hypothetical gift? Why not a……………A Prophetic Gift!

This image of me may constitute a modern Prophet Wanted poster, and thus, a collector’s item. This morning I own immunity and a get out of jail card because most of this blog can be tied to the Prophecies of Siener van Rensburg. I see a lawsuit in the works.

Dreamer Jon


Dreamer Jon

John Gregory Presco, DOB 10/8/1946

This man’s name is John Gregory Presco, DOB 10/8/1946. He lives in Springfield, Oregon.

He frequents Eugene, especially the Whiteaker neighborhood, and regularly shows up at activist events. He is a stalker, a harasser, and an obsessed delusional sicko. He targeted a friend of mine and has been writing about her obsessively, and when I confronted him about his behavior, he decided to target me as well.

If you need a concrete example of his behavior and why I am posting this, his delusional writings can be found at https://rosamondpress.wordpress.com

If you see him in your neighborhood, on the street, or anywhere, call him out. Expose him. Make it known that you will not accept and tolerate someone who harasses and obsesses over young women in our community. This man is a very sick individual. Anyone who deliberately makes women feel unsafe should not be tolerated in this or any community.




The Eel and Pie House

Here is more proof I am a prophet. In April I posted about the eels and the Antichrist, that Lara Roozemond asked me to take of her facebook. I am seeing a big celebration for the Pope on T.V. There are musical routines.

“This is all hush – hush. We lovers of Pie and Mash are smuggling in river eels from Russia. Those bastards got us by the balls. The owner of M. Manze is selling us bags of eels under the table. All up and down the Thames, we Eel Lovers are slipping these lil ones in the water. If we get caught, we will go to jail. We might contaminate the native species, forever.

Although he was a timid person, his patriotism was very strong
at the age of twelve, and as he grew older it became like a
burning flame within his heart. This burning patriotism became
more of a burning desire when he ‘saw’ how his people (the
Afrikaner Boer Nation) would be oppressed, downtrodden, and
how traitorous some of his own would be. (The Boers were first
oppressed by Britain, thereafter by world leaders and lastly by
their own political leaders).

He also saw division amongst his people, rebellion, brothers
fighting brothers with blood flowing, droughts, poverty, world
wars and then the first of two republics.

In one of these visions he saw twilight descending over this
country, a vision he also saw just before he passed away, but
this time he saw twilight becoming darkness.

Shortly after this last vision he told a visiting member of the
family: “There will be more treason, more abuse, yes, I see
more division and more flowing of blood than during the
Rebellion. (During the 1914 Rebellion the Boers took up arms
and sided with Germany.) This is not just our blood, but I also
see an unbelievable miracle happening. When I saw this
miracle, 1 knew only then that the struggle of my people (for
freedom and a free country, a Republic of their own) will be
fulfilled and then it will be the end of the time of my visions….”


The gift of prophecy

People who have the gift of prophecy acknowledge that it
sometimes appears in their younger years, sometimes in middle
age and now and then in old age, but very seldom throughout
their lives.

Nicolaas van Rensburg’s case was different, for it began at a
very early age and only came to an end when he passed away. It
reached its zenith during the Boer War, when it subsided a little
and reached a peak again during his later years. He always
experienced his visions in times of silence and/or when he was

Twelve years after the Boer War, when he was imprisoned for
participating in the Rebellion of 1914, he explained to a
journalist. Harm Oost, how his visions appeared to him. Before
this only his wife and children and a few compatriots knew how
his visions came to him.

He explained it as follows: “I start to experience a sort of
pressure in the back of my head and my senses begin to spin
until I become so dizzy that I cannot stand upright any more. I
then lie down, put my hands behind my head and close my eyes.
Even though my eyes are closed I begin to see a haziness
passing before my eyes, but the pressure in my head is still
there. The haze becomes thicker and starts to whirl like clouds
that are gathering and out of this the visions come as clear as
daylight as though I am there myself. The only thing I can do is
to look and see what is shown to me.”

The visions end when the pressure and the dizziness subside. He
then contemplates on what he saw so that he may understand
them. Just like in the Revelation of John, Nicolaas van
Rensburg’s visions appeared in symbols, which were objects he

came into daily contact with, like pigs, goats, sheep, oxen,
horses, and asses. These animals also appear in different
colours. For example: a red bull will be England; a blue bull —
Germany, and oxen with white on the back will be America.
The Afrikaner Boer nation was always seen as a greyish or
brown type of animal.

Further symbols were farming implements such as picks,
shovels, sickles, ploughs, etc. Ox wagons, hooded carts and
other vehicles were also symbols. Many other objects and
animals seen as symbols played prominent roles in these
visions, like certain buck species (Springbok), chickens, yellow
water, turning wheels, etc.

His visions were not always chronological, nor logical, and
sometimes they were so comprehensive that he experienced
them over periods of days and even weeks.

In the beginning he did not always understand his visions and it
sometimes happened for example that he saw a vision of
somebody without his/her hat on (In those days no Boer was
ever seen without his hat on). Only when this person had passed
away, did he know the meaning of such a vision. But he soon
learned to understand the meanings of the symbols and visions,
but although he could or would not in the beginning, either
understand, or interpret his visions, he later did so.
Interpretations he only gave to close friends whose integrity he
did not doubt.

From 1916 until his death, he always went to sit on a small hill
behind his farmhouse to pray and study his Bible in the silence
and during these times he experienced his visions. People living
in the surrounding areas then started to name his little hill as
‘the place of visions’, for every time he returned after having
been on this little hill, his daughter had to write down what he
had seen.


The Second Revelation?

His disciple. Boy Mussmann, corresponded with various people
for decades until his death in 1973 regarding Nicolaas van
Rensburg’s visions; he was his bosom friend for twelve years, as

well as his ‘disciple’ and only ‘messenger’. In his letters he not
only wrote comprehensively about Nicolaas van Rensburg’s
visions, which were told to him personally, but the more
difficult and incomprehensible symbols and visions were
explained to him by Nicolaas.

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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  1. Reblogged this on Rosamond Press and commented:

    Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon said the Presidnen of the United States sent a Good Squad to our State to stir up trouble so Trump can use images of this chaos to keep the votes of Evangelical who make up much of his base. Who saw this coming? I did. Mt evangelical neighbors have been harassing me and stray cats that used to live here. They have inviked the name of Eugene Anarchists wo threatened me. When I told Kim Hafner I am a prophet in regards to Herbert Armstrong backing Radio London operated by my late friend, Ben Toney, she went into a tirade, saying I was a lunatic. I have invoked the name of my Fremont Benton kin in keeping oursiders like the Bundys out, and defending Oregon from right-wing Christians. How many members of the Fdereally Employed Goon Squad are radical evangelicals. When Trump is voted out of office, I believe the elected leaders of Oregon will demand a investigation by the House and Senate. Evangelicals that huddle with Trump in the White House should publicly distance themselves from the Holy Master Plan of the Lunatic they put in office.

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