The Evangelical Coup Is Underway!

I posted this ten months ago. At the bottom you will see three related articles. I am going to e-mail Peter Defazio, and other Oregon leaders, and demand a full investigation of how some evangelical church leaders have been encouraging a holy insurrection. How many of these fake Christians admire Putin? Even moderate evangelicals are hearing the idea that because they founded this Democracy, they should be in charge – from the top to the bottom. This means they should be the managers of my building so they can rent to their Klan, only, and drive out non-Christians.

John Presco

Rosamond Press

Remain calm. Do not riot or demonstrate. They want real Americans to look bad. The Foreign Evangelical Bund is going for The Votes. They do not care about our Democracy. They just want to stay in power. Their strategy is to get EQUAL TIME during the Impeachment Hearing. This is why Pence and Trump are inviting China and the Ukraine to get something on the Bidens.

My evangelical neighbors were trying to incite violence, then blame it on me. It would be my word against five of them. Their plan was to get me evicted. In a video made awhile back, Giuliani says “the people will revolt” if Trump is impeached. We know this comes from the Foreign Evangelical Traitor, Jeffress. Call them FOREIGNERS! Stand up for your Country and Consitution. Remain calm because we are going to BEAT THEM at the polls. Then we will EXPOSE them and…

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