The Bohemian House of Orange

William Barr contends there exist a secular anti-Christian conspiracy to do away with the Moral Norm. The holy wars between the Catholics and Protestant make up much of Western History, and, emptied the treasuries of great kingdoms. Is this what the United Stares needs right now, on top of the new Civil War Trump is stirring up,

The only incident of a war against the Catholics mixed with American history is the persecution of the Order of Saint Francis that fled Bismark’s Kulturkamf, and, the Orange Lodge of Canada opposing Papal influence. I called for a New Reformation and the coming together of these two groups to fight the rise of the Christian-right that is appealing to neo-Nazis and Confederates.

If any Catholic group is found to be behind Trump’s Good Squad, there will be hell to pay.  I will see to it Orange Parades march in every city these Papal Troops bivouac. Then….here come the German Turners!

John Presco

Woodvale Road 12 July 2013 5)

Rosamond Press

Elizabeth Stuart of Bohemia, the ‘Winter Queen’

Protestant King, James of Scotland, of the House of Stewart, was threatened by the Catholic House of Habsburg, so he looked for an ally in Europe. He chose the Bohemians who had begun the Reformation, with John Huss. Now, many Protestants were following John Calvin. Calvinism was all the rage! James wed his daughter to Frederick who would hold the title ‘King of Bohemia’. Elizabeth is the ‘Queen of Bohemia’.

I found one dude who scoffed at the idea that the Bohemian, Antoinette Erasmus, would marry John Wilson of Scotland where she and her family dwelt. Here is the idea of a British-Bohemian Union almost two hundred years before Elizabeth made her wedding vows to a royal whose mother was of the House of Bourbon and Orange. Holland, Bohemia, Scotland-Britain, are allied with Calvinist France, that would produce the Huguenots. This was going…

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