Cracks Up – With Kuth&Eins

For a week now I have been threatening to write ‘The Rape of Stefen Eins’. I got creative permission to do so by my new facebook friend, Ginger Kuth, who was bucking for the title ‘The Filthiest Woman In The World’ but, with her new post of July 29, 202o, she has launched herself into the Museum of Modern Art, and, I declare her The Queen of Fashion Moda! When I saw the used and discarded carrot-dildo wrapped in a condom, lying next to a Ein Crack, I exclaimed:


At the top, is my Ready-Made Eins I found in Springfield, and sent Stefan, who asked for my images again, as he lost them in his camera. I had tried to explain Synchronicity on the phone, but, the founder of Fashion Modem did not get it. I called Christine Wandel and said;

“Your lover has no sense of humor!”

“It’s a German trait. His father was a Nazi. I just want to clarify something. We are not lovers. I hate the people he hangs with.”

“Excuse me! On his facebook I see you smack dab in the middles of New York’s most disgusting art scene that serious artists can’t made go away!”

My old lover had called me a hundred times and told me the most horrific stories about Her Adopted Art People, then forbid me to blog on these antidotes that I told her the swells on the Upper East Side would eat Bon-Bons in bed while reading about – the rape of Stefan Eins!

Welcome aboard Ginger Kuth. Grab a straight jacket, and strap yourself in! May I title your masterpiece ‘Carrot Seeds’? Again a alien invasion is thwarted when a artist spotted a carrot with fecal matter on it. Luckily, he had a condom in his wallet, and another invasion was thwarted.

I now understand that ‘The Rape of Stefan Eins is Christine’s masterpiece. I wanted tp come to NYC and do a story on Eins, Vinnie The Chin, and Bill Graham, who used to perform with the Mime Troup in Central Park. Graham is one of my suspects in the renaming of The Grateful Dead. This story is worthy of real art history if New York. I debate about what media I will use. Here is a teaser….

While out of State, Stefan had use of Christine’s appartment in the Village. The theory is, Stefan invited a gigantic black homeless  person to take a bath in Christine’s tub. This woman invited her psycho friend to come get clean, too. They got naked in the bath together, which got Stefan all hot and bothered, and he tried to get in….Rub-a Dub Dub! They threw him down on the cracked tiles, and a toilet plunger was grabbed. The psycho could no longer get it up due to treatment for prostate cancer. Christine insisted the NYCP take photos of the plunger that she claimed had fecal matter on the end, and take pics of what she said were dried blood droplets on the ceiling, There were bruises on Stefan’s knees. Then, they took pics of the ugly, dirty, bathtub ring that the most disgusting Street Creepers in NYC had left as a calling card. As a writer, you can’t make this shit up. I hereby copyright it!

In the top image you see a pipe beat down in order to not allow aliens from another planet access to this planet. It looks like a penis that was about to spew out star seeds. You can see the skeleton of Stefan’s horseshoe crab.

I just re-read the wikipedia citation on Eins that has changed to include his Vienna education to become a Catholic priest. After I explained why Ein’s and Wandel Tales would sell, she drew back and forbid me to write about them. I suspected a ghost writer was hired. I have a name. When Stefan kept balking at putting my Crack Art in his Dimensions show, I knew I lost two friends – to Money Getting – which goes against the philosophy of Fashion Moda. With the arrival of Ginger Kuth upon the Fashion Art Scene…we have a replacement. This is to say…the alleged aliens Eins claims are dictating his work, have found a purer muse to get their message across.

Christine is the short blonde next to Eins. In 1967 we living with The Loading Zone in a Victorian mansion. She was a good friend of Bill Graham who often took her to dinner while the Zone played. She became a Trump Freak, and we parted company.

John Presco

Copyright 2020,%2415.000.&text=This%20is%20Stefan%20Eins%20with,%3A%20%27THE%20FIFTH%20DIMENSION%E2%80%9D.

Sidewalk Cracks Define the Beautiful Resistance

I suspect Seth Zachary thinks I am bullshitting him about – he being an Art Piece. What he really wants, is for me to leave him alone.

“Please. Go away. Let us creep in  like fog, and settle into raking up our gold. Oh look! Mega-Meg has a new hand-held hypnotic machine for you!

I want to go to Dog Patch and take photos of cracks in order to show my friend, Stefan Eins, the founder of Fashion Moda, that took over empty buildings in New York, squatted in them, an turned them into galleries.

Fashion Moda was located in a building at 2803 Third Avenue in the South Bronx. The space was established in a former Salvation Army which was ransacked during the 1977 blackouts.[6] The art space was near 147th Street and the Hub, a shopping center.[7] During the time of Fashion Moda’s existence, the South Bronx was a rougher area. The area was stricken by povertydrugs, and violence. However, during this time, the South Bronx was also an area of intense creativity. The South Bronx location allowed the space and artists who participated in it the freedom to explore the questions “What is art?” and “Who defines it?”. In the area, boundaries were being broken and communities were being untied. The location of Fashion Moda allowed it to be a successful art space for many years

Seth talks a good game about innovation, but, I bid him to get Hermann Nitsch out t Dog Patch to perform his ritualized art piece, where people are crucified. A giant image of Seth will be put on a building, and at night, a image will be broadcast on a wall. Seth is the Real-Estate God. It’s about time we worship him, and, even ritually crucify him – if he proves to be a good sport! It’s time to hold a Public Bohemian Ritual.

“Seth Zachary! Com-on down!”

After the Mueller Report is made public, millions of young people will be wanting to squat on some land, and live there for free. Seth, knows how to bring the cost of housing down, because he knows how to raise the cost of housing – up! Duh!

There’s going to be a real revolution. Which side are you on?

Play the last three videos at the same time.

John Presco

Disproving Stefan Eins


Stefan Eins has remarked he employs “science” in his work. Other artists have scoffed. I can not prove this is the case, because there is no such animal as Scientific Proof. One can only attempt to, Disprove, because there may be Proof that has not yet arrived.” I believe Stefan has opened a new door, entered into a new field, made a runway for the arrival of  New Proof. We must learn to look. Who would suspect a slab of concrete was the center of so much action.

Rosamond Press

I’ve done more to promote Beautiful Resistance, than any writer alive or dead! Did I get paid? Nooooooooooooooo! Indeed, I am the Father of Beautiful Resistance. After The Wiccan Threats From Hell, I wanted to take Belle to New York to meet the founder of Fashion Moda, Stefan Eins, whose images of cracks in the urban sidewalk hung in MOMA and other famous museums.

Stefan was looking forward to meeting Belle and I. The Fashion Moda folks loved the image of Lara Roozemond. I wrote a Musical around the blue bicycle I gave Belle. She begs for another one. I will get her another – if she models for me as agreed! I agree to be put in a cage while Belle poses – nude! She can choose her bodyguard. She will ride nude around the cage getting close to my easel. She is Venus ‘The Tease in a Half-shell…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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