Cracks Up – With Kuth&Eins

I have been proposing a musical for seven years. Peter Shapiro and I have had lengthy texts.

John Presco

Rosamond Press

For a week now I have been threatening to write ‘The Rape of Stefen Eins’. I got creative permission to do so by my new facebook friend, Ginger Kuth, who was bucking for the title ‘The Filthiest Woman In The World’ but, with her new post of July 29, 202o, she has launched herself into the Museum of Modern Art, and, I declare her The Queen of Fashion Moda! When I saw the used and discarded carrot-dildo wrapped in a condom, lying next to a Ein Crack, I exclaimed:


At the top, is my Ready-Made Eins I found in Springfield, and sent Stefan, who asked for my images again, as he lost them in his camera. I had tried to explain Synchronicity on the phone, but, the founder of Fashion Modem did not get it. I called Christine Wandel and said;

“Your lover has no sense of humor!”

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