Clark Had Owners

When Clark showed up after being gone for almost a year, I took a walk around the block to see if I could spot him/her again. There she was on the porch of his owners who moved three months ago. I’m sure they went looking for their cat. When she saw me, she came running across the street, and, we walked to my home. When Lisa told me she knew where Clark was for all this time, and, she took Kim Haffner’s side as I accused her of kicking Clark, I wondered why? Lisa suggested I was abusing, or, neglecting Clark, and, had verbally abused Bryan by saying to him he had killed Clark and Colt. As The Mob left my door I shouted;

“Who are you guys – THE GOD SQUAD?”

That stopped them in their tracks. I hit a nerve.

When the Kristites and Kimites attacked me the first time, I was getting a hard look from my neighbor, Junior, who I believe is kin to our ex-neighbor, Will, who formed The God Squad that met in our rec room after I suggested we have a meeting about the kids being out of control. I was not invited. I was invited to the Bible Study group will formed – of ex-convicts he met while in prison. I went to one meeting. When I did not attend the next Will blocked my way and asked why I did not attend;

“We will come and get you next time!”

I told Will to get out of my way. I tried to go round, and he blocked me. I gave a written report to the managers. I told them about Will having the children shout “We’re the God Squad!” when they left the rec room. His 10 year old son was trying to convert a girl while she was on a swing. He read from the Bible.

“I don’t want to be saved!” she said, and then heard about the awful things that would happen to her – if she did not submit to Jesus.

Shortly after, my diseased friend, Sandra, was telling me Will’s ex-con buddy was harassing her. He used to live in Will’s appartment and got arrested after physically assaulting his wife, or lover. This ex-con and Will were suggesting Sandra was being a racist because she refused to say hello to her ex-neighbor who is now asking if she called the cops on him. Sandra was terrified. She was dying of leukemia. I took her shopping and called her every night. Then, she took the morphine she saved, and killed herself. Does Junior know this history? In trying to figure out why Krista got in my face, and took Kim’s side, I considered Junior fill her in. When Kim said; “We are going to get rid of that cat.” I have to wonder how much Junior knows. Does he know what happened to Clark?

I have resigned myself to accept the real possibility they will disappear Clark. The threats to do so, have caused me to back off from these Jesus Freaks who want to believe I am the enemy of Christ. After the last attack on Clark, I decided I will not be restrained. I will talk to the FBI again and file a report. I will contact the department that deals with low-cost housing.

I have been in standing with management since I moved here. Teresa can vouch for my character. She was thrilled to learn I had helped her friend Hollis Williams get a home. I paid for his funeral after I adopted him. We could find no relatives – the. We found two half sisters later on. I sent them their brother’s flag.

What I am wondering, did Lisa know this woman before she captured Clark? Is she a fellow Christian. I was friends with Tito, who used to live with Lisa. We used to have deep discussions. As a theologian I had a problem with the Rapture and Anti-Christ.

“What if I declared myself the Secular Anti-Christ. Would that make Jesus come that much sooner – and the rapture?”

When I saw a poster of Colt, I called and his owner came a got him. When he came to my door, I called the owner. I regret this because her lover severely injured that cat. Kim and I took Colt to the vet and I spent $200 dollars. The vet said he would never be an inside cat again. Kim heard this. So did Silver who I wanted to pay the cat owner fee to, but, told her it may not be my cat for ever long. She was happy someone was taking care of Colt who came to visit at the office. Then Kim began to change. I wonder if Kim and Lisa talked to her about me – knowing she was a Christian. I believe I have a case against them, a conspiracy to deprive me of my Civil Rights.

I know Jesus nor God bid any of my past or present neighbors help them overcome evil at McKenzie Meadows. Will got saved in prison and was using prisoner tactics to try to convert me. They went to your cell if you did not show up for a Jesus meeting. They hate snitches. They promise to get back at you. They will hurt anything you love. Jesus is the answer – for them!

I asked Lisa why Clark was not living with her friend who lives here.

“She’s an outdoor cat, and can’t be locked up!”

Does Clark need to be converted to Christianity? How would you start? By feeding him cans of tuna with the sign of the cross on the label?

I know Lisa was jealous of me and the cats who took walks with me around the block. Didn’t they know I was a devil – even THE ANTICHRIST? Oh sure there was a light around me, and I am good looking. I was friendly to all my neighbors. I believe they are moving more Christians in here – who may not want to pet a cat that was petted by Satan Himself!

I’m now going to try to find Clark’s owners who told me to come see them if Kim Haffner kicks their cat again. They were not happy when I told them. I will tell them Clark is not safe after Haffner’s threat;

“We’re going to get rid of that cat!”

“Who do you mean by “we”?

John Presco

Copyright 2020

I Love My Ducks

LeGarrette Blount is doing well in the NFL. Other Ducks will soon join him.I posted the following two years ago.


A Strong Case for LeGarrette Blount

LeGarrette Blount is my neighbor. Seven months ago I bought a queen size
mattress down the street, and hoisted it from atop my car onto my back. I then
struggled to keep it balanced. I was stooped over like Atlas. I am sixty two
years of age and live alone. I have no family in Oregon. There was no nephew I
could call for help.

As I made my way to the stairs (I live on the second floor) I heard the voice of
a young man. He offered to help me with my burden. I looked up and saw
LaGarrette smiling at me. I did not recognize him at first. He had seen me out
his third floor window and came down to help. I would later wonder if he admired
my tenaciousness to get the job done.

After we got the mattress in my abode, that’s when I recognized him.

“You play for the Ducks. What’s your name!” I asked.

“LeGarrette. LeGarrette Blount” he answered. This was a soft-spoken man.

We talked about his famous touchdown where he leaped over a player who was sure
he had put the stop on LaGarrette. He made the defender look – foolish. I’m sure
all those defenders who would face Lagarrette on the field of play, wondered if
this great runner would make them look foolish.

LeGarrette told me he wished he had photographs of that touchdown, and right
there and then I decided that is how I will pay him back for helping me. I got
on google and google the man who is the most googled person in the world. I went
to the Oregon Duck website, and read that LeGarrette was on suspension. The
reason why was not given. I wondered there and then if he had an attitude, or,
someone thought he did, and was mistaken. I made it my mission to call folks at
the athletic department and let them know that LaGarrette helped me, a Senior
Citizen. I disguised my real concern as a search for those photographs. I wanted
to make sure the people I talked to knew there was another side of LaGarrette,
but, they already knew that side. One young women said; “How nice of
LeGarrette.” I had a sense she had met him, and liked him. When the coach
appeared on T.V, with coach Belotti, he held back his tears when he said “I love

I could not wait till the Duck Football season began, and a great story unfold,
for there are about five players for the Ducks living in my apartment complex. I
would have more then a front row seat in Duck stadium. I would be rooting for my
neighbors, my boys in the hood. I had become concerned for them, for there are
some dark attitudes here in Springfield. There are good ol boys in this town.
When the Tea Baggers held a demonstration three hundred yards away, I made a
point to blend in with them to see where they were coming from. I joined a group
of folks I suspect went to the same church. They were waiting to get
professionally made signs. They started talking about Obama, and this old
hatchet faced church lady about seventy years of age said this;

“Their new dog don’t even like him, and runs away from them. What’s that dogs

“Bo.” I offered, considering blowing my cover in order tell this hatefull woman
she is at least a despicable liar, for she made that lie up in order to
dehumanize her President, depict him as subhuman! And their dog detected this,
and thus is their proof that the Obama’s were not like other folk.

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — On Saturday morning, John Presco could hear the fear in his neighbor’s voice as she left a message on his answering machine.

“Hello John,” said Sandy Maricle. “This is Sandy. Are you home?”

Maricle needed someone to drive her to the hospital.

“I’m in really severe pain in my leg and back,” said Maricle.

With her sciatic nerve throbbing, Maricle barely made it to the car.

“She scooted down on her butt, all the time her face is in agony,” Presco said.

A few hours later, she was released from the hospital — but had no way to get from the car to her second-story apartment.

That all changed when her neighbor, University of Oregon defensive end Terrell Turner showed up, picked Maricle up and carried her up the stairs.

“It was a God-send,” Presco said.

“I was relieved,” Maricle said. “It was like an angel.”

“He was so kind and gentle and just the perfect good Samaritan,” Maricle said.

It’s not the first time this Duck has done a good deed. A few weeks ago, another neighbor needed help carrying a TV up three flights of stairs.

“We got it all the way up so thank God,” Turner said.

Turner said the acts of kindness are inspired by his passion for his family in California.

“I’m just making sure I can help out as if my mom was around to help,” Turner said.

Now, he’s helping his extended family here in Oregon.

“I think a lot of him,” Maricle said.

Hollis at McKenzie Meadows

I was surprised that Teresa and Hollis were good friends. Teresa was our manager at McKenzie Meadows, and now works at the corporate offices of Umbrella Properties. I had Hollis over for a Sunday Dinner, and the Duck Games. Teresa beamed at me, knowing someone else cared about Mr. H. Many hearts were broken when I found him dead. I put together a memorial after I adopted him, and paid for his funeral. We found two half-sisters a month later. I put his ashes alongside the McKenzie River.

Hollis is rolling over in his grave at hearing the vicious slander of Kim Hafner, who tells my neighbors I am mentally deranged and the worst neighbor anyone could have. To contact my daughter and share vicious gossip, and make up lies about my life at the McKenzie, is a outrageous invasion of my privacy.

KVAL News carried our inspiriting story.

John Presco

Blount Has Two Rings

Blount was the acme of a professional football player. Oregon is proud of him. He ran for one touchdown and was blocking for Foles who played with inspiration and skill.  Foles and Blount were the backbone of a great team. The Eagles made no mistakes and played as a team determined to win.


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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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    I am under attack again by one of my neighbors. Cheryl Walton refuses to respect my space and endangers my physical and mental health. When I moved here thirteen years ago I played poker with three men and a woman. All three men died while here. Alberta moved. She operated a Christian farm for convicts. My good friend, Sandra, died of Leukemia. I talked to the coroner as they took her skeletal remains out of her apprtment in a bag. She killed herself with the morphine they gave her. She could not take the pain. She gave away one her cats and begged me to administer a lethal dose to her other cat that was afraid of people and could not be adopted out. Then I found Hollis dead. He was a friend of our ex-manager, Teresa, who works at the main office. I am still friends with Genies, who published several Christian books. She was a part of a group of friends I dare not give the names of lest they be harassed by the 500 pound demon who used Cheryl to exact vengeance on me and the animals that visited me and the family upstairs. Jon and Bill died. I took Jon to many doctor appointments in my yellow Toyota.

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