Dehumanizing Me and The Press

Did I make a mistake when I suggested Krista brought up section 8?

Rosamond Press

Kim Hafner, and Krista, and her man, have been DEHUMANIZING me. Trump has been dehumanizing The Press – and the Obamas! Michelle is speaking out, knowing this will put her in more danger. Nazi propagandist DEHUMANIZED the people they wanted to LOCK up and exterminate. It is part of the package.

Below is a video of Krista summoning her man. I feel afraid to post it, along with my voting message. But, it goes to the crux of the matter. I highly suspect Krista and her man see themselves as Enforcers For Jesus – who are out of power – for the time being. But, come a day when the Right People will be in power – thanks to King Jesus – and, they can go about LOCKING the wrong people up.

I complained to management about a ex-con founding his God Squad on the premises. He had the children…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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