Artists and Muses

Christine Wandel has been mentally ill for most of her life. Her friends and lovers were trained to dance around this truth.

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photo (3)My dear friend, Chris Wandel, says I summoned the famous artist, Stefan Eins, to come help her in her hour of need, because I could not be there, be her Knight in Shining Armor. The last time Chris and I saw each other, was in 1985. We have had thousands of meaningful conversations, hence. We did a long-distance intervention on her daughter, who has twenty years of sobriety.

Eins and Chris became boyfriend and girlfriend. Stefan painted Chris’ apartment and hung his artwork on her walls. He turned her drab studio into a Museum. Stefan took this famous recluse to art shows and introduced her to his famous friends. They are now a famous couple in the New York Art Scene. Chris is Stefan’s Muse. I was so grateful to this fellow artist for helping the woman who took my virginity away in 1967 when I was twenty years old…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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