Women Who Gaslight Too Much

Women Who Gaslight Too Much

Idea For Quibi Series


John Presco

Copyright 2020

Yesterday I was attacked on facebook by a baldheaded woman in Roseberg who may be a Professional Gas lighter. The topic was about the homeless. In front of good citizens, she did her damnedest to make me look insane – and feel insane. I want her on my show. I want to be a strange Doctor Pill who eggs these women on and torments them into a froth. I want Paula Stiles on my show under the pretense we are going to talk about her books. Here is Ian Sinclair teaming up to do a Tandem Gaslighting. There will be another show;

Men Who Gaslight Too Much

Graham Hancock was a member of our group. He came off at the only Sane One. But, look at his finished product! He contends reality is not what we think it is!…………….GASLIGHTING!

Look what I found! I insert Ken Kesey into Ian Sinclair’s Templar Mythos which dovetails nicely with Bill Arney attaching himself to Hammett. I have got to get Bill on my show!


“I operate on the assumption that our education system, media and indeed our entire society today combine to give massive support and unquestioned acceptance to the orthodox side of the argument. Until I and a few of my colleagues like John Anthony West and Robert Bauval began to speak out there was really no counterbalancing view at all! And even now, although we’ve managed to get some people’s attention – and some television time – we’re still in every sense outnumbered and outgunned.”



Self-serving Sinclair Legend Goes Over Cliff





Paula Stiles and Ian Sinclair joined forces to get me banned from a Templar yahoogroup. I kept asking them this question;

If what you say is true about the Templars having a great influence on history, then give me one example.”

These two could not come up with an answer, and led our group back to the battle of Bannockburn, which led Paul Smith to make this comment – and recieve banishment also! Ormston is the moderator.

In templars@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, “Paul Smith” wrote:

Hello Mr Ormston,
Are you really wanting to turn this List into a Romantics’ Haven?
If you think that Paula Stiles is not a Romantic, then you are wrong.
Dead wrong.

Paul Smith”

Stiles has written a piece of romantic fiction about a fraternal family liken to my real family who belonged to many fraternities and guilds.


From: templars yahoogroups.com [mailto:templars yahoogroups.com]On
Behalf Of ian sinclair
Sent: Monday, October 10, 2005 12:20 PM
To: templars yahoogroups.com
Subject: Re: Paula Stiles .- To The Moderator.

Paula makes some very valid observations, I believe that now is the
time to put an end to this destruction, and only you can do this.
If the list continues in the same vane much longer there will be no
seriously interested people around to support the great work you
have done in setting up this site. Like most people who have become sick and
fed up with the constant insults to other researchers, I contact others
directly either by private email or telephone, therefore the list misses out
on some interesting research and points of view, but at least there is no
verbal abuse.

Yours aye
Ian Sinclair of Noss Head

—– Original Message —–
From: “rpcv.geo” <thesnowleopard h…>
To: <templars yahoogroups.com>
Sent: Friday, October 07, 2005 5:45 AM
Subject: Re: Paula Stiles .- To The Moderator.

> Well, mainly, because the bald-faced lies and the slander get very
> tiresome. And they don’t stop regardless of whether I post or don’t
> post or reply or don’t reply. They just keep going, because
> I’ve hit a nerve. It’s mainly, I think, because I’m what these two
> bozos pretend to be–a genuine expert on the subject–and just by
> posting things, regardless of whether or not I engage them, I make
> them look bad. And since Andrew clearly can’t be bothered to do
> anything about them, I guess I have to just wade in there and
> their nonsense, point by point, until they shut up. They are too
> intimidating to the newbies to be allowed to continue unchallenged.
> I can tell you one thing–the only reason you have me here is
> because I’ve been on since ’98, I’ve got a very thick skin and I’m
> too stubborn to leave. Plus, there are people here, like you, with
> whom I’ve had some useful, pleasant discussions. Unfortunately, we
> are very unlikely to get any other academic experts besides the
> we have now. I’m not trying to read the minds of any of my
> colleagues. I just don’t see how I could possibly recommend this
> list to them. There is no way that they would put up with any of
> this and that’s a shame. Because they could be quite useful to this
> list and it could be useful to them.
> It is a great shame that we have two people here who make the list
> so hostile to anything remotely friendly or cooperative in the way
> of discussion. Unless the moderator boots them or unless they
> to leave (the latter option being unlikely, since they both thrive
> on instilling chaos and bullying others), we are stuck with this
> problem. Ignoring it won’t make it go away. That, unfortunately,
> become all too clear in the past few months.
> Paula

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