The Rush To Innovate!

Who saw this coming? Shadow Inc. BLEW UP the Democrats! They pretended they had a innovative program in order to secure their salaries from other Innovative Sharks. I am going to form a SECRET company of Bohemian Bums who will put these products to the test – before they are used! Iowa ended up with a wooden planterbox-bus on cheap wheels. The hand count is on. The pic above should be the photograph of the year.

You got to face facts….Old Crazy Men are attracted to young babes! You can’t get around this truth. You can’t say its, wrong, nasty, and illegal. Factor it in to your app. Buck up! Stop lying – and abusing seniors!


Rosamond Press

Every five years there arise a New Plan to Innovate Eugene. We Old Timers are aware of this. We have seen them come and go……The Innovators! They always start out with THE BIG LIE that informs the citizens “There has been a three year conversation.”

Prove it! Who took part in this conversation? Produce some I-Phone pics? Here are the longest longwinded articles I have ever scene. The Brooking Institute is thanked for conjuring up the latest Pink Elephant – FOR US! They had their Innovative Fun. Now it is our turn. I believe Brookings came up with a cookie-cutter solution – for many cities! How innovative – NOT! Let us take their core claim, being, if you build the Innovative ZONE – they will come – the “workers” who will bump into each other at THE ZONE CENTER! As I have pointed out before, this is about attracting Big…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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