Executing People and Encouraging Suicides

Protestors hold up a sign towards the crowd at a rally for U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma, January 20, 2016. REUTERS/Nick Oxford TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY – RTX23AHX

Above is a meme a pastor spread around suggesting people who oppose Trump, should take their life. Consider Jim Jones.

My neighbors formed a vigilante kangaroo court and terrorized me. They said I should be “locked up!”. Kim Haffner organized this hateful experience because I distanced myself from her when she returned my sister’s biography with ten dogeared pages. She claims she did not read my book. In explaining to my neighbors this ton of lard turned against me, that I asked Kim to help me with the contradictions in this book, she said;

“I thought you concluded your sister killed herself.”

Being a trained caretaker who worked with suicidal people in the Johnson Unit, she knew suicide runs in families. She tells our neighbors how insane and dangerous I am – then lets go a cruel laugh! Haffner, and some of the others are evangelical fanatics. They were livid when they read my posts that warned my reader about the evangelical cult, I saying I am a prophet – who God wants to me to broadcast a WARNING! For ten years I have been prophesizing the Death of the Republican Party. Sure I looked like a nut. Today, you can find a hundred articles declaring the Republican party a Dead Cult who has drank to much spike Coo-aid.

Haffner formed a cult at McKenzie Meadows. She shouted at me the lie that I kept saying Christians were Nazis while in her car “all the time!” I asked her why she put up with this – if true! For sure this is what got our neighbors fired up. Kim showed them this post published in December of 2015 – before Trump said he was running. He looks like the Nazi in these photos. This is PURE POPHECY, and proof – I AM NOT INSANE! I also point out the Republican Party was founded by Socialists.

Religious-Political Cults HATE defectors. This is why they are dangerous. Evangelicals believe Trump is their Messiah. Fearing he may lose a fair election, Trump pressured Ukraine to GET DIRT on his enemies. Haffner is still trying to get dirt on me -to save face! Thank God I took those videos!

John Presco










The Gazette said Garcia, who said socialism was “very dangerous” for Montana, could not say where the constitution says socialists should be shot or jailed, but repeated that he thought it should happen.

“They’re enemies of the free state,” Garcia said. “What do we do with our enemies in war? In Vietnam, (Afghanistan), all those. What did we do?”

In a statement, the Montana Republican party said it “wholeheartedly condemns the comment that was made and under no circumstance is violence against someone with opposing political views acceptable”.

The Washington Post asked Anthony Johnstone, a law professor at the University of Montana, to analyse Garcia’s claim.

“Nothing in the constitution of the United States authorises the government to punish socialists or anyone else on the basis of their political beliefs,” he said, adding that political speech is protected under the first amendment and the state constitution of Montana, which state representatives swear to uphold, “expressly prohibits discrimination on the basis of political beliefs”.


Priest apologizes for meme encouraging anti-Trump protesters to commit suicide

By  Mary Rezac, BROOKLYN, N.Y. – Parishioners were distressed after a priest of the Diocese of Brooklyn posted a meme on Facebook that encouraged Trump opponents to commit suicide.

Show your hate for Trump. Do it for social justice. #JumpAgainstTrump,” the meme said. It included a cartoon of a man in mid-jump off a skyscraper.

Fr. Philip J. Pizzo, pastor of St. Benedict Joseph Labre Parish, shared the meme on his personal Facebook page Jan. 29.

Parishioners told the New York Post that Fr. Pizzo often shares controversial political memes.

The meme was shared just one day after President Trump announced an executive order that suspended refugees from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States. Fr. Pizzo’s parish website often double posts in English and Spanish in an effort to reach migrant families.

Some said they were considering switching parishes after the recent insensitive post.

Suicide is not funny, plain and simple,” Carlos Coburn, a congregant who once sought counseling from Fr. Pizzo because he was struggling with suicidal thoughts, told the New York Post.

In a statement following the incident, Fr. Pizzo apologized for his post, which has since been deleted.

I never intended it to get this kind of reaction and I regret posting it,” he said.

I have been a priest for 40 years and my goal has always been to bring Christ to the people. I am pro-life and any reference to suicide is contrary to my beliefs, therefore, making my post completely inappropriate. Again, please accept my sincerest apology,” he said.

The Brooklyn diocese confirmed that the meme had been shared on Fr. Pizzo’s personal Facebook page.

In a statement, diocesan spokesman Vito Formica said Fr. Pizzo has said he meant the meme as “satire only, regrets the offense it has caused, and has deleted it.”

Suicide is, indeed, a serious subject and this post does not, in any way, represent the view of the church,” the diocese confirmed.


Today I go further than most political analysts and state that the odds President Trump is defeated in 2020 are 90 percent and the odds Democrats win a sweeping realigning landslide are nearly 50-50.

The greatest Republican in history, Abraham Lincoln, has now been assassinated a second time, literally by John Wilkes Booth and now, politically, by Donald Trump. Trump treats Lincoln like a Republican in name only. He mocks and insults everything Honest Abe stood for.

Ronald Reagan, the greatest Republican and conservative in modern history, would angrily call Trump a conservative in name only. Reagan would be sickened by Trump’s admiration for the Russian dictator who attacks America and Ukraine, disgusted by Trump’s disdain for NATO, outraged by Trump waging global trade wars, and appalled by Trump’s race-based attacks against immigrants who Reagan believed are the core of the American idea.




But just two days later, the high-ranking senator stood by Trump as the president used the most vile language in reference to his impeachment, saying on Twitter, “All Republicans must remember what they are witnessing here — a lynching.” In response, Graham said to reporters, “This is a lynching, in every sense.” He did not say, “This is a symbolic lynching,” or “In some sense, this is a lynching.” (Even those terms would have been unacceptable given the history of quintessentially American racist terror the word references). But Graham said, “in every sense,” this was a lynching of President Trump, implying that even in literal terms, Trump was, in his view, being strung up on a tree by a racist mob and murdered by hanging. Just as other high-ranking Republicans have done in the past, Graham went even further than Trump himself to defend him and his conduct. Are not all of Trump’s supporters as guilty of the president’s wrongdoing as he is?




Observing the paranoid style in the early 1960s, Hostadter noted that it had a particularly strong appeal for those who see themselves as dispossessed and feel that “America has largely been taken away from them and their kind.” This holds true today, a sense of dispossession is felt particularly keenly by the white working class, among whom there is a deep distrust of government and a real anger that their cultural and religious identity is under siege. And they are tired of being taken for granted by the Republican leadership.

It is a constituency to which the absolutism of Trump’s rhetorical style plays well – and in appealing to it he has revealed the chasm that has opened between the Republican establishment and its base.

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    We are looking at a alterative reality, even a government run religion that is only interested in sustaining its base which consists of white evangelicals. With our President playing games with the coronavirus, we have another Jim Jones who bid sane people to drunk poisoned cool-aid, and their children – who were injected with death. Living in the SG Bay Area at the time, dread filled the air for months, because most of the victims of this religious tyrant were our neighbors. Jim Jones ordered his followers to murder Senator Ryan saying he was going to spread lies about him. Fox New is a propaganda machine of a mad man. President Trump has gone mad. On Fox her suggested people with the C-virus go to work. This is like passing around the poisoned cool-aid. There is a cruise ship off the Golden Gate that is not allowed to dock. Senator Ryan was going to go back to SF and organize a rescue party.


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