Britannia Ran Away!

The picture on the right is of Liz Taylor’s uncle who was Augustus John’s agent. Johns is kin to Ian Fleming. Howard would have handled Christine Rosamond’s art – and mine? Art does not get any more cowboy than this. These two are poker players who like to fish and hunt together. Ya gottcha your favorite shotgun, your best friend who will not cheat you at cards, and, he’s good at Art Talk! Oh, and you kicked the snot out of those Hun bastards.

“One of those men married Mable Rosemond, the sister of Elizabeth Rosemond, who Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor is named after. Alas I found two photographs of my kindred, Howard Young, who founded an Art Dynasty with genetic ties to the Getty family. The Melon family is in Liz’s family tree.

Howard Young played poker with American Oil Barons – and Eisenhower. It is alleged Howard bid Ike to run for President. Liz was aware of this Oil Cartel. Did she inform Michael Jackson as to who owns The Big Game at the Big Table?”

It is very frightening when you know you can see the future. When I went to visit Rena she gave me everything a muse can give. I was born a Seer. And now, I beheld the most beautiful woman in the world. What was there to see after her, in the presence, the past, and the future! A beautiful woman brings you to The Here and Now, and she grounds you so that human life can be possible.

Britain to me was in the here and now. Now it is gone. America is waving goodbye – to itself! Who is here? Who is left?


Rosamond Press

The Amazons are washed up

Britain may not survive her separation from the EU.

Her Royal Navy is no threat to Putin ‘The God of War’

The widow of the Commodore

ran home to America

so she can twirl the fake lasso of the Rapture Cowboys

and heehaw another round of

Dinky Doo

The Washington Post declares the GOP the party of Neo-Confederates. I declared this years ago. I say, let these Rapture Rebels secede – or We Sane Folks – form a Western Union with Britain and Canada. The Spirit of John Fremont – must live again! Aries is Robert E Lee, the owner of slaves.

Dreamer Jon

The GOP is now the party of neo-Confederates

European Union leaders in Brussels have approved an agreement that lays out how the U.K. will leave the bloc, and what future relations will be like. It is now up…

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