British Ambassador Resigns

Six years ago I wondered if Rena had fallen in with a White Power cult. What a crazy thing to suggest. I knew that was wild as I wrote it, but, my Futurian Muse was screaming at me; “Don’t listen to those Know-Nothings! You are on the right track. The All American Beauty is under attack!”

I wondered who would be her Gary Cooper – at high noon! Turns out to be, John Bolton! Who saw this coming?

KXAN reported that as Bolton was speaking to a private gathering for an investment firm in Austin, Texas, he defended several of the officials who testified in the House impeachment hearings, including Alexander Vindman, William Taylor, Fiona Hill, Tim Morrison and Marie Yovanovitch.

All of them acted in the best interest of the country as they saw it and consistent to what they thought our policies were,” Bolton told the audience during a Q&A session, according to KXAN. “The idea that somehow testifying to what you think is true is destructive to the system of government we have — I think, is very nearly the reverse — the exact reverse of the truth.”

Dame Laura Knight, (née Johnson), DBE RA RWS (4 August 1877 – 7 July 1970)[1] was an English artist who worked in oils, watercolours, etching, engraving and drypoint. Knight was a painter in the figurative, realist tradition and who embraced English Impressionism. In her long career, Knight was among the most successful and popular painters in Britain. Her success in the male-dominated British art establishment paved the way for greater status and recognition for women artists.[2]

In 1929 she was created a Dame, and in 1936 became the first woman elected to full membership of the Royal Academy. Her large retrospective exhibition at the Royal Academy in 1965 was the first for a woman. Knight was known for painting amidst the world of the theatre and ballet in London, and for being a war artist during the Second World War. She was also greatly interested in, and inspired by, marginalised communities and individuals, including Gypsies and circus performers.[2]

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Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates, United Kingdom’s Secretary of State for Defence Liam Fox, Sir David Richards, UK Chief of Defence, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen render honors during the playing of the British and American national anthems at the Pentagon, April 26, 2011. Defense Department photo by Cherie Cullen (released)

This is pure prophecy!

Britain is a very ancient place. Roman officials lived there. Emperor Constantine was born there. Choices were made. The Brit’s chose The English Language. The King James Bible was printed. Herbert Armstrong understood the importance of the English Speaking People – and our history! There is a Diplomatic Language that Thomas Wilson helped develop with the help of Shakespeare.  Donald Trump is……..The Corrupter!

Seer Jon

Sir Ian Easton


Here is the resting place of Rena Easton’s husband who was…

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