Art Dynasty vs. Art Nonsence

It’s all coming together, that which appeared DESTROYED has been regrouping in a more defined and condensed form so we can have adult and civilized conversations – are not! Maybe you just want to live on a ranch on hill surrounded by cattle and keep your mouth shut. But you should be able, and allowed to conduct Art Talk like Merv Griffen attempted to do with Andy and Edith. It was an American Gothic scene. This is your America, not Jesus’ America. We used to know how to be lonely with dignity and pride!

Rosamond Press

How’s this for timing!?

It’s like shooting ducks in a barrel! How much more proof will the Trumps provide that they are the most uncultured couple that ever lived in the White House – and New York City? My God, D&M are a National Disgrace! Will the codswollop they dish out every day – ever end? Mr. Flapdoodle presented the gobblledygook of Kanye the other day, and now we are exposed to the twaddle of an artist who puts Lincoln at a table with Donald Tommyrot, who stiffed Andy Warhol, and passed off a Renoir print as the Real McCoy!

But, what is truly sickening, is Eisenhower enjoying the company of President Funny Business. Ike would have hated Trump, as would the men he payed cards with. One of those men married Mable Rosemond, the sister of Elizabeth Rosemond, who Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor is named after. Alas I found…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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