Saint Ida of Boulogne and Lorraine

Pluto and Bendis (Thracian goddess) Terracotta relief (400 BCE)


Saint Ida of is another candidate for the angel that guides me. I the painting above we see four kneeling knights being ushered in by Saint George to kneel before “Our Lady” who was worshipped by the Swan Brethren. This is the Rover family who intermarried with the Rosemondt family. I believe both families are depicted in Bosch’s painting ‘The Wedding Feast at Cana’. Saint George is the Patron Saint of the Knights Templar. Ida’s sons held the title King of Jerusalem. Godfrey de Boulogne was the Grand Master of the Templars that allegedly guarded a bloodline connected to Jesus.

On this day, December 25, 2019, after twenty years of arduous study, I conclude that Mary Magdalene was not a Jew, but a Gaul of Thrace who was associated with the Moon Goddess, Bendis, and the Horsman of Thrace, who is the model for Saint George, who saves Thrace-Bendis from a serpent-dragon. Jesus was a Messiah-King married to Thrace of Magdalene. They were creating a Kingdom in Galatia where Paul was born. Paul was hired to destroy the Seed of this Kingdom and put this kingdom up in the sky where no mortal linage could get to it. Paul succeeded, till this day. I believe the Swan Brethren were the Knights Templars who had gone underground.

Bendis is the most beautifully rendered woman in art. I believe she had red hair like Godfrey. The couple getting married have red hair. Paul hunted down members of ‘The Way’ who had red hair. My angel has reddish hair. John the Baptist was not condemned to death for his teaching that was the same as the teaching of Jesus. A title was nailed above his head; ‘

“King of the Jews”

I believe Mary Magdalene was a convert to Judaism whose marriage to the King of the Jews, founded a Kingdom of the Jews and Gauls.

John Presco

Copyright 2019

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Ida of Lorraine (also referred to as Blessed Ida of Boulogne)[1] (c. 1040 – 13 April 1113)[2] was a saint and noblewoman.

She was the daughter of Godfrey III, Duke of Lower Lorraine and his wife Doda.[3] Ida’s grandfather was Gothelo I, Duke of Lorraine and Ida’s brother was Godfrey IV, Duke of Lower Lorraine.


In 1049, she married Eustace II, Count of Boulogne.[2] They had three sons:

A daughter, Ida of Boulogne, has also been postulated. She was married first to Herman von Malsen and second to Conon, Count of Montaigu.

Ida shunned the use of a wet-nurse in raising her children. Instead, she breast-fed them to ensure that they were not contaminated by the wet-nurse’s morals, i.e. her mode of living.[4] When her sons went on the First Crusade, Ida contributed heavily to their expenses.[5]


Ida was always religiously and charitably active, but the death of her husband provided her wealth and the freedom to use it for her projects. She founded several monasteries:

She maintained a correspondence with Anselm of Canterbury. Some of Anselm’s letters to Ida have survived.[8][9]

She became increasingly involved in church life. However, current scholarship feels that she did not actually become a Benedictine Nun, but that she was a “Secular Oblate of the Benedictine Order”.[1][6]

Death and burial[edit]

Ida died on 13 April 1113, which is the date she is honoured. Traditionally, her burial place has been ascribed to the Monastery of Saint Vaast.[6] Her remains were moved in 1669 to Paris and again in 1808 to Bayeux.[1]

Her life story was written by contemporary monk of Saint Vaast Abbey.[6]

She is venerated in Bayeux.[1]

Bendis was a Thracian goddess associated with hunting whom the Athenians identified with Artemis, was introduced into Athens about 430 BC. She was a huntress, like Artemis, but was accompanied by dancing satyrs and maenads on a fifth-century red-figure stemless cup (at Verona).


By a decree of the oracle of Dodona, which required the Athenians to grant land for a shrine or temple her cult was introduced into Attica by immigrant Thracian residents,[1] and, though Thracian and Athenian processions remained separate, both cult and festival became so popular that in Plato’s time (c. 429-413 BCE) its festivities were naturalized as an official ceremonial of the city-state, called the Bendideia.[2] Among the events were nighttime torch-races on horseback, mentioned in Plato’s Republic, 328:

“You haven’t heard that there is to be a torchlight race this evening on horseback in honor of the Goddess?” “On horseback?” said I. “That is a new idea. Will they carry torches and pass them along to one another as they race with the horses, or how do you mean?” “That’s the way of it,” said Polemarchus, “and, besides, there is to be a night festival which will be worth seeing.”

The ‘Bendideia’ also featured a solemn joint procession of Athenians and Thracians to the Goddess’s sanctuary, located at the harbor of Piraeus. A red-figure cup (skyphos) (at Tübingen University), of ca 440-430, seems to commemorate the arrival of the newly authorized cult; it shows Themis (representing traditional Athenian customs) and a booted and cloaked Bendis, who wears a Thracian fox-skin cap.

Godfrey de Bouillon Bogart and Rosemont


When I entered Christine’s home for the first time, Vicki and I sat in the living room. I asked about the large mural over the fireplace. Vicki got up and gave me a laminated piece of paper containing the history of this work depicting Godfrey de Bouillon entered Jerusalem. Godfrey has a foot on a dead Saracen. I had seen this work in the book ‘Holy Blood, Holy Grail’ a couple of months earlier. Vicki told me when our sister gave a tour of her home, she stopped before this work, and declared;

“And, this is my mad brother!”

If I had signed the agreement Tom Snyder sent me, I would not have been able to author anything about my late sister, thus, connect her to Godfrey and the Cuycks, who are a famous Dutch family, and thus, was a great interest to Henry Brevoort.

Hendrik ROELOF ROVER van RODE, geboren circa 1190, overleden vóór 1256, zoon van Roelof ROVER van RODE (zie II.1) en NN.
Gehuwd voor de kerk circa 1220 met Margaretha van CUIJCK, geboren circa 1200, overleden circa 1260, dochter van Albrecht van CUIJCK en Hadewich Rutgers van MERHEIM (Heilwich).
Ridder van Miertlo.

“Heilwig van Rode ?” The Niece of Godfrey de Bouillon
Ida of Boulogne was the sister of Godfrey de Boulogne. She married
Herman of Malsen van Cuijk/Cuyck. Their daughter, Heilwig, married
Arnold van Rode, thus the niece of Godfrey Bouillon was a van
Rode/Roesmont. Ida’s mother was Ida of Lorraine.

When my mother called Sydney Morris, he told her he and Stacey Pierrot were in Christine’s house the day before and had emptied it, but for a box of our family photos.

“Do you want them?” Bob Buck’s partner asked.

“Of course I want them!” answered Rosemary who is kin to the four generations of the Roover family – who are kin to the Rosemond family –  seen in the oldest surviving Dutch painting. They are paying homage to Our Lady that members of the Swan Brethren worshipped, including Hieronymus Bosh – and several generations of the Rosemont family. Gottstalk Rosemont, was the Master of the Falcon Art College. I recovered all this information. Those photos were going to be thrown away. Why? The ghost of Godfrey was watching every cunning move of ‘The Caretaker’ Morris would sell everything to. De Bouillon was standing next to the ghost of Christine Rosamond.

Pierrot was a front for Mark and Vicki Presco, and Garth Benton. The law office of Heisinger, Morris, Rose, and Buck, were around the corner from the Rosamond Gallery. Stacey&Sydney, were tight. They held pow-wows, and did lunch. Pierrot convinced Robert Brevoort Buck’s law partner, Shannon Rosamond and myself, were insane. She never met me. Mark backed Pierrot from THE SHADOWS.  I will be rendering his genealogy titled ‘The Evil Tree of Dark Mark’. He is the real Mad Brother!

There is a very good chance Bosch saw the painting of the Roover-Montfoort family at Janskirk. Their cote of arms is made up of the mills, the iron that holds the sails of the windmill. These arms are owned by the rulers of Toxandria. The Rosemondt’s owned Wolfswinkel House, a mill that run by water. The map of Montfoort depicts an ideal town that was carried to New Amsterdam, Harlem, and New York.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

EXTRA! I just discovered Humphry Bogart and I are in the Roover-Montfort family tree! These talented folks will be going in my Rosy Dutch Family Tree. Every time I see a pic of Lauren Bacall, my heart skips a beat. Do you think these Movie Stars are happy to be in My Rosy Family Tree, or, would they prefer to be in Dark Mark’s Neo-Nazi bush of thorns?

Bogart is also kin to Godfrey de Bouillon in a more direct way. My grandfather was a writer who camped on the Channel Islands with Dashiell Hammett and other members of the Black Mask. The Maltese Falcon begins with fake history about the Knight Templars founded by Godfrey. This fiction proceeds the fiction of Dan Brown by fifty years.

I will show this video at my Sanity Hearing.

“My kindred drove me mad. I had to have her, because, I knew how to whistle! I am guilty of this, and nothing more! These royal people were a bad influence on me. I see Lauren seducing Godfrey before he conquered Jerusalem. Saladin had to have her – too! Holy Crusade – my ass!

For two thousand years writers have suggested Jesus could not resist Mary Magdalene. I hopped on the bandwagon so I would have money. I was poor. I wanted my daughter to love me. Instead, she sucked up to Vicki Presco and Daryl Bulkley who blessed Dark Mark and Tom Snyder – who wrote the worst book in human history! They made no money! Did I tell you my grandmother is Mary Magdalene Rosamond? I thought if I had money, people would stop calling me insane. Vicki told me Sydney Morris took a good long look at my letters I sent him – for a physical threat. He read my cryptic messages about our Rose Line that I sent him and the Judge Silver back in 1997 – and beyond! ”

M letters are written in the codex of Hardboiled Detective writer – with Bouillon and the Mona Lisa thrown in to stir up the pot. Note the date on my letter. The Da Vinci Code came out in 2003, four years later.

What became of this mural? Did Garth take it down and sell it?

The Deed at the Gate

Lorri is being a help. She misunderstood and suggested I go to the library. I have been there. Now, in theory, I stand before the Greek Gate on the grounds that were bought by the Bohemian Barrel Company LLC. I want to see The Deed. It had to have been filed with the City of San Francisco. I deserve to know who owns this façade. The opinions of the Common Citizen were solicited. There was a call for artists and murals. We artists and writers are not pretty tinsil and balls to be hung on anyone’s tree, not as an afterthought, but, as some kind of Neon Real-Estate Ad. Historians worked on this project that Lorri told me is in boxes. The CBC tapped into me and my family history.

“What is in a name?”

I am kin to Shakespeare! I want to see the Deed!

Brotherhood of the Swan

<> on April 16, 2017 in Vatican City, Vatican.

Friday, March 9, 2018, I looked in a box a the Knight Library. I did not find what I was looking for. However, the gentleman at the desk suggested I look on the internet. When I got home – Eureka! My book explodes with knowledge – and images! I have decided not to share all of my findings, and my understanding of Hieronymus Bosch. I looked in a box containing the writing of the late, Damon Knight. I wish he were alive. He failed to identify the figure of what looks like a Pope holding a church. Tonight CNN begins a series on the Pope. I believe the figure in front of the Pope, is my kindred. Note the medallion.

I may have spent ten thousand hours on the internet researching my Rose Line. On Saturday, an old friend said;

“Computers are evil!”

She was attacking me in the name of Trump who she titled “A sensitive genius!” She has turned her life completely over to the President of the United States. I am going to remove her name from this blog. Israel minted a Trump-Cyrus coin. How prophetic.

I would like to thank the people close to me, who have been supportive, but, there aren’t any. Strangers at the libraries………are my friends. Damon and I would have been great friends!

Thank you!

The clue Damon gave me when I read his papers, was Bosch did a painting of John of Patmos. Bosch has John on a hill overlooking Den Bosch. The tower of Saint John’s in in the distance. I was reminded of painting of New Amsterdam and New York. The I saw ‘Our Lady of the Harbor’. Our Lady of Holland, is pointing West. What is that book she is cradling in her arm ‘The Book of Revelations’ by John of Patmos.

My sisters saw a blue angel at the foot of their bed. Hallucinating may run in my family. I suspect the model for John, was a Rosemont. Prophets tell of things to come. We are looking at a great and hidden, Art Dynasty, that once was lost!

Frater (Father) Roesmont comes from 1382 until 1408 for Rolof as brother of Porta Coeli. His brother Ghijsbrecht was since 1382/83 sworn brother of the o.l.v.-brotherhood. On March 16, 1384 he entered the St. John as witnesses at a miracle story. A boy from Dreumel known as Alaert, son of Jacob Mertenssoen, “was covered by datmen hot Alaert siec welc vanden-Cornelisong-wee Sente hemac”, together with his mother told when Aleyt and his neighbors how he was healed of his epilepsy after his mother to o.l.v. van Den Bosch a pilgrimage had promised. An earlier promise of a pilgrimage to Kornelis munster at Aachen had not helped.

While being screened to enter the special collection, a woman overheard me speak of Damon Knight. She told me she had gone to hear him speak. She is a Science Fiction Writer. When two boxes of Knight’s work was wheeled out, and a woman carried one over to the table I sat at, and placed it before me, I realized I had come to the end of my in-finished science fiction novel ‘The Gideon Computer’ that my friend Nancy Hamren bid me to write. She was a good friend of Ken Kesey and suggested I write the history of the hippies because I could recall so much. I wrote about the Last Hippie – in the future. Damon is a co-founder of Futurians and wrote a book about them.

I just found this. A voice told me to take a photograph of the Damon Box, and me next to it in the Knight Library. I can not show the details – yet! There were images of painting with lines intersection hands to geometric shapes. There were several Sacred Geometry researchers in the Priory de Sion group I belonged to that Dan Brown peeked in on. Was Damon aware of them? The box was compiled in 1998.

Damon published his work on Bosch on Eugene Free Net who charge a small annual fee. I lost my essay when I forgot to pay my dues. Dito for Damon? ‘I See You’ is a preview of things to come, along with the I-Phone. I can see Damon struggled to master the WWW. He was getting old. I picked up the gauntlet. I am the Last Futurian standing.

“During the Forties the bulk of the Society wandered through varying communal living arrangements, treated each other to an endless series of newsletters (The Ivory Tower Goetterdaemmerung. The Prime Base Godhelpus) and scatalogical verses, and got through a surprising number of marriages and divorces. This is an irresistible story or set of stories. Yet there is something formless and undecided about the telling. One can only be grateful for Knight’s labor of love (and telephone book and tape recorder), but one also senses struggling motives behind it, even at this date. Is he trying to chronicle a historical episode? To disinter a few old bones of contention? To record something elusive and marvelous? Luckily it is the last that one remembers longest.

The only Time Viewer we know exists for sure, is our Family Trees, our recorded genealogies. Genesis! My Rosemont-Roover kindred appear in Bosch’s work. They were Swan Brethren. So was Bosch. Thomas Pynchon is in my tree. I invite Damon Knight to come take his seat at this great oaken table, along with all the Futurians. Note the rose and thorns that crowns the home of the Brethren with this word SICUT. Put a Sacred Woman there – with geometry!

The emblem worn by the Swan Brethren depicts a a rose, or lily,
amongst thorns. At the root of the rose is the Latin word SICUT which
is the first word from a line from Song of Songs.

2:2. As the lily among thorns, so is my love among the daughters.
Sicut lilium inter spinas sic amica mea inter filias

They say the Hippies invented the Internet. This is where my Unending Novel – go!

Welcome, my friends! Welcome, my Brothers! And, if that madman in the Oval Office brings the world to an end, we will still meet, here, to search for a better ending.

Ignore the old woman. There is evidence Bosch wore glasses. I love the wallpaper.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2018


The history of the van Cuyck family goes back to the 11th century. It begins with a man called Herman van Malsen. He married Ida of Boulogne, sister of the great Godfrey of Bouillon, daughter of Eustace II, Count of Boulogne, and (Saint) Ida of Lorraine. The family of Herman van Malsen held land in the Betuwe around Geldermalsen and Meteren. Receiving the Land of Cuijk as a fief from the Emperor, his descendants started to use the surname ‘van Cuyck’.

The van Cuyck family became an important family. They developed a very close relationship with the Dukes of Brabant, whom they represented on several occasions.

During the Forties the bulk of the Society wandered through varying communal living arrangements, treated each other to an endless series of newsletters (The Ivory Tower Goetterdaemmerung. The Prime Base Godhelpus) and scatalogical verses, and got through a surprising number of marriages and divorces. This is an irresistible story or set of stories. Yet there is something formless and undecided about the telling. One can only be grateful for Knight’s labor of love (and telephone book and tape recorder), but one also senses struggling motives behind it, even at this date. Is he trying to chronicle a historical episode? To disinter a few old bones of contention? To record something elusive and marvelous? Luckily it is the last that one remembers longest.

Damon Knight, a prolific science fiction writer and editor whose wry humor found its biggest audience in ”To Serve Man,” a short story that was adapted into a beloved episode of ”The Twilight Zone,” died on Monday at a hospital in Eugene, Ore., his family said. He was 79 and lived in Eugene.

Mr. Knight was part of the first wave of literary-minded science fiction writers. Born in Baker, Ore., he moved to New York in the early 1940’s and joined a group of budding writers called the Futurians. Their ranks included Isaac Asimov, Donald A. Wollheim and Frederick Pohl, who went on to be some of the most influential writers and editors in the field. Mr. Knight’s memoir of the group, ”The Futurians,” was published in 1977.,_King_of_the_Frisians

< 866-> 900
Otto de Roover
± 900-????
Radbout (2) de Roover
± 930-± 990

van Ghijsbrecht Roesmont

Daniel Roesmont
± 1360-< 1449
Dirk Dirck Dierick de Roover
± 1335-1414
Elisabeth van Erp Keldonck
± 1350-????
Stamboom Stamboom
Daniel Roesmont
± 1380-1449
Adriana de Roover
± 1400-> 1451
Ghijsbrecht Roesmont
± 1440-< 1485
< 1468
Margriet Fykens van Eindhoven
± 1440-????
Jan Roesmont
± 1468-????



rovereHere is a reenactment of folks in my family tree. Here is the real Game of Thrones.,_Count_of_Habsburg

My kindred, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor is in the Peerage as are those closely related to her. Burke’s Peerage, for the time being, does not pursue the genealogy of Elizabeth Mary Rosemond, Liz’s grandmother, to all the Rosamonds, including my mother Rosemary Rosamond, and my sister, Christine Rosamond Benton, whose marriage to Garth Benton put us in the Preston family tree that has ties to the Stewarts, and thus Kate and William Windsor who gave birth to a baby boy yesterday. This royal child is yet to have been given a name.

What I hear, is that Kate wants her son to be named Arthur, and William wants George. There was an argument between the parents of John the Bpatist as to how their son will be named. Nazarite priests are present. I believe they asked the eight old infant what name he preferred.

I am kin to Baby Cambridge via the Bronkhorst, Montfoort, and Roesmonts, who were Swan Brethren. William Windsor is kin to the House of Kleve and the Swan Legends. Arnold de Rode (red) is kin to us all. I have associated him with the Red Knight, who brings a challenge to the Round Table. Let us summon the Rouge and Swan Knights who will ask the child how he will be called, for the Swan Knight is the guardian of secret names, and a mysterious lineage.

Above is the oldest surviving Dutch painting depicting my Roover kindred as Knights of the Swan. Four generations are ushered in by Saint George to behold Our Sweet Lady and her new born baby. May this child know the protection of the Swan Knight and his Swan Brethren.

The Rosemonts were the Lords of Wolfswinkle house and our cote of arms was a dancing wolf.


Nazarite Priest

The Return of de Rode Ridder (Red Knight) to his Lost Castle

The Return of de Rode Ridder (Red Knight) to his Lost Castle

(Images: A Red Knight. The new Horst castle. The old Horst castle.
Red Knight. The Rovers of Montfoort, Knights of the Swan Brethren.)

“Kinderen/Children ;1: Hilla Henricx {Roesmont van Rode} Roesmont
(*/+)M : Rudolph Godsclack Roesmont”

Today, August 7, 2007, I found the castle of the Rosemont/Rode
family. Through the mists of time, the Red Knight has come home.

Arnold graaf van had three sons, Ghijsbert van Rode, and Roelof
(Rover) van Rode, and Hendrick van Rode. There is a Horst castle that
was once called ‘castellum Rode’. This is the Rosemont family. Rode
means “red” Ghijsbert was a ridder, a knight. Here is a real Red
Knight that appear in Arthurian legends. This family has intermarried
for several generations, they passing down the same names.

Ghisburtus van Roesmont was a Dutch nobleman of some importance. His
mother was jonkvrouw Adriana Theodorici ROVER. the daughter of Dirk
Edmondszn ROOVER. The Roover family appears to descend from one of
the Radbot rulers of Holland who was given the name Roover, or Rover
due to conquest of the Netherlands. The Roover family would build
Montfoort castle one of the most prestigious castles in Holland.
These two families were keen on forming a marriage alliance as Arnold
Rover married Heilwigis Arnoldi Danielis ROESMONT. For this reason I
suspect the Roesmont Wolf names came from Roelof the Roover R +
Odilia van Montfoort. Perhaps the Roovers owned Wolfhouse where the
Roesmonts came to live in 1450. Ghisburtus was the master of Saint
Janskerk, and a member of Lieve-Vrouwe-broederschap that met in
Janskerk church. Hieronymus Bosch was a member of the Zwanenbroeders
(swan brothers) and was commissioned by the master of Janskerk to do
a stained-glass window for the church.

I am going to visit my daughter and grandson my family who appear out
of nowhere. I have taken on powerful people, and I have prevailed.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2007

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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